Lezyne Micro GPS Cycling Computer: 4 Month Review

Don’t want to spend a small fortune on a Garmin Edge for your bike? Ryan shares his impressions of using the sleek and affordable Micro GPS from Lezyne after testing it for 4 months on the bike. The Micro GPS is a solid bike GPS unit that you can easily connect your power meter, heat rate monitor, and smart phone to.

Lezyne GPS Products: http://www.lezyne.com/products-gps.php

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victory Leo says:

hey do you guys use a dehydrator I was told the best one to get was sedona by tribest looked it up glad I was sitting down the price was 499.00 it nice and all but way beyond my budget I’m on fixed income do you know of one under 60$ and bpa free and temperature control

Ersatz Mode says:

So it doesn’t work without being linked to a smartphone? I’d have to lug around a bulky smartphone while cycling? Your review raised more questions than provided answers. You didn’t even say how much the larger version costs or the watch.

Castaway says:

Is this a power meter? Will it measure watts?

Rob Banks says:

I bought a Lezyne Super Micro from Wiggle $190aud then the week after i registered it to the Lezyne website i get a call from someone in the HQ telling me that for more accurate readings I need to subscribe to one of their monthly data plans, so riding as a commuter and recreational – this is very expensive! But $34.99 a month isn’t much if you love cycling.
I usually ride between 140 and 200 kilometres per week and if i cycle more than 150km Lezyne adds a 10% tax but whatever.

Crah Nique says:

does it have gps speed calculator.?

instead of using a speed sensor


Anxious Andrew says:

That screen is tiny.. probably too tiny to show everything I want to see.

Gregory Toomey says:

My experience with Strava: registered online, logged on to the website; got 4 intrusive huge popup spam ads in the first 30 seconds. Noped right out. Trying to monetise a website should not be equated to popup spam.

veggie bridge says:

thanks ryan. definitely getting the watch. thank you!!

JM says:

Hi Ryan great video. Out of interest how does the whole reviewing thing work with YT rules? Did they send you the product for free on condition of an impartial view? Presumably when youtubers put ‘sponsored’ in the description it means they are being paid by the company rather than just reviewing a free item? tia

John Little says:

very cool man!,i use a garmin, i use for swim bike run,just keep it on my wrist

J Black says:

Great Vegan Video with No Bullshit Drama, Perfect <3

Pingu says:

If I want to use GPs or sync with strava do I need to have mobile data on?

Liam Benoit says:

Do you guys Intermittent Fast too?!! If not, why not?!

Androth says:

snartphone mount on my bike. better than any gps unit you can buy.

The McC says:

The unit I use (the service for it stopped today) is a pioneer one. It has GPS, power, HB, RPM and maps. The maps were delievered via cell network and the cycle data is hanled by cell network as well. The maps are 100% color and update with your position. I could set routes online and have them sync up on the unit. If I was cycling in an area I don’t know well it would tell me about super markets, convience stores, train stations, fast food places (cause healthy activity needs to be balanced by unhealthy activity I guess) and landmarks. The battery lasts for 14 hours and it was really awesome. As much as I love the unit I don’t think I will be buying another after this fiasco. I only had it about a year and a half which is way too soon for me to just buy another one from them (I invested in it and they just cut and run on the service). I think I will buy one of these and give my thoughts on it someday.

NanterreCyclo says:

Did you ever try navigation features without mobile phone? That was my need and I could not… Thank you for any help

Jane Kakoulides says:

wowww thanks alot ryan. i like that. im greatful

Elo Simoni says:

Mapping on the Garmin Edge 1000 was 80% disaster. Lezyne enhanced super GPS works 100% everytime although it doesn’t have a map, but text turn-by-turn works very well. I always carry my smartphone for safety anyway so uploading a route or finding the shortest route home is a piece of cake.

Orvillecarl Foster says:

If you have use it do you just use your smartphone keep up the good work Ryan I’d like to listen to his channel I don’t have nothing smart I just use my common sense on my directions where I grew I don’t have a bike I just walked to lose weight take care you and your wife God bless you for keep up the good work have a great afternoon God bless the both of you amen

Mary McCartney says:

My husband and I just got into biking, we went with the more affordable hybrid bikes for now. Our bikes just came with the cheap meters that go off a sensor on your bike for tire rotations. I believe the brand is called CATEYE. Once we are able to get out on them more, we’ve considered getting better ones or just finding a way to mount our smartphones to our bikes. This review will come in handy though when we do upgrade! Thanks Ryan!

Luke Spedding - Vegan says:

hey thanks for the review, it came at a good time as i’ve been looking at different gps devices :). Hey just wondering if you plan on doing a follow up video on your Giant now you have been riding it for awhile. Thank you

Christina BlackFeather says:

I had an earlier version of this on my bike. Someone broke in my garage and stole the whole bike. 🙁
I did love the unit though.

Max Bates says:

I have a Garman 810 and a Garmin forerunner 310

jjaakko says:

As for the navigation, the official videos by Lezyne and some written reviews focus on praising the Turn by Turn navigation, which you also gave thumbs up for. How about mtb, where road turn assists would make no sense – I mean, is it possible to upload an existing gpx file to the device and then display simply the mtb route and your position in order to follow it?

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