Review: Bugs2 GPS quadcopter drone (pretty good)

I don’t usually review low-cost GPS drones like this but the holiday season is coming and drones will be a great gift so what do you get for your money with the Bugs2 GPS quadcopter drone?

– does what it says on the box
– super-simple to fly (your nana could fly it)
– lightweight (thus safe) and durable (don’t ask!)
– pretty good value for money in a crowded market
– live video feed to smartphone app

– GPS can be slow to lock (no battery-backed-up alminac)
– can take off without a GPS lock to cause problems later
– only one battery and a *very* slow charger
– camera is “adequate” but not impressive
– live video range less than 300 feet

Bottom line: not a bad product for someone wanting their first GPS-equipped drone without spending a fortune.

Product link:

Disclosure: this product was sent for review by MJX RC


BirdsEyeView says:

It’s a Hubsan 501 in sheeps clothing…. nice.

Scott Thompson says:

Wow , people really giving this video a hard time , do they not realize that this is the sort of thing that gets people into the hobby , i think some of your patreons think they now own your channel ……..

Bernard Johnson says:

I thought it was a useful review for people like myself who are considering getting a drone but are worried about all the negative publicity associated with them. I can now see that properly set up, this drone should be easy and safe to fly and has been added to my shopping list. Thanks Bruce. Enjoy your videos as always.

Anthony Witham says:

Good sensible review. I would suggest if you are buying this for gift, you should include a brochure or a web site link of the rules governing its use from the your local flying authority of your country, CASA, FCC etc.

You can buy this on Gearbest and use a code to get 25% off at the moment .This worked for me “RCCool1111”

Garth Algar says:

What would I use to install an automatic return to home with signal loss. Also when mounting a brushed fc( hubsan in my case) to a diff. Frame does the board need to be exactly level and/or flush to the frame? My gyros skitz out on me And it just flips over. Soldered re soldered and made sure props correctly installed. Is this s bad batch of fc’s anyone know?

George Cooper says:

Thanks all, for price info. I was just wondering

Carrboro_Chapelhill Fpv says:

Ron should at least like the color.

pavalige says:

I think people new to the hobby need to have the importance of calibrating the compass and the reason they need to do it explained as a priority. Most flyaways and general stuff ups are caused by these things being ignored, maybe a big red important flag on a sticker on the quad and on the quick start guide?

hateeternalmaver says:

I like and agree your opinion on that.
It’s quite interesting.
Thanks Mr. Bruce.

einsaan says:

Looks like you got the new version that uses a small knob on the drone to lock the battery. However I find it very hard to remember to lock it 90% of the time. I purchased some extra batteries and it turned out that the casing was for the older version with a clip at the bottom instead of the notch for locking. Had to use a razor saw and dremel tool to modify it to work on my bugs2. Wifi is pretty much useless with high latency and I hardly get 200ft or more out of it before I get a stuck screen on the phone. But for the price and given features I think it is a pretty good quadcopter especially for beginners. I would suggest getting the non-wifi version that is cheaper and mount a AIO 5.8ghz transmitter camera on top, although you might want to keep the battery for the camera as far forward as possible as it interferes with the GPS on mine. It’s great for lawn mowing too…. had to get one of those folding circular landing pads… 😀

skypilot 23 says:

mind numbing content- not even subscribed wtf am I doing here?
I guess because used to go here for gospel

Jeff A says:

“i hate having a screw, what a pain in the backside” ….. um Bruce I think your doing it wrong mate.

kght222 says:

it is a 200-300 dollar quad copter, the real question is does it compete with other quad copters at that price point. by the way, i reccomend you not call it “low cost” unless you expect most folk are making 15-20 an hour if they are even being paid an hourly wage.

Jason Jackson says:

Great review. I have over a dozen quads including a couple of DJI s. This is an absolute great little gps quad for the price. It offers everything that the hubsan series has (minus the 1080 camera) and is my favorite little ( stress free) flyer at the moment. Hell. I liked it so much I ordered a 2nd one. In short. Great bang for the buck.

iMeMySelf says:

Hey nothing wrong with “chinese fortune cookies”, they are inexpensive and will cheer you up when they work (and your money are not completely wasted) 🙂

Jan RA says:

No info found about how much ?

thechosendude says:

In keeping with latest controversies, have you seen this video yet?

mikbacitube says:

“If you cannot read the quick start guide then you should not be flying any thing” That was pure gold ! LOL

satan hell says:

Would of been good to see a strip down on this and the tx to see if the soldering etc was any good . and to all the whinging plums this channel is called rc model reviews ie it covers everything in the hobby and as Bruce stated its a review for the people who want to buy someone a drone to play / learn with for xmas or as a gift . keep up the good work Bruce .

Donald D'Egidio says:

Here’s a review of the camera only version.

Ergo Proxy says:

I’m probably getting this drone too. I’ve seen a lot of great reviews on them. I was considering the Hubsan 501S but I’ve come across too many problem videos with them including having them fly off and vanish. I’ve only got experience playing around with a mini drone (TDR Sky Beetle also sold under other names and colors). I also will get another mini, the Holy Stone H107 Predator. These both seem to be classed as beginner drones but when put in the high speed modes they can really rip through the sky, they seem more like for experts then. Especially if you shut the GPS off on the Bugs2. I’m not concerned with video telemetry. I don’t even have smart phone anyway. I suppose I can stick in a flash card if I want too. Anyway, they may say for 14+, but I’m almost 63. These are for kids of all ages.

kevin farrell says:

Bruce you got Bugs in your shop.

Alice Pan says:

Official tutorial video is useful:

LoC says:

Thanks for the review. If it doesn’t cost too much I’ll recommend it next time some of those toys get promoted by the clueless on HotUKDeals.

Atrhur Robey says:

Drop a tablespoon of coconut oil into your coffee for the Pakies.

I’m looking for an amphibious quadcopter to find the deep water for my yacht.

R L says:

Looking good, Bruce! Keep on!

Allen Jones says:

Thanks Bruce how about taking the back off so we can have a look at the build quality.

DeadlyDiddly says:

2 hours charging on the stock mains charger was a bit optimistic Bruce…

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