S908 (G03) GPS Sports Smartband: Unboxing and Review

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This S980 smartband has been provided by Gearbest for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to Gearbest for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this S908 smartband, please use the link listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!

The line is blurring between what is a smartwatch and what is a smart band. The S908 (aka G03 from Makibes) blends the features of a rectangular watch with a fully waterproof band design. With an installed GPS the device is able to accurately track distance traveled whether it is by running or cycling. This is far more accurate than depending on step count. Accumulated data is available for each sport directly on the band while recording, and also the last event saved in each sport category is viewable in history.

The band is able to tether to a phone app where basic information for the current day is presented. Unfortunately, as of this review, the phone app was not able to sync with the band to bring over the sports information or the sleep monitoring information. The app has not been updated since 2015, so there is little likelihood this will be fixed any time soon.


Scott Mannear says:

Delete pairing in your phone for band. Make certain no there Bluetooth devices in area.
Turn off Bluetooth on your phone. (Counter Intuitive, but crucial)
Turn watch on.
Open health app in phone.
Ask health app to synch with Bluetooth still off on phone.
When Health app asks to turn on Bluetooth in phone say yes. It should open Bluetooth settings in your phone. Turn on phone Bluetooth and pair watch normally.
Use Health app on phone to adjust settings, user data, time, date preference, alarms, notifications ( you may have to add each app you want to get notifications from to list)
After tweaking app settings resynch to watch.
Now it will work and automatically reconnect to phone and app.

Nubs says:

Have you tried any other apps that could link with it instead

John M says:

sounds like dr cox

José Naves Moura Neto says:

Thank you for the video.
Does it sync to Google Fit ?

Sinuhé Heras Romero says:

Thanks For other amazing reviews Mr Ticks ! Just one question, can you export the gps route to other plataforms or into a gpx file? Thanks Again from Spain Europe!

Eduardo Tramontin says:

For practice of soccer with friends this work? Easy useless?


g’day sir, great work, pleasant voice, good lenght, chapeau! question…i ‘m getting this baby, but i’m looking for something like this that can be viewed in sunlight. so before watching all your vid’s, whats the champ model that has that? best.

Ivan Djordevic says:

Can someone tell me, does this band has lap counter for swimming (I press the button every time i hit the end of the pool)? Its very important to me.

Pramote Soongkitboon says:

Thank you for review. I have some question can you help me
– on screen timer can set always on or how max long time.
In cycling time I’m only have one hand to see information ( HR rate).
– in cycling mode. the screen will open when turn the wrist?

if this model can’t can you recommend some model for cycling ( always Show HR rate)

pedro silva says:

thanks for video review…the 1st one about this device!…battery is good?


Hi. Could you do a review of makibes g05?

Jamie Rice says:

Whats the quality like? And have you took it for a run for a test?

Scott Mannear says:

I have not used this app or device, but had similar synch issues with Iwown HR fitness band and it’s Health app. I finally deleted the Bluetooth pairing with band on my phone and turned off Bluetooth on my phone. Turned watch off and back on, then used the Health phone app to synch, which then asked if it could turn Bluetooth on for my phone. After I used the Health app to turn on my Bluetooth in settings, then I paired the watch in phone settings. Went back to app and synchronized fitness band/watch to phone. Then went to Health app and revised it’s settings for apps to send notifications to my band, Fahrenheit instead of Celsius height weight, stride, etc. Then resynched so all revised settings were in band/watch. Health app runs continuously 24/7 with Bluetooth on 24/7. All notifications come through, weather, calendar items, alarms, caller ID and decline call( answering must be done with phone).
This is what worked after 3 different apps and several partial synchs over half a day.
I have no idea if same will work on this device, but probably.

MaZe Light says:

Can you do the review for the restting54?

gimbeault says:

I, you have done so many reviews , why dont you do , my best pick of 2017.

Smartwatch Hax says:


Rafael Freivas says:

Can you see the time AND use stopwatch simultaneously in the same screen?

luis leon says:

wow,very fast review

Hafiz Jafri says:

Hi, can you suggest me smart band with gps…

Pat Dec says:

can it change music or volume if you are listening music from the watch???

Pierre ferrand says:

how to activate bluetooth on s908 watch ?

Barra says:

The app to use with this amartband is H+ watch, H+ is for an older smartband the H1.

matanbr says:

Can you test the swimming feature ? I want to know before I purchase if it count laps accurate

Brendan Stewart says:

New device + out-dated app = misguided deployment!

george mits says:

the watch count the current or average pace ?

Ramada It says:

Лучше чем mi band 2

Al Rod says:

Great review as always! 🙂

Andrew jackson says:

I would rather buy amazfit or its cheaper bip if you have the budget . Better app support and firmware updates .
I suppose this band would be decent priced if it drops ard US 30 .

Véronique Pitchon says:

Thank you for this very useful video otherwise it is difficult to understand how the smartwatch is working. By the way, the software HPlus watch has been updated on 22 april 2017

Kris Luk says:

finally!! the band with GPS! But the dim screen is the issues… hm…

applesauce animations says:

i am 12 why am i whatching this?

Mauricio Oliveira says:

can I export the GPS data to the Strava or GPX file

tifusse says:

Hi all, some one know an alternative app for this band ?
Merci et bonne journée !

Flavio Batista says:

GPS works well?


Hi can you check and confirm the app is updated for google map support?


Hello Can you suggest some gps enabled with heart rate monitor wearable device with similar budget?

Rafael Francisco says:

Hello, there’s any better than this for sports in this price? Thanks and subbed 🙂

Eddie White says:

Good video, but what’s with the weird humming/hissing noise that only occurs when you talk?

Søren Frøkjær says:

You’re using the wrong app. Look for “HPlus watch”

Evolution of Bass says:

Samsung Galaxy Gear S Smart Watch SM-R750 Smart Watch

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