How to Navigate With the Garmin DriveSmart GPS

How to Navigate With the Garmin DriveSmart GPS


Piyush Patel says:

I have Nuvi56 for one years. Traffic is not working on my Garmin after one year. When I contact Garmin they are asking 129$ because warranty is finished. I asked, is this the new way to earn money? he said for traffic normally I don’t receive any complain. I said If I am the rare then why don’t you help me to replace the unit, he was just repeating oh warranty is finished so I cant help you. If this is the common issue everybody should complain and ask for replacement when they are advertising lifetime traffic and map why they are asking money when equipment is working and only traffic is not working.

jublywubly says:

Good video. Thanks for making it. Just one question, what happens if the driver passes their destination? Do you know if this GPS can re-calculate the route? My old TomTom One could, but my current Navman doesn’t re-calculate. It just shows a green dotted line of where I’ve been. If I pass the address, I have to park the vehicle and re-program the GPS, with the address, again. It wastes time and I can’t do that, if I’m driving through busy roads.

Ryan Kingsley says:

Does this give verbal voice prompts like Google maps?

BlackNight603 says:

is this information also valid for the Garmin Drive LMT 60?

af1966 says:

This guy talks too slow

Mr M says:

This guy was near WI dells. Sweet

Chris Ruckman says:

How can you adjust font size? Font is so small we cannot read it. Thanks

twoweeled soto says:

If you plan on updating your Garmin on Windows 10 or 8.1, better find another navigator. Garmin Nuvi NOT update on windows 10 or 8.1. I’m not the only one. it’s a joke. never gonna happen. detects then it doesn’t detect. detects, and then it doesn’t detect. 2nd Nuvi and they just don’t update. Stay away from Garmin! You’ve been warned.

IRON MAN says:

Love the vids very helpful for the laymen such as myself ! Thank you for making them . SUBBED

Joyce Weaver says:

what garmin is this?

Dallas Pilot Car says:

How in the heck do you search for a city center. I do not know the street address?

Dashcam Fellow says:

Very nice video. Very clear and precise. Wish all tutorial videos were like this. Thanks

Doru Constantin says:

Great video. Thanks.

Mike M says:

Fantastic video. Very helpful. Thanks!!

Brian K says:

Nicely done!

Barbara Houghtaling says:

How do I change destination say I don’t want to use major highways want to take slower or scenic route

TheExStig says:

Route is not pronounced as “Rowt” the correct pronunciation is “Root”

John'Fish'DeAngelis says:

Great video. This is a handy overview of the features and I learned a few new tricks from this video. Thank you.

Clifford Hodge says:

Excellent video.

Anthony Skellern says:

An excellent presentation, Richard – thank you so much for posting!
I just bought a Garmin Drive 50 (UK title) this afternoon, and was struggling to find a way to get into it – this was perfect!

Streaming Iraq War Veteran says:

Good video I did the first review in the USA and I have about 4000 views

David W says:

I regret buying a Garmin GPS. It’s the worst device I’ve ever owned.

Omer Ali says:

Does this GPS show the cameras in way?
I live in Sweden and we have cameras in everywhere.

Brittany McIntosh says:

Does it have to be plugged in to work?

Tam rock says:

Will it be worth it to have drivesmart 51 without a smartphone?

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