Xiaomi Mi Huami Amazfit Bip GPS Watch – Fitness REVIEW

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The Xiaomi Mi Huami Amazfit GPS Watch is an amazing watch and fitness tracker for the price! It offers GPS, sleep tracking, step tracking, water resistance, and even smart features.

The fitness trackers and products I use:

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Garmin Vivoactive HR

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor

Polar H7 Bluetooth Chest Strap HR monitor

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The Skulpt Scanner – Body Fat Percentage and Muscle Quality

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OpaApoPl says:

Finally a review, which shows how the sensors work and not just phone notifications demo. Thank you!

Lore Aschei says:

Great review! I got the watch and I tested today on my cycling training, but de HR monitor wasn’t accurated. Same problem as you at the gym, when I was over 120 bpm it showed 80/90. Almost all of my training is on my relaxed heart rate zone. I don’t know what to do about it. Can you give me some advise? Thanks!

Alessandro Calza says:

nice package at 5.00 :)))

João Belo says:

nice review as always! could you please review the xiaomi pace 1 and the 2? there are the ticwatch E and S that I would be interesting to see what is your opinion! you could also compare the sleeping performance of every watch that supports that feature, that would be a cool comparison to see! cheers from Portugal!!!

Valerie Riddle says:

Great review. This device actually does have gorilla glass though.

Imran Sufian says:

I agreed with the review but if there’s one thing that I want to complain about is the current split pace. I used for running only for a week and the current pace is really crappy because i’m comparing it with strava running on my phone which the updates the current pace every second. Secondly i really wish xiaomi add an interval mode. Oh and great review btw

Vamsi Krishna says:

Hi, while am running wearing this watch and not carry my phone, will the watch work?

josh kidd says:

Have you seen anything about this watch? https://fitonwatch.com

RUS says:

Your smartband/ smartwatch reviews are amazing! Very detailed and all information included.

Laurapooh20 says:

Is this GPS always on? Or is it only when the activity, i.e. outdoor running or cycling, is started?

Jamie Rice says:

Hey can you review the amazfit pace 2 stratos looks like a really good fitness tracker

Giffar Masabih says:

Hey, can the watch store running data to the nike running app?
Or how do i can do so? is there a way?

Stefano Ali says:

Will it be able to detect your vo2 max?

Chris Taylor says:

Sorry if this has been covered but can i upload my runs from this watch to Strava?

Fredy Us says:

from Indonesia = $62.9

Narayana Wijaya says:

Nice review. I want this as my first smartwatch because of its battery life and price. However I want to make sure, is this smartwatch feature is usable when running or any outdoor activity without bring our phone around? what about sunlight visibility? thanks

lucaboden says:

Dang, look at them guns.

Eve Sophie says:

great Review… Not
Testing the watch for stuff that it is NOT supposed to, is just stupid and pointless. IT IS just not made for gym activities, that is why the watch doesnt offer these modes. Completely pointless to talk about that so much…

Infidel Gastro says:

For under $100 you simply cannot go wrong for what it offers, and it’s nicer looking than an iWatch but that’s just personal taste. Lets face it, a fitness tracker that is great at everything just doesn’t exist yet irrespective of the price, but they will eventually get there. All they need is a change of tech which of course, is a lot easier said than done.
As a long time Garmin user myself, I’ve finally come to the realisation that all their devices are way overpriced and they don’t offer anything superior in any way than any other company out there.

yjy 27 says:

great revieww✨✨✨

Stefano Ali says:

Does it have continuous heart rate monitor?

yorgos00 says:

What about app notifications from the phone?

Arnis G says:

I think Amazfit Pace has a much better look.

Gerard van Schip says:

Best smart watch flat out. I laugh at my friends who are charging their phone daily while I go for weeks.

Kay Choudri says:

eVeryone else is reviewing this watch are saying its a GORILLA 2.5 glass…

Bruno Passarelli says:

Thanks for the video! Do you know if Amazefit Bip has continuous heart rate tracking and real-time zones? I need to know if it will track my heart rate 24/7 as Fitbit does?

Which watch would you recommend the Fitbit charge 2 or the Amazefit Bip? Thanks

Naana Naans says:

Hi.. my amaze fit bip app step count is not working.. do i have to enable it? Pls help! Thank you

bellA assa says:

Probably there is no watch for strength training because of latency of the body not the watch

kim warner says:

Thanks for the review . I’m waiting for mine to come now. I had to order one from Hong Kong b/c at the time amazon wasn’t selling it. I don’t need all those features I’m upgrading from an old school fitbit. The thing that sold me is the battery life. I just wish you could store music, then it would be perfect.

Gabriel Gonzaga says:

Which one do you recommend for gym?

Liv says:

Is it possible to connect a strap with a heart rate monitor?

Dragan Bakema says:

The watch itself says it is not for gym based exercises. it says ‘treadmill’

Tiago Taipina says:

did you had any issue with altitude values?!

DANIEL Q says:

Does it have max mph feature

Pr says:

Watching from 07:37 Your watch is seems to be full of scratches. Glass is piece of sh##

Carlos Durazo says:

Can you check the No 1 F6, makibes g07? both of them under 100 dollars.

Dylan Scott says:

Is there a way to sync it with Strava?

Daniel Corvino says:

This watch is $60 on gearbest.com

muhammad zeeshan says:

i wanna purchase it for my mobile notifications, can any one please guide do i need to carry the my mobile along for watch to stay connected ? mean what is the distance limit for watch to be connected ?

Martin Spilovsky says:

Hi, thank you a lot for sharing, can you give some recommendations between Fitbit Verso and this beautify, I want something which works with iphone notifications, for the gym and cycle, the fitbit doesnt have the GPS but its using the one from iphone which is not a dealbreaker, since the fitbit has a better heart monitoring I would go for the fitbit, whats your take please? thank you

Marius van der Heijden says:

When can you review the Amazit Pace for Strava users?

Mathis Reh says:

Would you be so nice testing the Amazfit Pace and/ or Amazfit Stratos. Your reviews are always on point.

samuel singh says:

Awesome review. I’m kind of a noob with these things. But do you need an active internet connection for the gps to function?

tayfour says:

amazing review , thanks

Shannen Saito says:

It is a gorilla glass.

Ranjan sharma says:

we can use Every mobile phone.

Jerdan Cruz says:

Was wondering if u cud use this for swimming since it’s waterproof? it does not have that in the activity profiles and does it sync your strava account?

Tomáš Pexa says:

Now is for $59 on Gearbest https://goo.gl/Nzes14

hooshangmaster says:

funny how noone mentions how this guy does 2pl8 like it’s nothing.

Stefanie Hamburg says:

Please watch the following video: “How can I connect Mi Band 2 with Endomondo on Android?” … kettlebell,  weight training,  crossfit,  BodyRock.Tv……….

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