Magellan eXplorist TRX7 Review Off-Road GPS Navigation

In this video we take a close up look of the Magellan eXplorist TRX7. After having spending a full day on the trail with it, I give you my honest option about how it operated, what I liked about it and a couple things that I didn’t.

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Magellan eXplorist TRX7 specs:
Over 44,000 designated OHV routes from forest and public lands
Detailed 3D terrain and 2D topo basemap views for determining land features in the USA and Canada
Community generated trail database built by fellow off-road enthusiasts
Social sharing from the trail so friends and family can see your progress
Ruggedized IP67 casing and genuine RAM® windshield mount to handle any 4×4 vehicle and terrain


Kelly Beatty says:

Can this be used for hiking hand carried in case of emergency also?

alma rigney says:

How good is that going on trails in central America and South America?

Isaac Pittman says:

Why would you ever buy this if they have a app on your phone that does the exact same thing, just get a phone mount for the dash or something

Ivan Mitrovic says:

Question: Can we use it in Europe or only in America?

Rocky X TV says:

Really cool piece of gear, love the customization!

smokingbean says:

nice unit but it is a steep price. Ram mount dose make some other mounts that do not mount to the windshield

paul earnhart says:

i have GAIA on my ipad could i transfer my tracts and way points to trx7

james ray says:

Also for a xtra 100 bucks more it has built in camera on megellon factory store the do offer pay over time

chuck valdez says:

Jets now has them for 498.99 still not super cheap but its a heck of a lot better than 649.99

Mason T says:

does it require any kind of internet connection to work?

Alvarez Metal Works says:

I love what they are doing by letting users upload their trails and allowing them to mark key points along the trails. I think that will be a major selling point for many of us.

I completely agree with you though. I want to see some on road navigation. I don’t understand why none of these GPS manufactures have implemented that. Daily drives are used on the trail all the time. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

With that being said. I might buy myself one or more of these. I absolutely love that they are giving users the ability to accurately mark trails in great details and share them with others. Love the satellite overview too. Even if I have to pay for it.

Rudy Smith says:

does it do on road navigation

Michael Morris says:

Looks like a nice unit. Personally for that price I plan to throw an iPad in a case and use that in the near future since that provides more than one use. I’m going to check out their app though.

james ray says:

If you have the rock hard roll cage it mounts up top roll bar perfect completely out of way not blocking any views your windshield with the large ram claw

saul garcia says:

Nice review. Question. Is there a monthly premium to use this? Or anything extra I will have to pay? Aside from the satellite view. Thanks for your time

srkn100 says:

650$ price tag thats a steep price

Rubicon Unlimited says:

would be great if the software was available for download! I’d pay a subscription for that….
edit: they do and it’s 199 a year. maybe this unit is worth while after all?

William Hardin says:

Just wanted you to know that with the latest software upgrade it can do on-road navigation. It’s not like your Garmin but it will take you where you want to go. Last weekend I took a trip to eastern California to the Hauser Geodebeds. I went on line and built the trail route I wanted to take, when I hopped in my Jeep I loaded in my route and hit go. It started navigation from where I was at and routed me to my trail head with step by step directions to the trail head. It doesn’t talk to you but it does give turn arrows and street or freeway names. What I don’t like is they don’t support it with video tutorials on how to use all the functions available with it, instead you have to figure it out on your own. I paid $550.00 for mine on Amazon.

E. MAN says:


jackbaur18 says:

For that price I’m surprised you have to pay extra to use the satellite feature. Plus not having on road navigation is a bit of a bummer as well. Hopefully they’ll update that in the future like you said. Thanks for the video!

Christopher Pendleton says:

What about Baja maps??

Rocky Mountain Rough Riders of Montana says:

I’ve got a Garmin map62 handheld gps for atving the backcountry here in Montana, but would like to have a bigger screen for monitoring. Does this TRX7 work similar as far as drawing a line or track as your moving along the trail ? Also does the mapping program provide points of interest like campgrounds and old mines ect….?

Pat Soffe says:

Price is a little steep, but when you think about all the trials that are at you disposal it is pretty cool. Also it supports GPX files which is nice if you find something from another source or friend has a trail from another device, you can import/export GPX files. We did the JP Dirt & Drive and all the files where in a GPX format and the entire trip was at our fingertips.

Albert Jones says:

If mounted low on the dash similar area as a radio does it have good sat reception? Does it come with an external antenna port? Mounting gps to a dash I prefer gps device a port where you can connect an external gps antenna.

Jeeping.Net says:

Get a OBD2 bluetooth adapter and you can also use this device to monitor your gauges!

Jeff Rose says:

Yeah I just pulled the plug on this!

wkmac2 says:

Thanks for a great and informative video.  I’ve got an on board road navigation app that came with the vehicle (Toyota Tundra) so that part is already covered for me.  The TRX7 would fill the gap and cover all the bases.  I’m down to deciding between the TRX and the Hema unit and you help to fill in a lot of blanks.  Thanks.

RobDTom says:

How does this compare to just using Google maps with an iPad? Other than the ability to add the info about things such as big rocks at certain locations what other advantages would it have? I’d think there would have to be significant advantages given the steep price to make it worth buying. Look forward to hearing which way you decide to go.

Steve von Seggern says:

Great video, very well done. As for street nav, it does navigate streets to any trail or waypoint you choose (as of V3 software, 12/27/2016), the next update (soon) will provide address search. As for mount, I agree that it takes up a lot of room on a Jeep windshield, but the device does come with a 15% off coupon for RAM mounting systems, and they have hundreds of different solutions.

John Smith says:

On Sale now for 399.00$ free shipping on their website

RichieFromBoston says:

Ok after all that would you buy one? Because Im looking to do just that hitting road for 45 days in my fzj80 all will be uploaded to my northeast overland channel fyi

Nathan Turner says:

Jealous. I use the ios app.

Ward Phelps says:

I find that you usually get what you pay for, of course adjusted for inflation.  I have gps on my motorcycles and love them, also in our cars for the roads.  But no one has off road gps so this is the only self contained unit on the market.

Ward Phelps says:

I picked up one a few months ago and am fairly pleased with the performance.  The only problem is getting to the trail head, mine does not map streets and then it will not auto start the trail, you have to remember to hit the start button.  A real pain when hitting multiple trails in a day.  Heading out to Moab and Black Bear pass in Sept so we will see how it goes.

BrianAgosto says:

Wow this product is really nice.

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