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TomTom Rider GPS Review With the new TomTom Rider GPS navigation system, you will never again have to tape your pre-written directions and notebook paper to the gas tank of your bike! With the ability to download updated maps 4 or more times per year, you can rest easy knowing that you will always have the most current set of directions to get to your destination. From the quickest route to the one that will lead you through the most winding roads, options are the name of the game with this device that has been specially designed for the rigors of use on your motorcycle. Additionally, the PC Route Management via Tyre Pro allows you to search, create, and edit your planned route before you ever even set out on your journey. With the TomTom Rider GPS navigation system, the path to the destination is taken care of so that you can focus on the ride itself.


Peter Roda says:

do you ship to thailand

johngy40 says:

what is a PC (personal computer)

Oswaldo Lafee says:

Brian, I have a question. Can you use your Android phone, and listen to music through the phone and answer calls just as you would do without the TOMTOM. I use a Sena SMH10R by the way. How does that connection work? This is very important. I saw a video where you need to use a dongle?? Please help. Thanks, Ozzilla

Evandre Molina says:

I have the same GPS. and it does work for with Mac computers..

BC_Productionz says:

Hey Brian, i am looking into buying the Tomtom rider 400, i have got a sena 10c at the moment, just wondering if i can connect the tomtom rider 400 to the 10c also can i connect it to my phone listen to music while connecting to the tomtom rider 400 and get my direct thank you 🙂

Stunt Panda says:

Looking forward to your TomTom 400 review.

RevZilla says:

+Lokalna D. Actually, TomToms are now compatible with Mac OS. -DrewZilla

RevZilla says:

+ItsChow YourFavouritePal Hey Chow: Yes, you can connect the Sena 10C to both the TomTom Rider 400 as well as your phone, so you can listen to music and get directions. -DrewZilla

Lokalna F. says:

Are TomToms still not compatible with MacOs?

David Eldred says:

TomTom’s website says their Mac software works with TomTom Rider models.  Not sure where this dude got his info.

steven harris says:

Your voice so annoying

Trishul Raj says:

What about maps for India, do you ship to India?

Lee C says:

I have had mine for about 2 years. Trying to update it is a right pain, took me 3 hours once as it lost all of my maps (common problem apparently) I also can’t turn it on unless it’s powered through the bike, not what you expect when paying £400 for a gps.

CMatthewsfan says:

“hey this iashdgsdfk today were gonna watch..”

The Northern Vlogger says:

I bought this unit 6 months ago for a trip around Europe, and overall I was very impressed. Worked well in daylight and at night, mapping and routing is good. Updates are free and frequent. My main gripes are that it will not store and play MP3’s, and I found that if I wanted a route avoiding toll roads, it would not take me off a toll road if already on one, but it’s a small gripe.

Cj Whitfield says:

SOLD! Great review answered all the questions I had about this. Im Grabbing it this weekend. Great review and site. Keep up the good work!

clive kent says:

Brian, does it have an off road mode like the zumo 220. for off road motorcycling or hiking so you can get to a destination with out using roads?

PrismBlack says:

Can it be wired to any motorcycle?

Clint Bristor says:

There is software for Mac OS now

JJ says:

have you used the software to plan a long route? Have you done a test on the Garmin Zumo 660, you should, its a great tool, but the route planning software is a pack of crap! Get reviewing!  Hopefully they see it and sort it out : )

pratik bhosale says:

Is this available in india..??

John Grijalva says:

No returns? What if unit comes defective? I have to deal with TomTom directly?

Siana Gearz says:

I don’t get what the deal with “no mac” is.

You get VirualBox, free from Oracle, it’s a virtual machine system, and emulates a whole PC. You get a Windows installation disk, Microsoft hosts official trial disk downloads (as .iso image files) for current Professional and Server editions of Windows. Usually, the disk is the same as retail one, and when no individual product key is entered, it runs as a time limited trial for at least 30 days, or depending on the edition, possibly longer. If you have had a PC in the past and still have its accompanying installation disk, you can use that.

You create a VirtualBox container for the Windows version you got, you attach the disk image you downloaded or a physical disk you found, and 10 minutes later, you have a working Windows running as a program on your computer. Virtual machine software is optimized to accelerate installation, so it takes a lot quicker to set up than an actual PC. You can’t keep it without a valid license, but you can make a new one as often as you need. To the best of my knowledge, there are no license terms that prevent you from evaluating Windows multiple times.

VirtualBox allows USB redirection, where a device is detached from the host operating system and attached to the one running inside VirtualBox. The host operating system does NOT need to be able to support the device properly in order for it to be used in the guest. VirtualBox is not the only bet; VMWare Player should be able to do about the same, but i don’t know exactly how good its USB pass-through is.

I know it’s an extra bit of effort, but the time it really takes is not much compared to what you need to figure out any custom software or update procedure on any new device.

Arman Felsher says:

Is there updated maps for 2017? Is there maps for central and South America?

MrMBucket says:

He says that it’s not Mac compatible. I’ve used TomTom for several years with my Mac.  TomTom Home is Mac or PC.  The planning software they bundle it with called Tyre is PC only, but the unit itself for all upgrades, etc is Mac or PC

markmywords312 says:

Does anyone know WTF he said in the first 3 seconds?

jimiwith2eyes says:

if you ever ride off road this will be useless!!!! it should be renamed Rider urban

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