Visuo XS812 (XS-812W) GPS FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This GPS camera drone include follow me, circle position, waypoints, and automatic return to home and landing. Find it here

– GPS/GLONASS allowing rapid and accurate satellite positioning and return to home/landing capability.
– HD video is recorded directly to a microSD card inserted in the rear of the camera. If no SD card is inserted, then low resolution 480p video will be recorded directly to your phone via WiFi
– Uses 802.11ac WiFi which eliminates interference with the drone’s controller, allowing reasonable FPV and control range of about 200 meters.
– 3.85V 1800mah LiHV battery provides over 8 minutes flight time.
– LW FPV app provides advanced features such as tracking follow me, waypoints, and telemetry. LW FPV may be downloaded here on Google Play here and iTunes here

– Uses 802.11ac fifth generation WiFi. Not everyone has this version of WiFi on their phone. Before purchasing, it’s very important to first verify that your phone is indeed 802.11ac WiFi capable to avoid disappointment.
– microSD card slot is hidden in back of modular camera. There is no mention of the card slot or its location in the instructions. The only way that I found it was through the efforts of another YouTube reviewer (thanks Bill M – RC
– App got stuck in follow me mode. I had to restart the drone to exit follow me mode.

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AskDrBud says:

This would be Perfect for giving me “Eyes in Sky” during our Animal Search and Rescues (we track lost pets) this would fit in my backpack

mira ameera says:

If the phone doesn’t support 5g wifi, but if sd card insert, it will be record or no?

MyHobby IsMyFirstPriority says:

Is that similar to the visuo xs809s battleshark? And is it better or for worse?

john Pagaduan says:

Hi! Quad101! can you review this drone aosenma cg003?

Mike Cardillo says:

could you try the a flight with the wifi extender  just to see what happens ???

paliBB says:

This drone is version with 5MP camera?

level90 says:

200 meters?

Ti M says:

It really look like an improved Visuo XS809HW. Not bad.

Les Learning says:

I bet a wifi extender would work real well on this drone too.

Ray Lugo says:

Last again. ☹️☹️☹️

up2 zenith says:

propeller are clearly visible in the both upper corner of the drone video , when camera is in horizontal position . how to avoid it , or it is unavoidable in that camera position ?

jfr900 Drones reviews says:

thank you Bill M and thank you for this review Quad101!! you are on top !!!

Ale says:

Visuo xs812 vs s series s30w?

NFLGAMING _180 says:

4 brushless motor???

dkm darussalam vri2 says:

maximum range ?

Didit FA says:

8 minutes of flight time is kinda very very short time…

InfamousJayZ says:

Hi I’ve seen you talk of a few drones that need a 5g WiFi connection , what phone are you using for yours? I’m still looking in some phones with 5g but it is kinda hard to see if a phone has it or not.

SkwaDrone Salatiga says:

Is it brushless motor?

epson exxon says:

i really like the way you present your review..keep it up!.., its a disappointment that it can not use a wifi 5G repeater to extend the range of the quad since the gps app has no virtual controls, But maybe the antenna mod on the transmitter and on the quad can extend considerable range on the disappointing 100 m range of the transmitter..

Lax Adrian says:

Thanks for the review , I was waiting for this one I wanted to buy it , now I know and I will , I knew they will send it to you anyway , so thanks again , I have managed to buy four full equipped arms for my le idea7 !!

KJ6EPL says:

The app also appears to work with the Feilun FX176C2, whose waypoint and circle functions are broken on the stock app.

Alex says:

1. If you go too far and lose signal, will it return auto?
2. Test how much you battery without using your camcorder. And tell me how many minutes it’s flying

epson exxon says:

Hi, so this new visuo quad xs812 has a lower flight time compared to xs809s based on your previous flight test on xs809s? Is it correct to say that one can get a clearer video feed thru the phone because of the 5Ghz wifi but the distance traveled by this quad is practically the same with the xs809s quad since its only using a 2.4Ghz controller…maybe a little farther due to non interference between the wifi feed and controller due to the different frequencies. As for the sd slot, for me I prefer the procedure of BillM review than yours cos constant detachment of the camera module might give problems in the future like breakage and loose connections. Anyway overall I really like this quad, but the flight time is disapppointing. Good job Quadcopter 101!

Sulistiawan Made says:

Half of video duration only talking, but nice drone

Moquito SEA says:

The design’s cool

epson exxon says:

So this quad can not utilize the gps capability for a stable altitude hold, precise waypoints , orbiting, follow me and especially RTH features if you are flying this drone in a place with one or two gps satellites signals? What is the minimum number of gps satellite does it need to maintain a good use of these features mentioned?

Huch Huch says:

How can we check wifi version suitable to drone

Nikolaos Denikarias says:

Hi I appreciate your review,the motors are BRUSHELLESS or brushed ?

asha maheshwari says:

Is it a problem with your copy or the advertised 14 min flight time converts to 8 min flight time….

Firman Tahyana says:

., wow the visuo got the gps. Awesome. Haha

EmotionalBeats says:

So it does or does not feature SD card slot?

Jasper van Berkel says:

Is it possible to setup a return to home height with this drone ?

Aubrey Mccoy says:

Here’s what phone are you using an apple or an Android I hope it’s an Android and what phones carry that 5G.

Johnny Gonzalez says:

Enjoying very much all your videos!!! Am about to purchase soon a quad copter soon and am looking at options under $100. So far this one seems to be kind of Ok. Problem so far on all these is battery life. 8 min flight really is very tight and noticed how the battery was being sucked dry fast even on such high mah (1800) included. Since you’ve tested so many of these quad-copters with GPS, which one would you recommend to me that has good flight time please? I would be doing too much video recordings though, but still would be nice feature to have incase I do simple videos… Thanks in advanced.

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