XGo DY XGODY 718 GPS 2016 review Car Truck Commercial Vehicle Rig satellite navigation

Review of $50 eBay GPS car truck buss tractor trailer.


Booom Z says:

Hi man good video , I have a Question, This gps comes with USA and Canada maps preloaded? Thanks for your Help!

Ger Vas says:

Does it work well for a regular car

coldroadbear says:

they must have updated it cuz it yells at me for crossing a bridge 38 ton bridge with it set at 40 ton

diogo lourenco says:

in my opinion is not the gps problem that dont show certain stuff for trucks.. its the people who made maps in your country didnt put them in the map, my cuzin makes maps for gps for a living and i saw him doing it and he has to drive in the place to confirm the signs because theres new signs all the time and changes in urban areas and roads. i guess many map makers topographers make them according to other maps and other stuff the city hall provides and sometimes its not accurate. might be the case..

justin strife says:

yep I have 3 of them got them for my Trucking Company getting ready to ship them back

Jon Gavi says:

is it possible to turn off the speed limit warning??

D M says:

interested in buying one just for my suv, does it have the option to set your own splash screen upon startup ?

rick a. says:

first off your bitching about a $50 GPS! I bought one of these years ago and still use it, it does route me on the best route for a truck. It doesnt recognize low bridges or weight restricted roads. When I first started almost 30 years ago you had NOTHING but your brain and some chicken scratch for directions. And if you needed a phone good luck finding one you could park near and pray you kept enough change to make the call. There were no computers. You guys now cant drive anywhere without someone holding your hand…. For $50 you cant beat it, I keep this one and a old $25 tom tom for cars and set both and compare the routes. The most reliable as far as getting where im going Ive found Googles Navigation on my phone to be dead on most of the time.

Eternal D says:

Akatsuki !!!

justin strife says:

yes it will notice all restrictions unless you do anything like pull over and stop if it ever recalculates it recalculates as a car

xpingus says:

don’t buy this navigation, I bought in UK. this same problem, bridge 15’4 I set 17′ navigation choose way there were is this lower bridge. Different bridge 15’6 same. you can set in navi height 99′ but this navi never skips any bridge. This navi is good for car not for truck or something bigger than car

Phen0mable says:

I’ve got same thing.
With of my lorry is being showed in yards
How do I change that ??

Phen0mable says:

right. width and hight of the vehicle in my device is being displayed in yd. how do I change that to ft and inches ??

Iskandar Ibrahim Ahmed says:

thanks for the review, ,,

blackman8795 says:

you have to set the height of the vehicle and the trailer length and the number of axles on the GPS in order for it to work properly and truck mode

delon bushrod says:

justin do u have one cuz i was thkn about getn one

Bluedragon says:

Thank you for this review I will not be buying one for my truck I will stick to my McNally’s

Bob Marshall says:

Bought one of these and they are CRAP! Couldn’t load maps for Australia because there is obviously a file missing. XGODY ‘support’ say I have to pay postage to and from China for warranty repair or replacement. They have to be joking! I’d probably never see it again or hear from them!
My advice is to pay a bit more and buy a brand name GPS unit that offers warranty repairs in your own country!

Hammer says:

My Rand McNally is no better. It just broke so I was looking for another maybe cheaper, thank for the review.

Ron Bowman says:

Can you change from mph to kph?

Dj Dunne says:

does it ever pick up the restrictions?

blackvulcan100 says:

Problem is is there a truck caravan sat nav that actually works ?? I paid lots more for a snooper and it was totaly useless.Tried to send me down lanes that my Tom tom would not.

hubergeek says:

Thanks, I was gonna buy one of these today. I got a fat ticket driving a 4 ton truck on the Garden State Parkway so I decided to buy a truck GPS, now I know buying this cheap knockoff would’ve been a waste of money. Thank you again.

jonathan reddick says:

thnk man i really needed that review

Chi Chu says:

GPS signal constant connection,never lost signaling?Even in uses about an hour or more?You no problems using it in a midsize car?United States map upload for the device are very accurate?Thinking about buying one this GPS.Wanted to upgrade my old Magellan to this name brand.Half the cost of the Magellan brand.Thank for your answers.

Reggae Dubroots says:

To be fair i use a Tom Tom Truck nav supplied by my company, it cost around £350 here to buy.
I drive an artic (you call semi?) And that takes me into 7.5 ton limits, and done it more than once.
I set it up, just like you did in this video with hieght weight length etc but it still takes me to prohibited roads. If the big name brands sell units for hundreds of pounds that fail, im not surprized the cheaper ones do also. Having said that, i would use it happily in my car.

Bengali Logics says:

Hey Justine, what was your experience with that GPS?

Bigmike 1freshx says:

Wow thank you.i was just going to buy one .

Paul Rose says:

I realise this was posted a while ago but you need to check that the .ftr files are loaded into the satnav. Quite a few are supplied without this file. It won’t recognise weight, height, width restrictions without it. The .ftr files can be downloaded and installed and it will work fine.

Sniki3 says:

Thank you for the review. I was thinking about buying this for my truck.

kana bichoo says:

hi there can you help me setup this device it says no signal gps?

nz828 says:

Hi Your Satnav is missing an important file the FTR file this gives you the restrictions . Connect to computer Check the Primo Content folder for maps there should be about 4 files for your country.And If there is no FTR it will only work for a car .If you want to get this file go to xgody navigation on facebook where you can download it

Paul Cooper says:

i am unable to change from mph to klms … do you know how …

Dolly • Happy•N•Montana says:

Thank you!! Looking for a good trucker gps for my husband. So happy I saw your review..

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