SJRC S30W GPS Failed Review





Wildchild says:

Funny as anything. The excitement before it flew right.

Can I please ask Andyrc. X220 wizard or the Lizard. Both same price which you you pick? My first racing drone

Achim Stein says:

Houston, Houston, we have a problem! Lmao 😉

Heiple2007 says:

…..and back to the brushless. Thanks Andy, Jeff

Gregory Johnson says:

Andy…hopefully folks watching will heed your insight and avoid this one!!.

Dave Cooper says:

Are you going to take a look at the Tello?

Filipe D says:

I never really had interest in this kind of drones to be honest. For me it has to be FPV.

samflyer80 says:

I did start with toy grade, syma x5c & similar, helped me a gread deal getting to know the hobby, but nowday ppl just wanna jump in the hobby and bought stuff like the varius wizard models, or even more powerful stuff, without even knowing the basic in rc, and obviusly they gonna loose it the next day

licensetodrive says:

You said it had “return to home”, so it must’ve been trying to get back to China.

It was probably a code/instruction translation error, “return to launch” became “return to home” 🙂

DroneRacer101 says:

#WearYourSnowBoots 🙂

Snorkl FPV says:

What a let down, still good, unbiased consumer advice. I started with an MJX B2W. I like it a lot but have flown it only twice before switching to a 3 inch FPV quad.
One thought about these toy copters: If they would stop doing their bs proprietary radio protocols people with hobby grade transmitters could just use theirs instead. Talking about transmitters, is this SJRC by any chance supported by DeviationTX, e.g. the Jumper T8SG? I have not found SJRC models in the supported models list but maybe the receiver is compatible with something supported.

DRONE review man of all drones says:

Funny you are reviewing a toy grade gps drone. I just got back inside from flying my jjrc tracker gps drone. It is always fun to fly a toy grade once in a while!! For the life of me i can not get the app to work. I give up but still fun to fly!

cobra4829 says:

I hope video will keep away people from buying it. great job

German Drone Guy - Drones, Quadcopters & More! says:

Nice honest review!

Iago Sá says:


Feri K. - Aerodron says:

Awesome and fantastic Video !!! Thumbs up!

Mark Potter says:

I suspect that thing was flying south toward warmer weather.

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

Good video Andy. I’m a fairly recent entrant to the quad world but even when I started, most ‘toy’ quads had few bells and whistles with no alt hold even. As for GPS only a few big and expensive ‘toys’ had that and many were distictly unreliable. Now there are more and more and they are becoming cheaper (and more reliable) month by month.
This one was a failure….. that happens and reviewers should show the failures. (not everyone does).
That’s why I watch your channel and have done for so long

Bill Somrak says:

Thanks for the heads up on the great “QC” (Quick Cash .. as its known in China). Epic failure. I wonder if someone from SJRC will try to contact you regarding this problem. There are better options out there which work well (from Hubsan and MJX). I was thinking when you were talking about mode 1 vs mode 2. As you know, back when I was flying competition aerobatics with fixed wing aircraft, I flew Mode 1, which I felt was an advantage as it separated the ailerons from the elevator. Most guys (even back then) were flying Mode 2 or single stick. There was always lots of discussion about pros/cons of the different flight modes, but I would usually win the discussion with “well, I’m sure I can fly your Mode 2 aircraft, but I’m fairly certain you can’t fly my Mode 1 aircraft” .. and there weren’t many who would argue that point. Now that I’ve been flying quads in Mode 2 for 6 years, Mode 2 seems natural . I’d only go back to Mode 1 if I built some kind of 3 axis aerobatic aircraft. Anyway, thanks for the look and review. Cheers.

Uwe K says:

I think you mean 5 GHz, cause as far as I am aware of 5.8 GHz is analog, not Wi-Fi

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