Meet the NEW Garmin vivoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch – Review Coming Soon

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Meet the Garmin vivoactive 3 GPS Watch – Review Coming Soon. Big news today as Garmin announced the Garmin vivoactive 3 GPS sportwatch. This will be Garmin’s mid-range GPS watch that will compete with the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch. It’s got an attractive design with full-color display + it’s fully waterproof. The new vivoactive 3 also has all the standard activity and sleep tracking features + sport tracking as well as smart features. There’s also the new Garmin Pay for mobile payments. The new Garmin watch also has an ambidextrous design for right or left wrist. Finally, this new GPS Multisport watch also has increased training features + VO2 max estimates. On the downside, it’s expensive, it doesn’t have native music storage and there is limited app support in Connect IQ. Overall, the vivoactive 3 is a solid GPS watch, especially for runners. There might be a chance it makes the list for Best GPS Watch 2017 or Best GPS Sportwatch 2017. Hope you enjoyed the video.

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Miss_Sass_onamission Chestnut says:

Can you please do a comparison vid for this vs the Fitbit ionic and the Apple Watch I have the fit bit blaze but I’m over Fitbit but haven’t decided on a replacement yet btw I have had 3 blaze replacements that’s why

Red Terror says:

will it do turn by turn navigation? for the cyclist out there

Daniel Rnrd says:

Will this product force a lower price for the Fenix3?

MrBens69 says:

Hope it can pair with a BT smart HRM, not only ANT+. I’m in if it is on sale quick enough and the Apple Watch 3 doesn’t change the game. It is close enough to the fénix 5 but so much less!

Terrance Shaw says:

I’m happy about that price.

dickiegoodtimes says:

No music so lame. Again!

Abu Alwaleed says:

I’m really disappointed. Why garmin did not understand that each sport watch must has music storage!! I don’t want to take my phone with me every morning just to stream music. I will stuck to my Samsung gear fit two tell garmin produce a really independent sport watch

Productions126 says:

Hey Jeff or anybody, what would you recommend? FitBit Ionic or this? Thanks.

Wayne Richter says:

It’s nice but I don’t know what the big deal is about having a round faced watch, just as long as it does what it’s advertised to do. On board music storage is also a non issue.

Jason Trambley says:

Garmin is the best activity smart watch maker out there. Their watches have grit, the battery on them is awesome, the stats and dashboard online is sick for outdoor activities. They are typically water proof, have connectivity to 3rd party hr sensors, access to their own App Store.

Coming from 2 jawbone up’s, 3 Nike fuel bands, and seeing everyone’s Fitbit bands get torn to shreds.

Garmin is king.

Javier I. Sampedro says:

Really cool and big upgrade in the outlook.

Dennis Dowd says:

Gee, it sounds like the Fibit has more features.

JoshwaBurke says:

Another plus one for music streaming and or storage. I personally don’t want to bring my phone for my exercise routines to listen to music

juan silva says:

So excited for this watch! Should I keep my fenix 3, or get the Vivoactive HR? How about the navigation features? Thank you.

Maverick5588 says:

Will it have power meter support? I want to buy my mom a fitness watch that actually works well while still looking good. I rock the fenix 3 which is fine as i’m a guy but the fenix series just isnt something an older lady would wear. I hope that garmin includes power meter support as my mom does cycle

Chris Kennedy says:

I’m sure somebody has already suggested this but this versus the new fitbit ionic. Thoughts anyone?

thebman712 says:

FUCK. I just bought a Garmin forerunner 235. I would have loved Garmin pay since my phone lacks nfc. And it’s something I want in general

Real Edward J says:

Nice, but I think the new Fitbit Ionic has better features and software (except for the square shape) for the price. The new Samsung Gear Sport is going to be worth a look also. I’ll have to wait for all the reviews to come in. All in all it’s tough to beat Fitbit for the everyday consumer. It has everything I could want in an activity tracker including a top notch app.

Chris Reindl says:

So Jeff, would you go Forerunner 235 or VivoActive 3?

Schumi3XL says:

The vivoactive 3 looks better and has a longer batterylife than the fitbit ioniq. Thanks for the video and hope to see a comparsion between these two smartwatches soon.

AnnaR says:

I have the Vivoactive HR and absolutely love the functionality but HATE HATE HATE the design. I can’t wear it anywhere else except for exercise, and changing bands has been a royal pain in the butt. I’ve had to give up and switch to something prettier but not as functional (vain, I know). Also the Garmin was really bulky and getting caught on clothes (and strapping kids into carseats is a nightmare). I think if this is more flat and smaller it’ll be the perfect watch!

abhinav prasad says:

@Rizknows related to ambidextrous design. “The watch is reversible. You can wear it “upside down”, at which point it becomes right side up. Switch the bands, and tell the app which side is “up” on your watch and that’s it. pretty smart really. Correct me if I am wrong. FYI, definite upgrade to Vivoactive 3 from my Fitbit blaze.

TheKotridge says:

What’s the dimensions of this thing? Diameter?

Big Dee says:

Hi Riz. Do you know if it has the Golf option.

michael rosendahl says:

In 2-3 years its game over for garmin suunto polar and tomtom smart watches

Homer Holland says:

Garmin HR all the way! The HR is literally the best of both worlds. And you can snag them for less than $200 now. It’s a lot better than a $300 price tag

John madden says:

Sounds like it gives the new Fitbit a run for its money. Will be cool to see reviews for both. Overall I’ll just stick with my fenix 5 🙂

Eoin Lenihan says:

Seems like it is crowding up on the Forerunner 235? If they added music storage to 235 would really make space for both.

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