Syma X8 Pro Large GPS Drone Flight Test Review

This large GPS camera drone includes a 720HD camera with remote control of lens angle. Find it here and spare motors here

– GPS positioning, altitude hold, headless mode, and one key takeoff and landing.
– Automatic return to home on lost signal, manual selection, or low battery status.
– 720p HD camera with WiFi FPV
– Camera can record video and images to camera’s microSD card to minimize WiFi lag.
– Drone’s in flight FPV video can also be recorded or viewed on your phone via the Syma FPV app available on Play here or iTunes here

– GPS stability is an issue. If the drone is left to hover, it may start to wobble in an ever increasing toilet bowl circling. Applying pitch or yaw control can temporarily stop but not eliminate the wobbling.
– When activated, return to home did not return to takeoff point. Return to home had to be turned off to prevent flyaway.
– As this is a brushed motor drone, motor replacement will eventually be required. Redesigned X8 Pro makes such motor changes very difficult as compared to the original Syma X8C.
– Syma FPV app is very basic and does not include any telemetry.

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abghere says:

Not worth the money at all! Thanks for the honest review.

Johnus Johnson says:

Huge fail by syma, I have fond memories of my x8c, such a shame they seem to have dropped the ball with this one.

Sergio Garcêz says:

Portugal like Mano sempre aqui LIKE mano passa aí no meu canal obrigado

Roger Cligg says:

This one is dear compared to sjrc. previous

Gadget Inspector says:

Maybe Syma is starting to rest on their prior success. Very disappointing because I had been waiting for a GPS version of the X8. I guess I’ll just keep flying my X8G.

Anees Mehdi says:


Dan Bracket_fredyfrankle1 says:

Very very cool



Larry Dommer says:

Darn – it looks a lot like the 70 series drones Promark Shadow, Holystone100, and SJRC 70, so I was hoping they had similar batteries and just maybe cheaper. But it looks more like they stripped everything good out of it, and made the battery even more proprietary than its predecessors. Oh well – I guess I’ll go with the rubberband ideas a few other owners are using.

B Fraser says:

For the money it should have 1080p and telemetry. I have yet to see a review where it worked. It would seem that they would of fixed it by now or at least address the issues on their website, but they are just ignoring the situation. They may of had a few good quads out there, but I guess they don’t mind a black eye.

Jim Vincent says:

Looks like another piece of crap from Syma..Too bad they wont get their act togethor

Drone Video Footage says:

Syma produce bad quality drones

Jerry Berglund says:

Syma should remove this quads from the market. This bird is really dangerous.

Quadcopter 101 says:

*Find it here* and *spare motors here*

Green Silver says:

Syma started out reasonable, now they’re churning out junk.
These budget Chinese drone factories get comfortable, then they take their eye off the ball.

Ground Control RC says:

Wow! That’s terrible! So after doing the GPS dance, which shouldn’t be necessary anyway, and calibrating the Gyro it performs a Cyclone Maneuver all on it’s own? Hehehehehe….this must be an undocumented feature 😉 I’d stay way from this one. Thanks for the video and Happy Flying!

John Lal Buhonfski says:

I just ordered one from ebay,,,,trying to cancle this sucks

Afterburner says:

Wow – That is not normal for Syma – They usually produce a great quad… They need to provide all owners of this quad a new receiver board or exchange for a properly fixed quad…

burnstudios says:

I love my Syma X8HG, but this thing is a lemon. With all that gyrating around, they should call this one the Elvis model.

DRONE RC33 says:


Ron Brown says:

Syma should have never let this one be released in this form. I hope it doesn’t hurt the company long term. Good honest review Quadcopter101.

RD's Drone Reviews says:

Syma has fallen so far. The X8 Pro may be the worst GPS drone ever made 🙁

Donnie Thacker says:

Thanks for the vid

David Seymour says:


GAproductions says:

I think the 1080p version of the last quad you reviewed will be the way to go

roger martin says:

Guess I am  about  the 1000 viewer  nice  Drone

D Semolian says:

It seems like a PITA at every corner… why would anyone buy this when there are much better values to be had these days?

sean holland says:

I wonder how much the camera is affecting this by the wifi signal, no rf shield doesnt help. I want to sort this out and let syma know how to fix there poor design.

Sinist3r RC Dad says:

This bird is an utter disaster. Its a shame, because syma makes some decent quads. I was excited when I originally caught wind of this coming out, but seeing the toilet bowling, and the quad taking off in gps mode, I went with the bugs 2w instead.

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

It’s not pretty enough for an ornament and it’s not safe to fly

Jay Spiers says:

That thing looks like a pile of shite mate

Steve Smith says:

HUGE setbacks in motor design/access. Shame on Syma. They can keep it.

MyJam1981 says:

H216a FTW

dheller777 says:

Looks like they were happy making the motor change the same as the old X5C. Always ended up losing some screws. I have the old X8C and she is still going and operates perfectly. Looks like they tried to go cheap on a bunch of new options. To bad. Thanks for sharing.

QC Drone says:

Loved my syme x5c. Was my first drone I learned to fly on before I upgraded to DJI.

Gunning says:


鉄板 パート2 says:

This aircraft does not record the place where it started as a home point
Record the place where the power is turned on as the home point
 need to be carefulIt is better to wait about one minute for flight even if the LED lights up in green
It is because it will not stabilize unless this aircraft grips enough GPS

C0ckPitVuE 777 A.K.A The long ranger. says:

Nice video,syma needs to get in the time machine and press 2018,they been with brushed motors forever they need to get with the program or get out the quad game.Cheap brushed motors with a phantom shell,that’s like putting big wheel wheels on a harley,smh.

Nayana Pabasara says:


zembi2 says:

That was my first and the last drone from Syma. Now im a MJX fan. Thats so much more fun

D Heron says:

Rattle rattle thunder clatter boom boom boom, another review by the cheap drone man.

handy andy says:

lol, So its crap basically, just come out and say it lol.

DeadlyDiddly says:

I really don’t understand what happened with this model, Syma spend years building a great reputation and then flush it all down the crapper with their first GPS model? Bizarre!
Thanks for confirming that they haven’t fixed it yet 101, they need to recall and refund anyone who bought one of these lemons IMO.

Daniel Mercado says:


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