Xiaomi Fimi A3 GPS Gimbal FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This is one of the better FPV camera drones in the under $300 price range. Very good stabilized video along with excellent flight range provides for very enjoyable and interesting flights. Find it here https://goo.gl/3ZBhfu This is a QC101 keeper. It’s perfect for doing FPV exploring with my goggles.

– Highly accurate GPS/GLONASS system provides very stable hover. Automatic return to home and landing on command or on loss of signal from the controller.
– 1080p 30/25fps full HD camera records directly to microSD card.
– Two axis stabilized mechanical gimbal with three axis electronic image stabilization provides for very stable video.
– 5.8 Ghz analog FPV. Does NOT use or require a phone or WiFi. FPV viewing monitor is installed directly into the controller. Can also use 5.87Ghz anaol FPV racing goggles to receive FPV. A second separate DVR is built into the controller to also record FPV video to a microSD card.
– Advanced flight modes of follow me, orbit, dronie, and fixed wing.
– There is a second very accurate GPS system in the controller. This enables very accurate stabilized follow me capability. One of the better (if not best) follow me drones in this price range.
– 3S 2000mah LiHV battery provides extended flight times (I got close to 15 minutes using the provided LiPo charger).
– Available do it yourself port and controls enables you to attach optional remote controlled features to the drone (servo for parachutes, separate camera, fireworks launcher, etc…)

– 1080p camera. If you’ve been spoiled with 4K, you’ll definitely notice the difference in image quality.
– Does not return to home on low battery. Instead the drone will land directly under it’s position at low battery. As battery voltage decreases, make sure to bring the drone in close to you.
– I did not get anywhere close to the advertised 25 minutes of flight time (only got about 15 minutes). The LiHV battery can not be charged to its full voltage of 12.75 volts with the provided 12.6V max charge LiPo charger. This is safe and healthy for the longevity of the battery, but will not provide the full potential of possible flight time from this battery.
– The 5 position switch can be cumbersome to access the numerous features and parameters of the drone.
– The controller’s DVR kept stopping recording of FPV video.
– I think that the controller low voltage warning at the end of the flight is a bug in the controller’s software. I think that the controller instead meant to alert that the drone was low battery (instead of the controller). The controller still had plenty of voltage left (was showing almost full). But the drone was definitely depleted at that time.

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Suazzz says:

These drones have a wobble problem

G Melchor says:


joel ben says:

Whats the goggles in the video?

real WiLDCAT says:

i knew this was going to be a keeper! what are your thoughts on the 4k 3 axis gimbal version up for the price of the zino?

Matthew Coles says:

Thank you again for an excellent detailed first look at least for me of the Xioami a3 they really have done it again it looks like < I say that because i'm really not a fan of APP driven controls drone and since this controller has it's own built in FPV plus the fact that it also has 2 slot for sd cards one oin the drone AND one on the controller itself great feature. As you were changing the flight modes even though n it was running low on battery resources I did notice how stable it flew around you for it's size also . Looking forward to seeing more testing of it's features as you said in future videos. Standing by ???

φάνης ντόκος says:

very good drone for the money it cost very good camera and gibal , i order before two days gearbest because banggood not priority shipping in Europe

Essco Lab says:

Nice. A very capable drone for the money.

richard halliday says:

For those wanting a 3 axis gimbal and 4K resolution don’t forget the new Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE ( the new one with the folding legs) on preorder .

B. J. says:

Have this on pre order hoping it ships soon i noticed Banggood was canceling some pre orders since shipping date keeps changing. I’m really second guessing this drone for fact of significantly shorter flight times than advertised and also that very annoying sound it makes, not to mention for slightly more money the Fimi X8se is soon shipping with folding arms and 4k with a 3 axis gimble. Bravo for all the new choices as of late. Love your reviews.

Bi7hazard says:

Like Video! PS: Telemetry not registered in the DVR? 🙁

Green Silver says:

It appears they’ve given you a 240 volt charger, maybe it’s a one off mistake else everyone in the US will have to buy a 110 volt charger.

Lord FlyQuad says:

I ordered on of these on Nov 29 from GearBest. So far, no indication that my order has been cancelled as some others have experienced. I have enjoyed my Hubsan H501S except for its lack of image stabilization. This Fimi has similar features and adds what appears to be a very effective gimbal. I am pretty excited about this drone.

William Horsley says:

Hi Quadcopter 101. I have a question about how can a guy mount stiffer props. I see that the props are different then I’m used to. Do you have a suggestion? Thanks. William Horsley


This is the Hubsan Zino Killer! Thanks for the video, looking forward for more Xiaomi Fimi videos hopefully you will get its big brother the Fimi X8 se too

Quadcopter 101 says:

Find it here https://goo.gl/3ZBhfu This is a QC101 keeper. It’s perfect for doing FPV exploring with my goggles.

Mesoud Guli says:

Why is not 4k

Cam Footyage says:

I would spend a little more and stick with dji products personally . The phantom 3 standard has perfect 720p feed to the phone . With an aftermarket antenna you can get out a mile without any fuzzy business .

GAproductions says:

are the lines in the image from the props?


OMG. Loved your video, love this drone in this price range i think is the best. Keep up the good work i realy love your videos. This is George from Greece singing out!

plasma player says:

Can i get the shoutout or the drone plz

Joe Shmo says:

Does the telemetry display on the goggles screen?

Domenico Parziale says:

Please, link to goggles

Dick Gerritsen says:

Please do a distance test.

Ali Norway says:

Quadcopter 101 , nice video and review .. can i ask you about which firmware is used in the quadcopter , the original one or you have updated it? 🙂

Pixelpeter says:

It performed pretty well under quite windy conditions judging by the sound of your mic QC101. Pretty good image quality, gimbal seems to work okay, good range if you’d ask me. Really like the whole setup without the use of a (smart)phone! Flighttime is a bit disappointing, but using a LiHV charger might squeeze out a couple of minutes more I guess. Some charge-cycles on the battery will also improve flighttime. Not sure what to think of that transmitter already running out of juice after just one flight.

Khairul Azhar says:

Not first

Mai Naim says:

Superb as always. Thanks. Please do more on the A3.. We’d like to see max altitude, range, more max flight times and footage at 1080p. Cheers again.

Rusty Grill says:

Nice flight/fpv demo,,this thing gets solid 500meters and works with my fxt vipers,, no debate, I’m ordering it,,,thanks 101

Bill Somrak says:

Well, on the plus side, it isn’t the disaster that the original Xiaomi MI was … that’s a relief. The recorded video is pretty decent. The biggest problem I see with this UAV is the controller and the mandatory and unintuitive menu system. Don’t like that you can’t arm/disarm motors with the RC sticks .. that could be problematic. There definitely should be a RTH button right on the RC, instead of having to go into that menu! The “follow me” is probably really “follow controller”, since it didn’t have you draw a box around yourself. Your FXT Viper goggles would do much better if you had some decent antennas on it, I’m sure. If you’re not sure what kind of antenna the Fimi has (linear or circular polarized), you could put one of each on the goggles, since they are diversity. A shame that they don’t give you a charger which can maximize the flight battery capacity. I was also disturbed by the “low controller voltage” message. Perhaps having that built in screen drains the battery so that you are only able to get one flight on a charge? Recording the RC’s built in screen likely draws even more power from what seems to be an undersized battery. (perhaps that’s why it kept stopping the RC screen recording) Something to think about. Overall, not as bad as I thought it would be, but still has some disturbing issues. For the price, its not bad. You might have to carry a ‘battery bank’ with you to keep the RC charged up if you want to do more than one flight .. provided you can get spare batteries for the Fimi. I’m sure there will be lots more videos of this one coming out, as I’ve seen lots of requests online for reviews of it, but yours is the 1st I’ve seen. Cheers.

Mark Vande Sande says:

Great drone but the sound is horrible unbalanced whistling wish they put better propellers on it. Also no stop and start on sticks sucks. But love the camera and other features someone need to make quiet props for it. Thank you for the review.

Mirza Sudah Tobat says:

Fimi x8 se is more better

Vence McAdams says:

Too bad it’s pre order for now. I want it but I’ll wait to see if they come through. Thanks for another great review!

Lax Adrian says:

Thank you very much for all your work , thanks to your reviews I have bought few models that you showed out here on your channel , so thanks again, and by the way I like all your shits , it shows you are a very optimist guy.
Take care and keep up the good work

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