AfterShokz Trekz Air bone-conducting headphone review

Read the CNET article here –
The lighter and slimmer Trekz Air takes bone-conduction headphones to a new level.

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nonshatter7 says:

interesting, very interesting.

Donna Maligno says:

the one question I can’t find an answer to regarding these headphones — can you use it with your TV?  my hubby has the volume up to Defcon 5 and I can’t stand it!


what the difference between AfterShokz TREKZ Titanium and air?

Alfonso Flores says:

18th view, noice.

Ava says:

Can you upload mp3’s to it and use it as standalone headphones without requiring an IPhone?

Utuber456739 says:

Another shit video from Cnet..

joek money says:


ItsYourBoyMario says:

I have only been using this brand headphones for the last 3 years and believe me if you turn them up loud enough it doesn’t sound like background music bro.

joek money says:

This is so gay

Ricardo Portillo says:

this dude looks like Harrison Wells from the flash.

Ray Blitz says:

I need this and a throat microphone and I’m set

Fred Behrend says:

Just bought my Trekz titanium a few months ago 🙁

raqeebabduls says:

This is not a review it just a quick preview. He doesn’t even mention battery life, connection quality etc it would also help if the put a link for the text review in the description.

FastLikeUNO says:

Excellent review and thanks for explaining bone conduction!

Ethan Watson says:

I know you are saying that it sounds like background music, but if you wore the headphones like you were supposed to, you would find that they have just as nice of sound and richness as anything else.

The reason Aftershokz sends you earplugs with your headphones, earplugs that you are supposed to use in tandem with the headphones. Of course audio would sound like shit if it is being mixed with ambient sound from your ears. This was a generally terrible review.

RahBertPat says:

No . I’d never buy these.

Near says:

Bone conduction… Haha… More like phone conduction because its like playing audio off your phone and putting it on a low volume, and putting it next to your ear. Mini speakers essentially.

A C says:

nice background music, more of that

Ala says:

How does that even work doesn’t go in the ear shit ?

accesser says:

Keen to pick up a pair when the price drops in Australia

Artturo Miranda says:

666th view, that must be good.

elchamber says:

But do I have to walk like a synth in the park targeting people while I wear them?

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