24 Hours With the Apple iPhone 7: Lightning Connector Headphone Quality

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Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. Has quality improved now that we’re using a newer connector? Let’s take a look!


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mark harvey says:

The Americans spent millions of pounds developing a pen that would work in space but the Russians used a pencil

Luis granados says:

Finally the video I was waiting for. So I guess no more iPhone for me. What other phone you recommend with nice quality sound?. I also own a galaxy 6 edge that I use for work and the sound coming out it it’s worst than the iPhone.

Ras Michele says:

They just did it to charge a lot for the Air pods $139 smh

Extract Gaming says:

Question. Why the fuck would you use the adapter cable when you can just use the lightning it comes with? I have a 7+ my self and I don’t see why you would use a headphone jack in the adapter. Literally no reason

techfan42 says:

sadly this why I stay with android. might but iPhone 6 but know Apple will somehow turn off headphone port

Michael Stewart says:

So no one is talking about the fact that the headphones cannot be used on a mac due to the fact there is no jack with a female lightening receiving end and a male analog end. Sorta a reverse dongle.

disadadi says:

CD quality is just fine on the go, I mean you’re most likely disturbed by background noise making the difference to hi-res audio even more insignificant.

kwazykilla87 says:

I’m assuming that on Bluetooth it’s up to 24 bit is this correct?

AMacProOwner says:

Really? I thought it was me going insane as i thought i heard a difference using this lightning cable vs my iPhone 6S Plus regular headphone jack on my Audio-Techinca mx40.
It feels odd knowing i was right for once…

Adolf Hitler says:

its a filthy money grab

Stewie says:

Sounds like a fucking dogwhistle in the music after you said that dogs can not hear the output of the other phone .

Karen says:

Can the Iphone 7 original headphones (not airpods) be used with the iphone 6?

Yusuf Adams says:

Dude well done – Good review. My iphone 7 plus is approved and waiting for me at the store now… Do I go and get it ? Or get the p9 plus, V20, S7 Edge ?

Seth Kearns says:

U need some sleep

Murat Harman says:

Yeh, I’d rather trust everything Apple tells me…

Excuse me while I go and drill a lightning port into my Z5 Premium… be right back 😉

Alejandro Castro says:

Apple gave use 3 reason why they remove the headphone jack and then my reasons why they removed it.
Apple reason number 1 They see a wireless future.
Apple reason number 2 it frees up more space for a bigger Taptic Engine and bigger battery and so on.
Apple reason number 3 it made it easier and cheaper to water resistant the iPhone.

Reason 1 is bull shit if they wanted to go wireless they would of not included a adapter (witch is wired). They would of also included wireless charging and Bluetooth earbuds like the air pods (over price prices of shit).
Reason 2 and 3 make sense but they could of made it possible to add these new stuff and keep the headphone jack. Like come on they have nerds that work for apple they could of made it possible. reason 3 the galaxy s7 has the headphone jack and they still are water resistant actually better too galaxy s7 is ip68 and iPhone is ip67. Some people believe they did it to make the iPhone thinner. this is bs because the newest iPod is thinner then the iPhone 7 and still has a headphone jack plus this would be dumb the iPhone is already thin enough to thin for me tbh.

NOW THE REAL REASON. Apple owns the lightning cable and have pattens on it. So ever lightning cable sold by a third party even tho apple is not producing it or manufacturing it. The owners has to pay apple for each unit sold. Apple does not own the headphone jack so they would not make any money off it. So now manufacturers have to make accessories for the new iPhone 7 and ones to come. This means they have to pay apple meaning apple will get Richer.

This is one reason why I hate apple they r money hunger. That is why they don’t let u download music or movies easily unless u r using iTunes. This is to force u to buy music on iTunes aka make apple richer. Google play store has a 30 minute return if u don’t like the app u can return it in 30 min. Apple don’t have this so u r stuck with your app,song or movie so they can keep your money. Why apple has not added expandable storage so u r force to pay for a bigger storage size iPhone or pay for storage again to make apple richer. Why apple has not added wireless charging and cool stuff that android phones have. This is because apple has not yet found a way to make money off them. Do u know that apple has never donated to charity yeah fun fact. I could keep on going why apple is so money Hungry.

Saurab Gurung says:

does that support to ipad or another device ???

Sp00k3d says:

apple has always been a greedy company in my eyes. thanks for this review

Andrew Chege says:

S7 better

Sana Ullah says:

I usually listen to music at night while charging my phone but I can’t now # Fuck Apple

Kamran Tanwir says:

This man is just amazing… Good job

Steven Vachon says:

Who listens to 24-bit audio on their phones? That kind of quality is only useful in the studio.

Steven Vachon says:

Weird that Apple would remove the analog output when it already uses a DAC for the [now stereo] speakers. They could’ve moved the port back to the top of the phone like on the iPhone 4.

Hater Gunna Hate says:

Apple just wants money from companies for pantsnts

TT TT says:

1 way to get your studio like music experience effortlessly with a simple hack:

BwillWall says:

The point is to use lightning headphones… not the adapter to get better audio. Freaking duh

Aaron ___ says:

just like the new MacBook pro. new isn’t better

rex marion says:

I Do have an iPhone 7 plus but i think, no Im sure they did the wrong decision removing the head phone jack, its ridiculous i have to connect my phone to Bluetooth just to play music in my car and soo annoying AF.

Si Gondolz says:

Too much talk

Dan iel says:

This dude sounds like Cyril from Archer ahaha

abinav betawar says:

The one comment section (as far as I browsed at least) where people don’t yell at each other about the stupid move apple made for the iPhone 6S

Martijn Venhuizen says:

Thank you for telling just how it is. I just hate the fact that people go with apple and say the 3.5mm is ancient Lol. So, the quality is worse

DreaMworX says:

If Apple was actually supporting the wireless trend as they said, they would have included wireless charging but I guess people will have to wait till iPhone 8 for Apple to “invent” it. As for now the only logical reason for removing the audio jack is so that Apple can get some extra bucks because manufacturers of phone accessories will have to pay for using the proprietary technology, the use of which has now increased because the lightning port is the only port remaining meaning that any accessory will have to connect through it.

Asad Hafeez Yousufi says:

wow! so brave Apple to cheat your sheep

Ash Judge says:

I always need to restart my iphone 7S just to get the headphone working

Morgan Cozart says:

Will these headphone fit the iPhone 6 Plus?

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