GPS TRACKER! Trackimo TRK-100 – TEST and Review!

Welcome to our latest Now You Know review! Today, we review the Trackimo TRK-100! We test it out to see if it is worth your time!

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harry camper says:

What is the effect of having a GPS Rx/Tx on your person in regards to EMF etc ?

Ray Johnson says:

zac & jesse>> try it as a car tracker put it in the engine bay somewhere and feed a 5 volt usb line from the battery to it for constant power and tracking

Wildcardclothing says:

Hi Zac & Jesse, looks like you had a lot of fun with this test.
I’m interested in this from a business perspective.
I am considering developing an outdoor advertisings aspect to my business utilising bicycle billboards. Do you think this device would be suitable for sharing the realtime location of assets with a 3rd party (like clients for instance)? I’m interested in anyone’s perspective on this so please all comment. Thank you.

Erik Mills says:

A little expensive to add it to each of my dozen Segways :/

MovingNLosing says:

Good review guys but you don’t have TRK-100. You have the 3G model which cost a lot more.

Craig Sweetnam says:

If your really trying to get away from the person ditching the tracker would be the first order of business. Any of these products are going to be a close approximation and only get you within 100 feet of the target unless you have really clear sky to the device. If its in a laptop bag that’s been stolen chances are your going to see someone walking with the bag or something you could get into trouble if the person takes the bag into a private home in one of theses row houses or apartment building.Which unit its in would not be possible to tell from any GPS tracker. You would also want a tile like device to bring you in the last few meters and give you a better idea which unit its been taken into.

therepguy1 says:

It would be beneficial with older Seniors who tend to wonder from time to time.​

Glenn Rosander says:

It should have a fall down mode!

Betty Tureaud says:

My dog have this one

Kris K says:

Its old tech. Spot has been around for years .Other brands too.

Joseph Stott says:

This must be more than you’re saying. You don’t need a simcard/subscription for GPS do you… if you think of your 3rd party satellite navigation little screens for your car… edit: ah I see it has internet capability to send the SOS, hence the subscription. I think this is actually a great alternative to giving your kid a phone, at that age when they shouldn’t have a phone imo (just starting highschool). Say you want to pickup your kid from the bus stop or something, they can hit SOS when they get off the bus and start walking home and if you’re able to pick them up you know where they are between the bus stop and your house, you know when they will get home etc.

David Webb says:
More expensive, but more sophisticated…..

Carpenter Family says:

We have a bunch of ‘Tiles’ – love them – use them all the time !

Nathaniel Roswell says:

A very nice tracking device, this is very helpful for your loved ones.

Branden Thomas says:

cool. Great Christmas gift for my brother with young girls who tend to get away quick!

Steve M says:

That thing is a rip iff, you can use an old cell phone or buy a good tracker from AliExpress for less than $30 that lets you put in any SIM card and includes calling. FreedomPop gives you free service (200mb) or you can use an additional sim on your plan (i have cricket and my fifth line is free)

Arnis Tarassu says:

Well any cheap smartphone can do the same

wildweav says:

Anyone with a parent with dementia or a child with autism who wanders off should check out Project Lifesaver I am trained in using this as well as being a GIS Professional. I can see trackimo and project lifesaver being used in tandem the trackimo’s battery dies too quickly from what you are reporting, but I love the geo-fence feature on it.

Kevin Smith says:

I’m guessing if the device got a clear shot of the sky it would get more precise, it’s working off relative location so not as precise without seeing the sky to get a better signal. Depending on use case, try to keep it exposed if possible if you need precision.

Ron van der Sterren says:

If you used two trackers would you then be able to see your own position when looking for the lost one?

Chris Estabon says:

Stalkers love these things. Does it work while it’s inside the car truck, meaning does it ping through metal.

John Egan says:

Neat review guys! Cheers, John 😉

Matthew Davies says:

Name derives from the USAF’s TaCAMO command aircraft? (Take charge and move out)

Scott Jackson says:

Whats the battery life like on a lower refresh rate?

Federico Galimberti says:

Zack & Jesse,
Great product review! Thanks for bringing this to our attention! A great stocking filler

Riley Penegor says:

My team uses these to track our rockets, as they are the cheapest gps trackers you can get. However, in rural areas they are really bad, as the also rely on cellular coverage, and so they can give very skewed data back to the user, and it does glitch out quite a lot for us. We designed our own gps tracker that is much more accurate, and uses satellite internet to transmit, but it costs a lot more, and we are only in the prototyping phase.

David Webb says:

Its really not that new. I had a similar unit three years ago. Its perfect for tracking cheating girlfriends!,,

Tauran says:

Kinda crappy that the Trakimo app does not show where YOU are when tracking somebody. That is a huge mistake that should be easily fixed though

Gabor Reiter says:

Can it find Jimmy Hoffa?

DrThunder2004 says:

The SOS mode seems like it should be much more drastic. setting off an alarm or something on your phone rather than just an email.

Robin Aretz says:

These coincidences…. I’ve been living in Germany my whole live and went to the US once to visit a friend…. When I first found out you live near her I was really surprised, and now you were filming in the very mall my friend and I went to a couple of times and where she works now… So weird 😀

bambelbino says:

What if you simulate the device to be defective? Will you be able to see the last location? Can you see path’s, to see the direction the device is carried?

Colin Campbell says:

If only Jessie had not popped up his head in the woods Zach most likely would not seen him? As he said the tracker said Jessie was across the stream!  Maybe a better test of that be at night so no light visual clues be helping? Just a thought?

Wenzel Massag says:

You can hard wire this into the Tesla, hide it under the trunk-cover plastic and have your Tesla be trackable even when the thief has turned off the cellular connection.

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