SJRC S70W GPS Follow Me Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This large GPS follow me camera drone has very good features and performance for its price level. Find it here

– GPS/GLONASS system. Fast and accurate satellite lockon.
– Accurate return to home and landing, GPS position hold, altitude hold, automatic takeoff and landing, and follow me mode.
– Surprisingly good FPV and control distance, even though its app uses 2.4Ghz FPV.
– Quadcopter and controller are well made for the price.
– Controller has a built-in rechargeable battery. Both the controller and the drone’s battery are charged via a micro USB charging (same as for most phones).
– 720p HD camera with remote controlled gimbal. Camera records video directly to a microSD card installed in the camera.
– In flight FPV video is viewed via its SJ-GPS app available on Play here and iTunes here Telemetry information of distance, height, and altitude is also provided.

– It’s a brushed motor drone. But it uses very common, cheap, and easy to replace plug-in Syma X8C motors.
– It has default beginner’s geofence set to 30 meters. But the geofence can easily be increased as demonstrated in the video.
– Battery is proprietary. Spares will be hard to acquire as this is a newly released drone. But I got a feeling that this drone is going to be popular based on its performance and price. Spare batteries should be hitting the market in the near future.
– Follow me uses your phone’s GPS position as the point to be followed. I noticed some toilet bowl effect when using follow me while the drone was close to me. This was likely caused by innacuracy of my phone’s GPS as the TBE disappeared as soon as I switched back to position hold. TBE during follow me can be reduced by increasing distance between the phone and the drone.

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Duck4Ducks Brandoneisa says:

Only if the drone had better battery life id take it

이순영 says:

hi. it’s nery wide. where is it? which manufacturer is the drone?

archersfriend says:

Buying from China ain’t going to happen for me.

rtonerider # says:

Looks like a rebrand of the holy stone hs100 and the promark shadow GPS drone at WalMart… But much better price.


That is a nice one!!!!!

Brandon Purdy says:

For less than $50.00 they could of put brushless motors and a 1080p camera on it. That would had been a bigger winner. By far the best brushed GPS camera bird so far that I’ve seen.

OS FODA says:

Essa loja é confiável? Eu moro no brasil!

JL, rc multirotors says:

Same as Promark P70 GPS Drone…

Andrew CCM says:

$40+ for shipping and won’t arrive to US for 15-30 days. Looked on Amazon. They have this same quad under a different name…but its $225.

clack1971 says:

Thinking it’s a lot better than the syma x8pro at least it doesn’t fly out of control I like this quad

Quadcopter 101 says:

*Find it here*

DRONE RC33 says:

Like this one look ok

FSB Topic26 says:

This is a great channel and it really inspired me to make my own videos on my channel .great great channel !!!!!

Ajay Kumar Saxena says:

Am definitely buying this! Great price

Arifin Liem says:

good reviews always.. iam impressed for a gps brushed quadcopter.. application look working properly too

Kai Kai tv says:

This comment is soon gonna be lost In the sea of comments like if u find me

jimmy Henrikson says:

Nice brother,,

Drone above the Netherlands says:

Nice Drone, nice price!

Shengran Qiu says:

lol the camera was actually decent (generally all cheap drone cameras are really bad)

Prano YT says:

Waiting for the dji tello

Le Commentaire says:

can I put my xiaomi yi in this quadcopter ?

Jerry Berglund says:

Damn, This one is getting to me maybe this week…. and was hoping to get to be the first reviwer with this one. havent seen a review on youtube yet, until this one.

SZretired says:

Check out Andrew Newton and the E-500.

Brad Miles says:

Quadcopter….a little while back , the rcsailors did a review on a fairly cheap quad that had digital camera stabilization. No gimbal. It was done all with firmware. It worked fantastic, better than the quad actually. It provided an amazingly stabile video. It had to crop parts of the surrounding edges of the video to achieve the stabilization. Have you seen or reviewed any such quads? I really thought that would be the wave of the future. That was pretty neat technology.

Umbra Jord says:

eh… wifi fpv… Oh jeez, I hate it…

Gimp Man says:

Pretty good for the price.

Bill Somrak says:

A lot of Syma X8 parts, including the crappy camera, which I doubt is 720P .. if it is, its running a very low bit rate and drops frames. “CLAIMED” control distance is 500m (Hardi-har-har) and claimed wi-fi distance is 200m (another laugh). Claimed flight time is 12-15 minutes, and you got 1/2 of that. Not sure what those proprietary batteries cost or if they are available, but the claimed CHARGE TIME, thru the little micro USB port, is 5 HOURS! (that would test the patience of Job). By “dual GPS”, I’m pretty sure they only mean that it acquires both US and GLONASS (Russian) GPS birds .. which probably accounted for its decent RTH accuracy. Toilet bowl has nothing to do with battery .. that’s a compass cal. problem. There may have been some metal in the ground when it was trying to follow you, which threw it off. At least it’s (seemingly) not as bad as the Toilet Bowl King, the XK X380. I’ve been watching some CES 2018 coverage, and there are some interesting quads that will come out this year (we’ll see if they are real or ‘vaporware’ ). Thanks for the review. Cheers (cold? what is cold by you? 60 deg? It was 0 deg F here this morning!)

Dronography-Aerial Meditation says:

Thats the best price I have seen on one of these as there seems to be quite a few of the same design with different producers. Nice review bro.

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