TomTom Start 62 GPS Satnav | Setup & Full Review

This is one of the best dedicated SatNav / GPS guidance systems I have ever used. It’s fast, easy to use, large enough to see easily but small enough to stow away after use.

This is also the SatNav UK Driving examiners will be using for the new Driving Tests where you must know how to use a SatNav device.

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watahyahknow says:

yeah the tomtom maps arent the best , i live in the netherlands and there updating the roads from a 3 year backlog of plain and simple neglect so i can understand if tomtom has a hard time keeping up with all those roads being added and changed it would be nice if they used the same maps as google maps , they seem to update them the quickest
have ran tomtom in the past and they good solid machines verry good gps connection as long as you dont drop the device (they dont like that )

i now have used google maps for a few days in my job as a courier
i dont like the google maps voice directions though , she talks for minutes and while giving directions up to 2 turns ahead and make you forget half of wat the girl is saying like the number of the turnoff or the streetsignage (have that with girlfriends too maibe its a build in male filter )

one thing thats realy good about google maps is the picture of the house displayed at the end of the trip and they get the house numbers REALY close to spot on (you standing next to it not five houses down the road )
i have ran google on my phone and it regulairy looses gps connection or slows down freesing the map and making driving in town look like a chineese firedrill with bouts of blind panic and anger issues , luckily the phone managed to stay inside the car allthough it was a close call

my perfect navigation would be part google (maps and connection to eehr google chrome)part tomtom (package gps voice guidance and basic operation)

Daniel French says:

Hi John, do you have a travel via option on this nav? I have a Start 20 absolute base model and I have this function, but my Dad’s Start 52 doesn’t seem to. If you know of any way around this I’d be really grateful for any advice.

ADC20032996 says:

Will it let me avoid motorways?

Cooper 2004 says:

Hello John. I’m on the market for a new sat nav. I currently have a go live 1005 and not willing to pay for an updated map and a years live traffic for £90. Seems ridiculous to pay that every year to keep it going. Anyway (being out of the loop for a while with sat navs) does the via 62 come with free lifetime updates and is the live traffic free?

I found the advertising on the live traffic confusing, although you connect to the live traffic via your smartphone, does the tomtom allow access to the live data for free?


sydney medlock says:

hi you say its hands free bluetooth but i cant find it any one know ??

mandybumble07 says:

Hello, I have just purchased this, start 62 and can’t find how to set advance lane guidance, it was in the description and why I chose this one, please can anyone help?

George 9H1AA says:

Hello and thanks for the review, very helpful in deciding between the 62 or the 60.I am still using an old tomtom 700 without problems but the 4.3 inch screen is a bit small, time for a 6″ (showing my age here lol)regards, george

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