TKSTAR GPS Car and Bike Tracker – Setup, Demo and Review

I take a look at what I would call a ‘cheap Chinese’ tracker.

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Paul Heron says:

how do i stop the tracker using mobile data

Akmak says:

What’s the max range

Brian Willess says:

“pretty spot on” is enough without the curse of saying d@mn

ben julien says:

Is there a subscription fee for the app and live tracking?

Prathyush Ram says:

Hello. I just got like the one in your video. But I have not used it yet. I will be travelling in my car soon to several countries in Europe. Will the SIM network work in another countries? For example, if I activated the sim in Germany, will it work in italy and other non EU countries?

Bareed Khas says:

Got mine a few days back .. the history doesn’t show you the actual route taken but it sort of connects between locations.. and 2nd thing I stopped at places which didint show as ‘p’ or parking..

jatrubka1 says:

I understood almost nothing. Although I am not a native English speaker, I understand English when it is distinct, but this chatter is so fast and mixed that I cannot distinguish one word from another.

JustsayOK says:

How long battery last for? You skipped that part

Shima Amir says:

Does TKSTAR have many clone like TK102 TK103 ?

7tloi7236y3w says:

thank you for the video! does the giffgaff you promote work with this tracker? also, can you recommend any other operators which would work with this device in EU? I think it’s a little risky – once 2G-s are shut down as I can see in my country Estonia, this device will be useless.

Rahul Kanjani says:

Are you able to have multiple devices registered to a single username / ID ?

Andrew Jelfs says:

Purchased 1 off ebay, set it up….. but every time i checked location it was showing any where but the location it should be. It even gave me 1 location for china?

Gmonkey says:

I have an EE sim contract in this. Got it for Iphone 6. The device in ‘not enabled’. I have gone through all the steps. Im wondering if my SIM is compatible. I can get text notifications but I need access to the app. No commands work as my device shows offline. I have an EE sim in the tracker and an EE Iphone 7 that i want to be able to see it on maps. Please help

Obinna Abado says:

that’s if it can be used anywhere in the world

yashika mishra says:

Hey Andy! I was wondering if you have an update on this Tkstar tracker, how it fared. I am thinking of getting this one, just wanted to know if I should actually get it or go for some other tracker.
PS. Is that the 2017 Duke 390 in the background?

Rahim Salahadyn II says:

How do i get the correct SIM card? And how do i get the pay as you go app? Or are you using your browser to pay?

Adrian Clark says:

I have this tracker and have set up the apn etc vis sms and it all comes back ok. I can talk to the tracker via sms and it responds to all the commands including the google map location function. The problem i have is that it constantly shows offline when trying to real time track it using the tkstar app. I cannot use any off the functions/commands on the app as it shows the tracker to be offline all the time. Can anyone help

hunkenpunken says:

The app…what should be written in the initial settings.
Should i login with IMEI or Password?
It says the following…

Thanos B. says:

hello. is it possible to use the application threw internet? data usage only or sms is must by

Raúl Hernández says:

Hello, how many mb i need? With 1gb its ok?

Hasrul Hj Mulo says:

gps sy hilang cara ceknya gimana ya klau dalam keadaan mati

Alexander Gordyuta says:

Купить в Украине:

zheng qin says:

More detail info , please contact to

ryanthethumb says:

Does it txt u every time it goes out of its set distance

JLP Maypa says:

I got 3 units. They are working perfectly. I used them to track ocean currents. I didn’t realize water got in due to periodic waves covering the unit until a week later. When they started to show signs of malfunction, I can still track it on the internet but no sms anymore, I cleaned it and they are back to operation but some functionality are gone such as led indicators. I just cover the mic pin hole with electrical tape and added some silicon sealant to the gasket to make sure no water can’t enter again.

Adil Khan says:

At 5:27, what are the money charges for ?

Garry Rathbone says:

Does anybody know, how to limited who can get the location texts? (e.g. only certain numbers that dial in)

Ergun Cetin says:

hi andy i got 2 of these it is working ok but hove do i can setup borth off them in same google map to track 2 car in same tame in same page ? thanks

Ross Double says:

Hi Andy. As a technophob yiur video, in conjunction with the instructions was great. Many thanks

Byron hill-jones says:

What is the battery life like on one full charge

FPL_EyeTest says:

When you first register the phone number how to you type it out? With the country code? So for example if my phone number is +44123456 (UK country code) – you text.. admin123456 44123456 correct? with country code? with no +? thanks

Love2Bprince says:

Bro plz help.. i am not able to set up my tracker.

aAnalogue steampunk says:

TO ANYONE: i bought one of these. since from the box it makes a tikling sound when i turn it from side to side. is it happens to yours to?

Julie Anne G. says:

Hi! If you have more than one device, how do you add the other devices on the app? Thanks in advance!

Ashley Rosindale says:

Giffgaff is unlimited texts for £10 PAYG so effectively you have all the credit you’ll ever need for a tenner. I have two of these trackers for both my bikes both in Giffgaff.

Winston Micallef says:

how long the battery last ?

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