In-Depth Garmin Inreach Explorer Review

Video Guide:
00:19 – What The Garmin InReach Does
02:00 – Unit Walkthrough
03:20 – Garmin Versus Delorme Unit
04:00 – InReach Explorer or SE?
05:00 – Preset Messages
06:14 – Other Messaging Options
07:28 – Mapping & Adding Better Maps
08:12 – Navigation & Sending Tracking Points
11:47 – Satellite Weather
13:54 – Real Life Use & Tips After 4 Months
15:30 – Using the Garmin InReach in an Emergency
19:00 – Garmin InReach & Other PLBs
21:00 – What I Don’t Like About the InReach
22:08 – Should You Get the InReach?

The Garmin InReach Explorer (formerly Delorme InReach) is a must-have in your pack. Outside of owning a sat phone, it’s the only way to have two-way communications with friends, family, and emergency services outside of cell service. It’s navigation features have some flaws but don’t get it for that; it’s worth the cost just for the messaging and weather features. For a few hundred bucks, the Garmin InReach could save your life. It’s a no-brainer.


Roger Ting says:

Does it have to have a clear view of the sky to work?

Sandip Ghosal says:

excellent review. Thank U!

dennyll43 says:

Thank you very much. Your video is ‘to the point’ and very helpful. Cannot thank you enough.

123FlyHigh321 says:

I didn’t see s screen that shows your current GPS coordinates? is this feature available?

Yehuda Unger says:

Excellent….one of the best! Thank you.

Kenneth Nied says:

For those interested here’s a chance to save some bucks. REI will be selling the Garmin InReach Explorer Plus for $375 (reg. price $450) at this year’s Anniversary Sale (May 18-28, 2018).

Qmed Joe says:

Thanks for the video. I just started hiking. I did my 1st camping at night in the GSMNP and planning on a 3-4 day. Going to continue to do my research but I agree, it’s a good tool to have. Liked and subscribed

Billy Bob says:

Thank you for a excellent review! keep up the good work!

Not Available says:

If your hands are injured, this is not the tool for you…..

Keith Benard says:

I use this unit in North Western Quebec. As a nature photographer I spend my a lot of my time well out of cell range. This unit is a necessity. Recommend this unit highly! Thanks for the excellent review.

Gregory Laughlin says:

Just started watching this. Really good first impression. Presenter is good and clear.

Jan van Thoor says:

Awesome overview! Just got myself one, first outing this weekend!

Alex Nikoo says:

Is it a one off payment or monthly plan required to use the features ?

bgo63 says:

Great review ! Thanks !

George blank says:

thank you for getting to the point and no unnecessary long intro

dematson says:

Can you use the Garmin 24k west micro sd card in any of the inreach GPS devices?

Vladi fuentes says:

thanks for you video. I was wondering which Gps do you use to navigate thanks.

pahuntnut says:

The point of having a 2 in 1 device is so you can have both Inreach and a GPS. However, the GPS does not impress me. Sad to say, but for the price the GPS should work just a good as say the Oregon GPS. But the maps did not even show the trails that we were hiking on. Its not a 2 in 1 its more like a 1, 1/2 in 1 lol.

jamessooke666 says:

Great review – much appreciated. Always good to have another persons perspective on this great unit. ( I recently purchased the Explorer+)

Alexander Kuzyk says:

Great review. I believe the price difference you mentioned at the time of this video was $50 – which drove the recommendation for Explorer. The SE is now $285 on amazon vs Explorer model at $399. If i intend to use the Garmin device as you do – have the tables turned in your opinion (SE a better option)?

TheGDizzo says:

Do they have a way to shut-off those super loud beeps and do vibrate? Or super quiet beeps? For hunting those beeps would suck.

Javier Ramires says:

Hi I’m looking to get one for my hunter trip would this be a good idea

HunterTravels says:

Thanks for this ready to ditch my spot device since they up the subscription 8 bucks a months. I like the all in one device thanks for the review.

Cherri Bieschke [Miller, Bob MS] says:

Just the video I needed to teach me how to use this device. Thank you!

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