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I take a look at the Aftershockz Trekz Titanium headphones. These Bluetooth headphones allows you to ride your bike and enjoy your music while allowing you to hear your surroundings. Plus they’re legal for you to use on the bike. See what I thought about them and if they are the perfect companion to your bike tours.

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Unboxing video:

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1:09 – Features
1:18 – Weigh-in
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2:18 – First-time usage
4:49 – My issues
5:44 – – Ratings on Execution, Innovation, and Ergonomics

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cute cat says:

What is illegal in california?

EmpiricalMind says:

Thanks for the review, the comfort with the glasses and helmet on is my main concern, in your review you have your glasses on then headphones, then helmet straps over both, have you tried putting the headphones and glasses on over your helmet straps? I think this would be more comfortable if it’s practical to do it that way? Thanks.

Михаил Кузьминов says:

Headphones with bone conduction.

The Ignorant Philosopher says:

I just bought these and have used them for the better part of the day.
The reason I bought was not for sports, but because I’m more or less deaf on one ear and am tired of not being able to listen to stereo, and besides I don’t like having anything in my ear or those huge headphones that some people like, so it seemed like the ideal solution, though I did have doubt.
At first I wasn’t sure, but they grew on me fast and I I’ve put them in the “Best impuls purchase ever!” category.
Even the battery life is good.

The only real problem I’ve had is not being able to connect them to my windows 7 laptop. I’ve Googled far and wide and tried everything I can think of, but still not luck. Best I can figure is that my laptops bluetooth hardware is simply too old, but that doesn’t really make sense either because is shows up when I search for it and I can add it fine, so that is shows up under “devices and printers”, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to actually connect them.
Anyway, I’ve written support and hopefully they’ll have some answers.

My conclusion is, and I can’t believe that I’m saying this, that they’re well worth the money.

CrimsonKnight says:

At what speed on your bicycle would you say that you START TO lose sound? At what speed is the music GONE or ALMOST gone? Thx! 🙂

John Leaf says:

best review ever. can i plug and usb to computer and use like a wired p2 ???

c lo says:

Great review. I think adding some light background music may make your reviews a little more engaging.

Family Westerman says:

I am curious about the volume issue.  Were you using the volume on your phone or on the headphones?  Did you play with that any to try to get the sound correct?

Ondřej Hruška says:

Great review, now, uh, I know not to buy those. Wanted them for biking 😉

iKarith says:

“Hmm, how are we going to differentiate our product colors?”
“We’ll name them.. Ocean. Ivy. Slate. … Uh, … pink.”

Ahmed Diab says:

Thank you boss but when you raise the volume you feel the vibrating sound..So is it comfortable or does it cause an headache after a while?

Gabriel Market says:

how good is this compared with let’s say a good headphones, apple heaphones for example they are really good, really good bass.

Stuart P Schirota says:


Gaynel Indy says:

You’re adorable – sincere, and I enjoyed listening to your instruction and review. I bought mine going through the Dallas airport on a whim – the sales guy was awesome and explained it simply on how to use it. Since then I had forgotten how to pair it and thought I better look it up – and that’s how I found you. I learned some additional goodies – thank you!

PilipBwoy says:

just ordered these. can’t wait for them to arrive

F T says:

These headphones SUCK! The sound quality is shit. No bass at all. It’s like listening to your favorite music through a small 1970’s transistor radio. I also ride a bike to work and there is so much wind noise when going over 15 or 20 miles an hour. I returned these after trying really hard to give them a chance. But they sucked too hard.

Sandy Stevens says:

With regular headphones (air buds), I have to take off my hearing aids to wear them. With the Trekz bone-conducting headphones, I can keep my hearing aids on. it even pairs with my Samsung Gear S3 Watch.

Valerie L says:

I am returning mine because they are not comfortable, the back is too long. Also I get the same result just putting one headphone in my ear. these are great for people with hearing aids as they don’t have to take out their hearing aid.

gblan says:

Are 5,000 watt car stereos that you can hear from 2 blocks away illegal in CA? Can’t head squat in one of those either.

Jim Canady says:

Thanks for the review, I am a cyclist and was particularly interested in how they worked with a helmet and sunglasses. Sounds like they are not that comfortable.

YouTube Rocks says:

Well, the idea is to grate the application of the idea is more to ease people into buying the product.I my self would revisit the idea make it what people need not what their use to.
Example: Why do they half look like headphones?

greg lavers says:

I bought this product after watching several review vids. My opinion…If I am using it correctly, it’s not good. Real headphones are much more superior in sound. I have to connect back to bluetooth everytime I switch off and then comeback to use it. Again the sound is NOT good. To me it’s just a standard headset speakers. The closer I move it to my ear canal the better I hear it. You definitely don’t want this is a somewhat noisy warehouse environment. Which is why I bought mine to listen to music and still hear announcements. Plus the headset does move around slightly which affects how you hear it. I mean just a tiny bit of movement and it’s worst [or better depending if the movement moved it toward the ear canal].

Terry O'Brien says:

Nice review. Fair to the product and shared its practicality. After your review I went to Best Buy and picked up a pair. Safe riding.

Tom Pritchard says:

If you answer phone call, can you talk through the head phones?

Michele EA ROOFE says:

Excellent unbiased review! Many thanks!

GL U says:

But isntspubd still gping through your ear if h turn it up so loud otgers can hear it ?

Stefan Heinrichs says:

I’ll get one to use it to hear podcasts and make calls. Obviously this could be done without problems. It seems that the product needs our ears for the static. To solve the problem for bike sports use, what is very important, I had the idea to lead the laze, that should be able to be customized in his size, from below. This won’t work without fixing it over our ears with carbon fibre (3 mm). The second idea is to incorporate the system in sport sunglasses, with known exchangeable glasses. To produce reliably a joint with a known name like f.e. UVEX would be charming. I won’t buy such a sunglass without being sure to get a replacement of the glasses. Thanks for the test Milestone. Greetings from Palatina, Germany.

Che Clarke says:

How was the base?

Mark Clouse says:

good job. People could maybe try them out at a store and see if their physical conditions are adequately comfortable, but over all, I agree with you that they might be just one gadget too many on a trip. Thanks Johnny

AfterShokz says:

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Xin Jie says:

If you wear spectacles don’t buy, I bought it and it’s hard af to wear both

Craig Storms says:

Dude put them on after your helmet is on … they will be outside you back strap and there will be no pressure … I wear glasses full time and sunglasses fishing and no problem with fitting on the ear …

ElkHunterColorado81 says:

Have you tried wearing the Aftershokz over the straps of your helmet. I am an avid bike rider, and the sunglasses that I wear have a lanyard attatched to the frame. I have to put my helmet on first, then my sunglasses to avoid snagging of the lanyard to the helmet. I think that if you wear the Aftershokz over the helmet straps, they won’t be so bulky.

Paul Messer says:

Thanks for an unbiased, real review. I would use it mostly on my bike, but at speed(16+ ) it appears that I would lose the music. Appreciate the heads up on that.

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