When She Ran Away | AngelSense GPS Tracker Review

When she ran away from Priscilla and umped into the neighborhood retention pond it was one of the scariest moments for us as parents of an autistic child. We got to her quickly and we were fortunate. Not everyone is so fortunate and there are far too many cases of adults and children with autism drowning because they wandered off. AngelSense sent their GPS tracker for me to review and share with you guys. Let me know what you think!

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Laura says:

“dont go looking for boys that put gps trackers on you” Oh my god that made my week

Rhob C says:

Best part of watching your vlogs- my alexa goes crazy!

LeiLani M says:


Jennifer Huggins says:

can she swim

Just Nik says:

That is sooooo cool!!! Never knew something like this existed! How awesome!

jason Douglas says:

My son doesn’t like to wear clothes at home, and when he’s at home is when he is much more likely to try to wander off. He does get dressed right before he attempts to leave though. I’ve been using the Gizmo Gadget, but the plastic watch clasp has broken twice, and the app has been unreliable for me. I just bought AngelSense today. My plan is to attach it to the inside of his jeans pocket, and keep other pairs out of his room so he only has access to one pair at a time. We’ve secured all the doors as well.

MiaJulisse A. says:

Is it break proof?

Dead Prince Cosplay says:

Asa : Focusing On the real problems of the world- ‘girl’ jeans/pants

Courtney says:

THE POCKET THING!!! It is possibly my largest frustration in life

zephyr ! says:

This is really cool but i couldnt help thinking about black mirror the whole time

baldilocks says:

Oh man I’m not on the spectrum and my crazy parents would have looovvveeeddd this doowhacky. Nonetheless an amaaaazzziinng piece of technology for people with kids that need a little extra special care

K.D. Col says:

Thanks for this review… Just what I and my family are looking for…. Please tell Abby hello from Las Vegas….

noah savage says:


Life of an autism mama says:

Our local sheriff department offers free GPS bracelets to special needs and elderly

Debbie Jordan says:


morgan weiler says:

This is just like black mirror oml

Stephen Cullen says:

12:16 There is nothing prove, Only resistant. Bullet, water, shatterproof, and etc. Just want to make sure you are aware of that. Please keep the video’s coming

Lydia Butler says:

Chokes on coffee over technical “doohickey.”
Thank you for showing that Autism isn’t a bad thing!! (And that girl clothes suck.) You’re awesome!!

Augur Cybernaut says:

Thanks so very very much for this info. My nephew may benefit from this.

Kailee Ver Valin says:

I love your Videos.

emily boswell says:

All your videos are clickbait, otherwise you would have gained a sub.

Anna Svensen says:

what happens when she takes the jacket off though…

Brandy Izquierdo says:


tessamersus says:

On 3/31/2018 and I can see that there were 22 a-holes here before me. Who on God’s gorgeous earth would do a thumbs down to this video? What is wrong with people? I have a special needs daughter also, who will be 31 this year. She’s a peach, the love of our whole family’s lives. Never has a sweet child had so many people in her corner, cheerleaders everywhere along the way no matter what. (She’s adopted, by the way, but who cares, she’s ours in every, single way.) She has her drawbacks and so do we. She has her little things she does and so do we. She is amazing. Our other daughter has her back and is so protective of her it is amazing. Thank you for putting up your videos. It’s always fun to watch other people with all kinds of issues with their kids. We love, we laugh and we cry when we see our family in this and other videos. Thank you, FA.

Cynthia Smith says:

Maas family–Thank you so much for doing your part to make autism less scary. I’ve been watching for about a year, but I’v e never commented. My daughter already knows about angel sense, but she’s still deciding if it will help her. She has a non-verbal runner, so Abby’s use of the angel sense will be simular to what Brogan will need. He is 4 right now,and the school wanted him to go to nursery school. The problem is they don’t have any other autistic children and seem to be at a loss as to how to help him. So my daughter pulled him out of school and is takeing him to various therapies during the week. Brogan comes to my house once a week and I’ve educated myself on how to do the ABA thing with him. Learning by play is what I call it. I heard you had a lot of school problems, too. I’m “grandmothering autism”. I’m up to learning new stuff and finding new things to cook (he doesn’t like to eat). This last week he hugged me for the first time in his life…and patted my shoulders. He loves water and this would really help mom to keep track of him. Brogan’s dad turned out to be useless at help inside the family, so I find myself feeling a little envy for what you guys got going on. Stay beautiful, family!-Cynthia

Becky Moses says:

Project lifesaver ! check this out

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