Hardcore Apple Watch Fan Reviews Series 3 (GPS, Non-LTE)

See why I upgraded to the Series 3 from the Series 0 after skipping the Series 1 and Series 2. Also, find out the surprising reason why I chose the GPS-only version over the LTE version, what I like about WatchOS 4 and the new Siri experience, the new Apple Watch faces, the handful of Apple Watch apps that are actually worth using, what I think about the new settings and options, whether or not you should use AirPods with your Apple Watch and much more.


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Usernam E says:

What’s the name of that light box to the left of his shoulder?

Petri says:

I would love to see third party custom watch faces that could be easily purchased on App Store

Rui Abreu says:

I got series 0 and os4 has improved. It’s still laggy though.

BOOYAH! says:

Stainless steel was a no no for me. All the display watches at the store were scratched all over! The aluminium watch doesn’t scratch as easy. Steel will prob age better but who wants a 3 year old watch?

TMB Real Estate Photography says:

Any issues with running two watches with the phone?

pie123680 says:

I just subbed

Ant Godber says:

Don’t shoot me my daily driver is a Oneplus 5 Android device and I use a Pebble Time Steel smart watch (which Fitbit killed off, still raging on that)
The Apple Watch Series 3 has caught my eye, so has iOS 11 for that matter which I am rocking on my iPad mini 4 cellular.
So the question is, can I use an Apple Watch Series 3 with just my iPad mini 4 cellular?

Sean McGrath says:

I like your review, but what about the health, athletic uses if this device?

Bankai3474 says:

I would like an Apple Watch but that price tag is just too much to me

Jeff Y says:

The Pixar characters you don’t like are a Steve Jobs tribute.

bloodyangelred says:

You mentioned a sleep app…I use Pillow

CaviDS says:

would have been nice if you showed us what the icon for the apps look like

tejas57 says:

the red dot actully serves a purpose. in a previous job i was in the rules said i was not allowed to have a phone (or anything with an external connection) whilst on site. the red dot is a good indicatorfor these jobs

Sean Does Stuff says:

I bought glances based on this video… how on earth did you get it on the watch??

Grant Cary says:

Yew!! Gawvi and Andy Mineo! I see you

blueandgray says:

can you use FaceTime with the series 3 with LTE?

Nathaniel Rulloda says:

Red dot isn’t as noticeable if you flip the orientation and have the crown facing the inside

Paul Stein says:

Got the non LTE series 3. Returned it after a week. Will get a series 2 stainless. Here’s why.
1. Series 3 not available in stainless unless you get the LTE version. I can get the LTE and not activate it. In other words, pay Apple an extra $ 70 for nothing.
2. The IPhone was heavily marketed as always having a camera available. When you get the LTE watch and don’t carry a phone, you won’t have a camera. Duh.
3. Supposedly 70% faster than series 2. Compared my series 3 to my wife’s series 2. No speed difference in functions. The Apple store specialist told me the comparisons I made, such as heartrate, is the same speed in both. The faster processor only shows up on boot up time. I did notice faster song downloads on my purchased items. So the promoted speed increase in meaningless for everyday use.

I will get a series 2, stainless with sapphire lens, which is what I want.

Anita Mushes says:

How long do you need to charge it to get a full charge?

Boosted Veedub says:

Stopped watching after I noticed it was not the LTE model. LTE model is better overall for $30 more you get more storage, LTE, and a ceramic back. Don’t need LTE you say? Then leave it off. Resale would be better too. Red dot is not a deal breaker either.

Bruce Mars says:

hey daily tech u can get watch skins to cover up the red dot at watchdots.com u welcome so thats one more reason to get cellular.

Chieldh says:

Great video! finally a revieuw of the non LTE. i got the same apple watch series 0 and looking to upgrade. now i see its defenitely worth it. LTE isnt possible in my country and wouldnt want to use it anyway

Jorge Soto says:

This work with arm tattoos?

InabilityToBeBrief says:

Peter Brady?

Markos Dangerous says:

I want to buy one and maybe this question sounds really stupid. If I connect my iPhone to the BT on the car the watch looses the connection?

Nicholas Jones says:

Can someone tell me where to find the Explorer watch face? Is it exclusive to the watch 3?

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