Meet the NEW Garmin vivosport GPS Smartwatch – Review Coming Soon

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Meet the NEW Garmin vivosport GPS Smartwatch – Review Coming Soon! Another new GPS watch from Garmin. This new fitness watch is basically the vivosmart 3 + GPS and a full color display. The vivosport has a nice sleek, slim and comfortable design with that full color touchscreen display and a wrist heart rate monitor. It’s also got built-in GPS, LiveTrack and VO2 max. Of course, you have the Garmin activity and sleep tracking features + sport tracking. The new Garmin watch is also fully waterproof, which is nice. On the downside, it’s expensive, it’s strength training feature really isn’t that great and it always looks like a sport band. Also, the heart rate monitor is really only accurate for running. Overall, I’m not so sure the new vivosport will end up on the list for Best GPS watch 2017 or Best GPS Smartwatch 2017. Hope you enjoyed this video.

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TVOLGs says:

Hi, first comment 🙂

David Gildernew says:

Wonder how thick it is compared to the vivosmart 3. I have the 3 and love the feel of it.

Thomas Salter says:

The gear fit 2 pro is the main competitor for this


Can this track sports like soccer

Dino Butulija says:

Please make a comparison with the vivoactive HR. The new vivoactive HR looks to much like a watch to wear a watch and the vivoactive at the same, and the vivosport looks like it could replace my vivoactive hr (depending on the range of sports it can track).

P.S. love the reviews!

Al Turist says:

Fitbit’s Ionic – IMHO square shape is not good. Rectangular is much better. Square screen looks awkward on the wrist. Round screen is also good as it comes naturally from traditional clock dials with hands like Garmin Vivomove. Garmin Vivoactive hr design was not very nice not because of a rectangular screen but because of the body shape in general. Apple watch are way ahead in design. And colors. Are there any other colors of plastic on Garmin factories apart from black?
As far as Garmin vivosport is concerned, well it doesn’t look hot. Better than Vivosmart 3 but still not perfect. Polar A360 or Samsung Gear Fit 2 found the perfect shape for a fitness tracker from the point of view of width to length to thickness ratio.
As I can see, Polar has upgraded A360 to A370 only in software part. Ok, the strap lock is better now. Yet, functions are quite limited. No sleep phase-based alarm. Garmin is just too much ahead with so many functions. MoveIQ for example.
I would like to see the review of Samsung Gear Pro. Hope they fixed the problems with wrong floor count after swimming and waterproofness.
I wonder, why don’t they install waterproof micro-USB ports into fitness trackers similar to Polar A360 only without a cover as it is made in Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone? Or even USB type C like in Galaxy S8. Most of smartwatch seem to have enought space.

Teddy Morgan says:

Found the third video. Not sure why I didn’t get notified.

Dustin McAndrew says:


Nate The Great says:

First and never last

MayonnaiseOreo says:

The lack of pairing this to a chest heart rate monitor would probably kill this for me. I’ve used a Fitbit in the past and it can’t accurately read spikes in heart rate when lifting weights or doing HIIT cardio training. This still looks better than some of the Fitbit options though.

I’m still using my Polar Loop 2 with the H7 chest HR monitor, which works fine, but I’d like some more features out of the watch.

Tom N. says:

Should I update too this one from my vivofit 3

Dennis Mocheniat says:

So what is going to be your favorite fitness tracker this year? Give us prediction. Ionic?

Cristyan González says:

After watching the 3 videos and devices I think I’ll go for the Fitbit Ionic

DJ Hogarth says:

Why does he look so sad..

Witcherworks says:

Pairing to a heart rate = Garmin Dropping the Mic. Game Over. Way to lead your customers on again…

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