Magellan eXplorist 350H GPS review

This is a review of the Magellan 350H GPS designed for Hunters and Hikers. I’ve had it for over a year. The key features are that it’s a full colour unit,it allows satellite overlays in addition to the topographic and shaded relief maps, and it comes preloaded with Game Management Unit borders and includes the ability to set alarms if you cross in and out of them. MSRP is $250.

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sh9683 says:

my cousin has one, and the battery did NOT last near the length you say it does.1.5 days maybe 2 if he was lucky

sh9683 says:

I don;t like the lack of buttons, I used one a little bit and the lack of buttons makes it a pain in the arse.

T.W. Milburn says:

Shuswap Riv, 2 Funny, Uncle used 2 live there in the 70’s. Great devise 2 keep U safe.
Money isn’t the issue where knowing where U’r going or need 2 return 2. Thanks 4 sharing
Happy Trails From Down The Path A Piece                                                    ATB  ” T ”
”  GOD  BLESS  “

Luis Rivera says:

the little tack button is a nightmare in real life situations. I used mine for the first time while doing some scouting for upcoming deer season. It was cold, cloudy, with snow and rain mixed. I was in dense woods. You have to take your gloves off to use it or you will end up selecting things you never intended to select. The text and images on the screen are so small, you practically need a magnifying glass to see what is going on. If you have tough time seeing things up close, this product is a nightmare. The hunting features are pure gimmick. It takes way too long to do easy stuff like marking a waypoint or just plain following where you’re going with the thing or switching to compass view. The screen is too small and joystick to clumsy. Don’t get it, you have been warned.

You remember the old Nokia phones from 18 years ago? That’s what it feels like compared to 2017 technology. Oh, and none of the map downloads work and there is no tech support.

the gare bear says:

Does it support geocaching

Woodenarrows says:

If it were mine and I wanted to use a carabiner, I’d just make a 4-6″ paracord loop and larks head it to the GPS unit loop, then carabiner to that.  MY Garmin GPS bit the dust.  I’ve been trying to get by with my cell phone but it only tells me where I am, not where I’ve been and of course I can’t save any routes.  I’ll be checking this Magellen unit.  Thanks for the review.

Artemis Rumbinger says:

I got lost in legendary fashion hunting this year. So I’m checking out some reviews on GPS units. This was super helpful.

Carl Dawson says:

Thinking of going with the Magellan over the Garmin – do you know if you can enter coordinates directly into the eXplorist and then it will navigate to the coordinates?

Jim Cyr says:

great unit, but I’d would have expected a firmware update; I had found it a little slow.

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