S1.E52-Spot Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger. A Review, Features and Caution

Episode 52 was filmed on March 18, 2018 at the Gulf Coast in Texas.

Here is our review of the Spot Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger by FindMeSpot International. It operates as a personal location device aka a personal location beacon. You get to pick and choose the features you want so the fees vary. If it is in your budget. We highly recommend this device. It is well worth it. In this video we share the features that we like best and offer some precautions as well.

– Debra’s Video: “Stranded in the Middle of Nowhere! NO Phone Signal! At the Mercy of Strangers!”
– FindMeSpot:

– SPOT GEN3 Satellite GPS Messenger by FindMeSpot:
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Epidemic Sound
“Brittle Bones” by Sunfish Grove

Thanks to Peter McKinnon for the tip about Epidemic Sound.

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Calvin R says:

I can’t imagine myself managing to keep the unit pointed to sky. With a dozen emails going out, I envision a huge multi-state rescue effort interrupting my nap.

Scooter H says:


tsuki says:

Very useful device. Thanks for the info and review. Happy and safe Meandering, You Two <3

CaliChaos says:

Love you both< Debra you Rick girl....love u

AsphaltGypsy says:

Wow! Very valuable little device to have! Thanks for the explanation/review!

Joan Hazelgrove says:

I am going to get one of those for my solo trip out west later this year. Thanks for the review.

Taco Bell says:

Love u 2!

RAY RAY says:

Expensive gadget. Is it worth it?

Marsha Mapes says:

Thank you for the informative video. You both look healthy and happy, even with all your concerns. So happy for you both. Enjoy ! Take care.

Two Meander says:

I have had this GPS for a year now and it has served me (Debra) well. A couple of clarifications …
1) We hit the 2 buttons mentioned in the video to send out the 12 automated emails everytime we arrive at a new campsite. The list of recipients now includes some of Robert’s family as well. We forgot to mention that you can make changes to that through the online site any time you want. 2) The original lithium rechargeable batteries lasted for almost a year, then they no longer held a charge. Until we could find rechargeable batteries, we used regular alkaline batteries (4-AAA) and they typically lasted 2 days in the Spot Gen3. We will renew the yearly contract when we can, $199 (our cost based on the features we prefer, fees vary). We hope this review has been helpful! Please see the video description for additional info. We’ll see you down the road!

Meri dian says:

Great product! Thanks for your review!

Momma K says:

Awesome gadget, that would be a very good thing to have when traveling

Kelly VH says:

Looks like a great gadget to have! I will have to check it out! Have a wonderful time with family! Peace and blessings!

TheOldFarmersWife says:

Oh boy! I remember that story of Debra locking her keys in the van. I’m glad we didn’t know until it was over. It was scary just hearing the story
I thought the most interesting part was that Robert was aware that something was up, from having this device

Joyce Barnett says:

What a peace of mind for family and friends. It could get a little unnerving if you did not have that, Thanks for sharing this info. See you down the road. KOKO

Pam Ferris says:

Excellent review, thank you! I bought this from Amazon awhile back when it was on sale for around $50. Debated on this or the Inreach Explorer. By the time I went to send the Spot Gen 3 back and get the Inreach instead my time was up. After further research as well as watching your video I’m glad I have the Spot I think it will serve me the best. Thanks again.

T Green says:

85 degrees and 59% humidity in S E Texas, ahhh, Springtime is here we hope. Don’t melt Robert and Debra. 🙂

Nigel Warfield says:

That’s a brill idea and the $199 yearly subscription is dam good when you use it every day of the year as it like 0.55 cents for a day use. Thanks again for a brill and funny vid take care

Beth White says:

Nice music. I used to live in Houston and that video brought back memories of the humidity, but it was nice for a change in scenery from the desert to see the lush green. I’ve seen reviews of SPOT on Amazon.

Nancy Feddersen says:

I remember that video. You met some really nice people. A must have if going boondooking. Robert are you okay? You don’t appear to be your usual light hearted self, especially at the beginning of the video.

Sue Davis says:

Oh my gosh… The humidity on the Texas coast is killer. Being raised in Corpus Christi, I met my husband who was an x-ray tech stationed at the naval hospital there at the naval air station. He was from Oregon and hated the weather there. So it is with that in mind that I share this with you and your followers. Tom always said “If the world ever needs an enema, I know where they can stick the tube.” After we left Texas he NEVER returned. 😉 KOKO

Shauna Featherstone says:

Neat Gadget, Thanks for the information 🙂

Patrick Miller says:

it seems that every couple or family I see on full time RV seems to be so much closer than most. am I just seeing the good ones or is this the norm?

S B says:

If I wandered around like you do I would pay for this service.I also would have my 911 Help now from HSN. No fees or subscription with it.Is supposed to find you wherever you are. It is for emergency help.Havent used it and don’t know how well it works,but I carry it with me always.

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