AKG K702 Review: Comfy Headphones!

AKG K7XX: Studio monitors with a dab of red/black.

AKG K702: http://amzn.to/20D0KaT
Massdrop Edition: http://dro.ps/mkbhd-k7xx

Open Back Headphones Explained: https://youtu.be/6RskGkGYtgg

Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee



simphi says:

Get your info Right these are The k702 Annie and they cost 400 bucks :[

pdraggy says:

You are VERY cheeky this episode Mr Brownlee!

max factor says:

Made in Austria or China??

Roshan Roy says:

Can U Drive Them Directly Off A Phone? I mean don’t they have a high impedance? Isn’t An Amp Necessary?

ukhan24 says:

Hi Marques,
I Love your videos – I wanted to know a little bit more about your video equipment. I noticed that all your videos are available in 4k and are very sharp. Are you actually using a 4k camera or just exporting them with high bitrate to youtube in 1080p timeline?

thanks in advance for your response.

Bill Nanos says:

these or the audio technica m50x??

iKazuo says:

Would I need an AMP to use them with my pc, otherwise what port do they go into?

Jacob Murphy says:

I’m pretty sure the sound was Flat because hes not useing a DAC or AMP and the phone dosnt have enough power to output the Ohm required to drive them.

Channel Jany says:

The only issues i have with them: lead plastic is cracking with time and can break like mine did, cables inside can snap in solder point, i did have to solder them back and replace in the end. Main cable get stiff when touching it, absorbs salt from skin. If you want get more bass, unlock bassport inside, i also removed foam from closing caps.

Tommy Tindall says:

I was able to snag these on Massdrop. They should be arriving tomorrow. =D Glad you recommend them.

jezusmylord says:

hi what an mp3 player would you recomend that suits sennheiser momentum on ear? xduoo x2 maybe?

Joshuaa Grandee says:

Which are better the 701’s or 2’s

palmtree486 says:

cloth ear cups SUCK they make my ears hurt after 15 minutes.

Roshan Roy says:

do u really NEED an amp to drive these, if yes which one which has a dac?

hugo oving says:

how does it compares to the m50xes

- Triphion - says:

I would buy these but the price tho. 🙁

Ju0305 says:

Actually quite good for gaming 😮

Young Loh says:

What is that beat at the intro?????? PLEASE HELP

Toaster Master Race says:

Damn, wish I could afford that lmao

Freddan H says:

I have Sennheiser HD650, are these AKG K702 or AKG k712 pro better? I love my HD650 but I just think these ones look more comfy :). And new is always fun 😀

Jokker says:

buy this or the Massdrop HifiMan HE 350?
can someone suggest please?

Alex Davison says:

Am i the only retard who bought a white one, thought the thin white plastic on the side of the head band was a protective covering then ripped it of only to realise it was part of the fucking design, fml fucking ruined my headset. Anyone know how i could fix it??

Rhetoric says:

This or ath-900x?

Alex Schilke says:

What’s the Intro song?

Nicholas Livadas says:

just found your channel – great vids 🙂

Tæon says:

Do they have a website?

yousef Barqawi says:

Is this by Harmon kardon

Peter Mota says:

Same as the q701 with the 712 ear pads. Wait for Massdrop to come out again. $200. It’s a deal.

ryan wymer says:

can you do a review on the marshall headphones

mr Kagami-sensei says:

I suggest AKG Q701. I bought them recently I was shocked in the diference of sound quality between my elaier openback headphones and those. (If sb havent seen the differences between various types of audio files, formats with help of AKG Q701 those differencess are soo clearly visible)

Johny Cage says:

Please do a review on Shure srh-840 !

Henry says:

the end

Saniy Noor says:

Hi! need you suggestion. should i get this or M50x? Thanks!

mystique says:

AKG’s Austria headquarters will be shut down by June 2017 after almost 70 years. Many people said that AKG’s consumer products dropped in quality after production moved to China in 2009. Now the pro line (including favorites like the K700 headphones) might do the same. Fucking Harman!!!

ThaKingJeevy says:

They probably sound so boring because they are unpowered, you need a Amp/Dac for these

Eric P says:

They aren’t connected to an amp? Folks you’re gonna need an amp for these headphones, they’re not that easy to drive.

Thomas Dennis says:

You thought about reviewing the AKG Y50bts?

Grayson Goodwin says:

Getting my pair tomorrow from the second red/black drop from Massdrop so excited!

Bob Bobby says:

lil bit to expensiv, i recommend the Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro 250

MooWz says:

Could you review the Teufel headphones, they are quite new on the market (hardly any reviews on them) but look very promising in quality for value wise. Would really like to know your opinion on them. Much love from the Netherlands!

Jonathan Grignon says:

They are the k702 65th anniversary eddition modified, that’s a ~200 dollar difference from the K701s, and a ~100 dollar difference from the original k702s. God guys, google isn’t that hard to use.

swa99a10 says:

good for gaming

hbrookes says:

nice video quality!, I will try and rate compared to my senns hd600

Evil Crush says:

I don’t agree about testing high quality headphones without an amp EVEN if they do not need more juice.

showsjohn says:

Have the Q701s, fantastic headphones. High recommend them over those ATH-m50x headphones people always rave about.

Codeman785 says:

if they are sounding flat to you, then you definitely need a amp. because I can guarantee that your computers’ sound card doesn’t push these headphones to the limit

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