JXD 528 World’s Cheapest GPS FPV “Follow Me” Drone Flight Test Review

There is no lower price GPS FPV camera drone with follow me, circle, and waypoint flying capability. This inexpensive GPS drone packs a lot of features for its price. Find it here https://goo.gl/BM8oX2 But make sure to first verify that your phone is 802.11ac capable before purchasing.

– It’s relatively inexpensive for what you get. Lots of features normally found in drones of much higher price.
– GPS position hold with true return to home and landing capability.
– Follow me, circle position, and waypoint flying capability.
– 720p HD camera.
– microSD card slot for direct video recording to avoid frame drops or lag in recorded video.
– 802.11ac 5G WiFi provides approximately 200 meters FPV video range without need of a repeater.
– FPV video, advanced flight features, and telemetry are all viewed or contolled via the JXD GPS app available on Google Play here https://goo.gl/nZeq2T or iTunes here https://goo.gl/FhPZx9

– Uses 802.11ac WiFi is not available on all phones. Again, verify that your phone is indeed 802.11ac capable before purchasing.
– Return to home did not automatically activate when I flew out of range. Although I have verifies on follow on flights that it does return to home automatically on low battery. If you fly out of range, the drone will hover. It’s best to approach the last known position of the drone to attempt to regain contact and control. Otherwise you may need to wait for its battery to deplete to automatically activate return to home.

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Abdul jabbar Laghari says:

Hello sir i want to buy gps drone under 150 $ which can stable fly in wind and with good camera kindly suggest me ?

Kaan T says:

Your audio isnt good.

Richard Wilson says:

According to my phone service , my 2017 galaxy J3 phone is not compatible , but my galaxy Tab- E tablet is Okay. Do you have any information on that ?

Alex C says:

My phone says this under connectivity. BT4.1+BLE
802.11b/g/n, 2.4 GHz, supports HT20/HT40
USB2.0. It does not say ac at the end of the 802.11. Will it work?

Team Karachi says:

jxd 528 or tyh ty t6 drone which is better overall

Jerry Berglund says:

Have they used the same app developer as Hubsan? Some icon is really exactly the same as in Hubsan app. 🙂

Brock Klipsch says:


Apple Lemon Citrus says:

I need help with my bugs 2w. When I put a little throttle and then stops thrrottling. The drone will continue to throttle

Paul Thompson says:

Does the camera take decent still shots?

Georgewrigley says:

Seems good. But a few trustworthy issues. 🙁

Patrick Jewell says:

Looks like a Hubsan 507A, similar app, and build. The quality looks a bit less though.

quartelli says:

Love your posts mate…….do you have a review of the Yuneec Breeze 4K, can’t find it on a search of your videos and was thinking of buying one?

Fabio Maidirebyte says:

You talk too much…

Gadgets Guru says:

What is the price

S Plane says:

Is it Brushless?

talibchik Ta says:

Bad product cam 0,3 mp 640*480

Toddl75 says:

Hey there… anyone who has experience with jxd528 on Samsung S8. I see the wifi of the drone and can connect but red leds don’t stop to flash. Hence the app is not able to connect to the device.

echardcore says:


KubaGaming says:


Rob Simpson says:

Very nice drone, pity it doesn’t come with RC remote…hate flying with mobile phone controller…

Rob Simpson says:


Paul Thompson says:

Looks like the 518 without the fancy design paint.

Sami Bawazir says:

Suggest a good drone for 250$
And another for 200$ plz

Alvin S. says:

what is the main Difference between this one and the 518? seems to be mainly the battery and lack of controller, or did you notice any improvements?

Peter McCrory says:

Do you know where to get a spare battery for this drone??recently purchased but can’t find spare batteries

林肯总统 says:

Maximum height?

ziggyzbeak R.C. says:

Needs a transmitter I know it will cost more but I want a radio controler

MrBae32 says:

Looks cool. But you pay $100 dls for drone who last 20 mins on full battery. If you look the video you start with 100% battery and after 19 mins you got 46%. No offense but I think is not working the Money. Is better ones out there last longer for that price !

sameer gosain says:

What type of motor it has, brushed or brushless?

Josue Chavez says:

that done looks very professional. i like the design

Spike Bridge says:

Do this camera have a distance range or it can go how far you go?

Paul Affeldt says:

Are the motor BRUSHLESS MOTORS ? or are the motors brushed

Lui Amador says:

Anyone know if it’s possible to use a Bluetooth controller for this like with the Tello. I have a Mad Catz controller and would buy this if I could uses actual sticks.

Mike Yesko says:

Where can I buy parts for this drone. One of the props does not turn. I hit the house.

Bobby Fillettcky says:

Looks good for the price. Have a lot of features which similar priced drone don’t have. So some minor flaws are acceptable. (Y)

Every one Rc says:

Hey quadcopter 101 please if you can check out this quadcopter it’s truly a spark clone with dual GPS and everything

John Ponce says:

The hubsan is cheaper 55 usd

Ron Thompson says:

Me I don’t like drones with phones as a transmitter,I have a rule no transmitter,no sale,it was a great review,but not for me.

Gagan Shant Parkash says:

I am enjoying flying same drone, much better battery, flight time between 10 / 12 min. Records video on sd card in the drone( using 32 gb sd card), and phone both. On sd card it records normal video and on phone it records fish eye video. Videos don’t have audio recording with it.

Tom O'Brien says:

Will it connect to a Samsung j5 with an LTE network?

Galih Indra Arsa says:

Nice video

Walid Torki says:

can it hold a gopro or an action cam?????

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