Review of the Rand McNally GPS for truckers (7″ screen model).

I switched to this truck-specific GPS by Rand McNally a few months ago. This is a quick review of the device based on my experience with it on the North American highways.

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Connie Schutte says:

I bought the TND 730 because all of the reports were in its favor…… NOT THE CASE!
In the first 30 days after the purchase, it has been in the shop for software upgrades 25 of them.
I am plagued with navigation errors that shut the system down, freeze ups that do not advance and by the time I realize that, I had almost missed the road I was looking for.  ( I say almost because I had already mapped out this route using Google Earth and company recommended directions and knew of its approx. location)
I got the devise back after a “fix” and tested through my own town and in my own personal vehicle; a town I know quite well and in a car that offered no surprises. Programing a fully loaded trip (80k lbs) the devise placed me on two roads that were not only very truck UNFRIENDLY, they were dead ends!!!!
Every attempt I have made to the Rand McNally store to fix or simply refund the devise has been…. “Sorry, your 30 day trial is up, no full refund” and “call tech support, send it in for repair”…. I would not suggest this product until Rand McNally can fix the bugs AND offer better customer service!!!!!
Fortunately I have used the old fashioned methods of paper maps and google earth. Not always the greatest since a satellite picture does not show truck approved streets but better than being placed on a One Way street, going the Wrong Way and at Dead End !

k singh says:

sergei. I’ve been using rand mcnally for almost 6 years and am happy with it. with that said even if it is accurate 80 percent of the time I’m still happy I only have to worry about 20 percent of my trip. good choice getting that.

Calvin Williams says:

I have one its trash

Robin Lee says:

So Sergei I am planning to get my class 1 truck licence. So what do you think of this career?. Is it good career and do you enjoy it. The only think I am afraid of is icy street conditions. Give me some advice based on your experience. By the way I am 40+ guy and is my age is right now for this career.

Robert Allen says:

I never had a Rand McNally GPS, had a Cobra that sucked big time, a Magellan that was better, now have a Garmin.

Scott Maclean says:

I bought the 7″ screen TND730 model.  I am not happy. If it isn’t freezing up it keeps shutting down or advising me it has to shut down for whatever error! It is virtually useless in Canada! I keep going online for updates and fixes but nothing is helping. BUMMER!

Jamye Smoots says:

Does it have hazmat routing


I love this one but the new one T80 a lot off problems see link below

Cruiser007 says:

Sergei, I was wondering if it has a women’s voice or man?

Jennifer V says:

they make a TND 510 which is a perfect size. The power cord for mine stopped working but I just went to a Radio Shack and got a new power cord and it’s worked perfectly

CyberPunk733 says:

always double check your map, it sucks to get stuck on a no truck mountain road, it couldn’t be a total disaster, one time on a general freigt run I got on this mountain road with my car gps,, thank god I was empty, the sign said “trucks not recommended” but I took it anyway cause I was in a hurry and empty, but thank god I almost didn’t make it out of there. could have avoided that if I just checked my map

conjon11 says:

@montez292 that’ sounds complicated.. i have no idea about that sorry.

Thomas Boyd says:

Will this gps guide away from the many low bridges in New York City? My company will send me there very often.

TQ Masterz says:


johnnie hall says:

I’ve been using this for 2 days and it’s pretty good and has great features like trip planer and stuff but the gps has tried to take me under a 8″0 and 11″2 under pass. So don’t trust it 100% also some of the speed limits aren’t correct

CharlieJuliet Sierra says:

Very good review!!! 

E Galindo says:

I wonder what GPS do you use today. Do you see the use of the old world atlas? or do you prefer to use a GPS enabled Laptop. Thank you very much.

{// WTF! //} says:

Good video for sure. I’ve been driving for about 20 years and these greenhorns MUST learn to use a paper atlas and eyeballs. Even that will get you in trouble from time to time in a ‘boss hog’ town looking for revenue. The best use for a GPS is to get you out of a ‘ok, I don’t have a clue and it’s 4:00 am without a soul in sight. Get me to something I can find on a map’  as a result of newer industrial parks and extreme rural areas. Unfortunately, this is where all GPS (and Atlas) maps are lacking but most have the ability to ‘sync’ on something in their map database and point you in the right direction calling it ;off road’ until it finds a formal street.

With ‘purest’ reluctance, I purchased a Garmin 340T and wound up throwing it out the window. It is actually dangerous routing and WILL give a greenhorn a problem without a solution. it ignores weights, axle weights and heights you program in, has mostly incorrect city viaduct clearances, many inaccurate truck routes and will route on anything, including residential side streets I would think twice about with a pull behind camper and a pickup to get back on what it thinks is a truck route.The only thing I had been using it for was mph, moving time and stopped time until it began Garmin’s famous ‘Boot Loop’. It’s absolute worthless garbage. I threw it out the window on eastbound Chicago Dan Ryan at the southbound I55 ramp. 

I am looking for another trucker GPS. Yea, I’ll agree They are nice for (especially) ET’s, practical miles, odometer trips, timers and so on… and of course ‘Now what?’ at 4:00 am. It’s an added bonus if the routing is reasonable. Your video was informative and answered some of the questions I had. If ya got the Rand at a truck stop, most include free lifetime maps.    

Thanks again. Be safe. 

Sergei Dratchev says:

Well, the one I had worked fine but I didn’t keep it too long because it was too big for me. I’m now using a regular TomTom 1400 and I’m quite happy with it. There’s a review about it somewhere on my channel too.


One i have is Garmin 350,is a outdated but still working. Thinking to get one of MC Nelly soon,but am still guessing is it good at least 95 % ?? By the way thanks for the video.Any idea for something better but similar ?

Andrew James says:

Does it work for Canada ? Im stuck with a regular GPS and its horrid 

Turd Ferguson says:

I couldn’t disagree more. It’s a horrible piece of shit. I absolutely hate mine and can’t wait to get rid of it for the Garmin.

Fabio Roscilli says:

as long as the driver does not dependent to gps i seen young drivers that can only follow gps and cant read maps or have sense of direction

Raul Chavez says:

Thank you good review jam looking forward to buy one for my brother he is just starting to drive a tractor trailer

CyberPunk733 says:

wow, the TND seems to be working great for you, the display is gorgeous and it seems to be very fast, much faster than my older garmin car gps. I’m torn between the Garmin trucking unit and the TND 520, from the reviews I’ve read some people have problems with the TND giving bad routes, so i’m leaning towards the garmin even though it has less features than the TND,, what do you think?

footalee2 says:

Sergei nuff respect, I am viewing from Kingston, Jamaica..

Crystal Smith says: Selling mine, starting bid is 99 cents!!

tokyo japan says:

Sergei Dratchev! Thank for the video very helpful. Umm as an aspiring trucker am I going to get lots of tickets as a new driver, an how many years will I have to drive before I can afford to eat.

Allan McCoshan says:

Hi Sergei, are u still using this and what do you think of it now over a yr. later?

donavon sion says:

Cobra is the best

Joe Player says:

what about traffic, does it warn about traffic-work zones, accidents etc? If it doesn’t warn about traffic its not worth all that money.

sourmanofcoal says:


david xiang says:

Nice video !

DeAndre Mahadeo says:

Garbage Rand McNally. Slow, freezes and would take you on any road if you ever hit detour.. Do not buy.

Chris Kowalevicz says:

Rand Chat 2: [18:03] Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today?
Chris: [18:03] I had an issue with my 720 speaker went out. You were gonna fix that but I had to go 2 weeks without my truck gps serial # 720-******PS do I buy another Rand Mcnally or just go with the Garmin Dezl? your choice on my decision.
Rand Chat 2: [18:04] buy a Rand McNally
Chris: yeah 4 what?
Rand Chat 2: [18:04] Sorry our office is now closed. We will open back up at 7am central time tomorrow
[18:04] Please call us for more assistance on your decision at 877-446-4863
Chris: ok cool I’m going garmin
Rand Chat 2: [18:04] between 7am and 6pm central
[18:05] Have a good day Sir.
Chris: I’ll save this chat and post it all over the net

Hector Cortes says:

Does it have lane assist like the garmin?

thejmcsr says:

I have had 2 of these. The first one had the speaker fail. I dropped it before I could send it back for repair. I foolishly bought a second one. The power plug in the unit failed. They replaced it. Now the speaker is failing and it is going back. I love the software but the unit is weak. I bought a Garmin for a backup as I cannot trust this unit.

SUPERMAN 7 says:


Northwoods Patriot says:

Retired from trucking for 10 years now, always used maps. I would have given my left nut for one of these back then. Better technology, better equipment, you guys got it made.( lol ) All you need now is better wages!

Emil Cost says:

Wow.. great review!  Glad I found your channel.  Thanks Sergei !  

Thomas Boyd says:

I work for Stevens transport. They train us to trip plan but I’m to lazy to do so. I rather use that gps and have an atlas for backup.

Sergei Dratchev says:

When I started trucking I was 42. So the age is not a problem. Icy conditions exist but you can always say NO to driving in bad weather just to be safe. Do I enjoy this career? Yes and no. Yes – when I drive few miles (say, 1000 miles a week), and I get a big paycheck 😉 NO – when I drive too many miles in one week, get cheap freight, the truck breaks down, and then DOT gives me a ticket! Each day is different. It’s a love-hate relationship, just like any other job. No job is perfect.

Sergei Dratchev says:

That’s 2 tools I use too. #3 I always have in addition to these is “Truck Stop Directory”. It helps with trip planning and finding stops. I usually try to stop every 120 miiles to stretch the legs…

Siegfried3203 says:

Very specific review. Thanks a lot. Exactly what I wanted to watch. Essential tool for truckers

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