Garmin Zūmo 590LM Motorcycle GPS User Review!

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After 8 weeks of hard use I am ready to talk about Garmin’s latest GPS for the motorcycle community, the zūmo® 590LM! If you have questions or suggestions as to its use or features, please put them in the comments!


emoe40 says:

Great overview/review of features,but stop complaining about the 5secs of delay of the  music feature of the unit. really if you put it in perspective it is not interfering with directional apps and it is only 5 secs. Now, when you went over the reroute feature on missed waypoints is a legitimate correction that is needed which helped me in deciding on getting this unit. Thanks for taking the  time to make this video.

emoe40 says:

One of the features of this unit is that on the map overlay info like if you want all gas stations to show along your route, if you actually touch the gas station that is along your route on the screen it will ask if you want to add that destination as a via point or new destination and it will give you directions to that gas station.

Chris Peck says:

I own one of these and am thoroughly disappointed with it. The screen is almost unreadable in sunlight. It has a very washed out appearance and lacks contrast. It is vital that a motorcycle gps is readable with a swift glance, I find that I needed to take my eyes off the road for far too long to consider using this unit safe. Selecting a map colour scheme with more contrasting colours helps a little as does positioning it more vertically. It also has a very poor battery life. I am yet to contact Garmin support and will gladly amend my comments if they can fix this. I would happily trade all of the long list of features for a better screen. NOT A HAPPY BUNNY!

plaid13 says:

Does this thing have voice commands? as in you tell it where you want to go by talking to it like the car units have now.

Susie K says:

Nice the video about 50% of its features I didn’t know…. Thanks .. I’ve had lots of experience with Garmin in the past and was not happy.. The 590lm is a fantastic gps.  expensive and worth the money.. There just 1 thing that I can’t seem to do. I can’t put it into walk mode… I’ve arrived in many city’s parked and walked 🙂 when I want to go back to my bike it sends me around the city of one-way streets 🙁 How can I change to foot or walk mode…

Route NRide says:

skipping a waypoint or via that you missed is very easy on the zumo660. dunno about the 590, but on the 660 you just edit the ‘current route’. (custom routes, current route, add or remove points). there you just remove the next point, hit next to recalculate and save. If you can edit current route, that’s it.

for the music interruption, that’s just a garmin pain. all you can do is mute the navigation. yet you still cannot mute the system sounds. there is a mute all, but that mutes music too unfortunately.

Andor Koval says:

You did a great job you should do one on the Nav 5 BMW model so we could compare . Fantastic work on showing how to use it.

Ryan Crane says:

Can’t help but notice that switching between curvy roads and fastest route requires like 20 steps lol

james fisher says:

I used the share route function with a friend last year and it worked fine. Made sure the BT was switched on, on both devices and it took seconds.

Perry Dawson says:

This is going to sound totally dumb. I’m still “playing ” with unit, ready for a long trip on Friday (2 days). I’ve turned the unit on and off a number of times with no problem. I currently have it hooked up to a cigarette lighter. However, the unit won’t turn on! How do I get it out of sleep mode ( if it is in sleep mode?)

Haris Grigoriadis says:

Thanks for your review. Appreciate that you covered a lot of the features and functions.
I must admit that I would probably take a hammer to a product at that price that was so wanting in so many areas.
Unfortunately poor functionality and design is not just a ‘feature’ of this brand.

linmart1 says:

Is it me or is does the screen on the new Garmins just looked washed out?

Ff6022 says:

I have one now. I do record reading the quick start guide and having the option to skip way points. The only one you are not able to skip is the final destination.

dorset1964 says:

Thanks for that, you`ve answered all my questions.

Valen Sinclair says:

I want a garmin 595, but their ludicrous power/audio cable system is archaic. I don’t need 3 audio jacks, nor do I need a USB port. I want to be able to disconnect the power cable from the cradle, I want to be able to take the entire cradle off the bike…but you can’t because it’s hardwired into your electrical system and you can’t disconnect it from the cradle either. It’s like they force you into a cable harness that most people won’t use. I want power and the ability to run without power (take the entire cradle off the bike). Can’t do it with the 590/595. Not sure the people are Garmin actually ride bikes.

Ivan Rusic says:

hi, regarding that thing with the music (33rd minute), if you use sena 20s it has that dual bt thing and music can overlap with gps or intercom… 🙂
thanks for the review 🙂

Joe Fisher says:

Does it have routing glitches like the 660 etc such as taking you off and back onto the same main road for no reason?

dasexinstructor says:

Love the mounting setup on your bike.. great idea!
Nice review of your Zumo.. but is it not better to use the money you’ve spent on your Zumo to invest in an android tablet and use GPS programs such as Navfree or Sygic or Google maps etc?

Anthony D'Onofrio says:

How did it work with gloves on? Thanks for review.

Lee Martin says:

Thanks for that review. I was hoping to charge my Samsung Galaxy s4 on the USB port so perhaps a rethink is in order. I guess I will buy the Optimate USB adapter instead. Thanks for the review.

MikeFLHT says:

Thanks a ton. Good video.

Scott Vallie says:

Off the Garmin subject, on your phone the app that gives you time, temp and battery life what is it??

nrm59 says:

Great video, convinced me to buy it!

louiekiwi says:

Thanks – from New Zealand, I will get one of these units.

賣來亂 says:

But not yet available for sale in Taiwan >”<

HeavyMetal Detecting says:

i purchased 1 of the last in there stock. what do u no, its fucked lol. they are replacing it, lets hope this one works.

David M. says:

Agree, Garmin pre planned route sucks! They actually made it worst with the newer software, where you can not even see your waypoints on the map, if you are already running your route. You have to guess where it would be the next starting point… Frustrating !!

Biker Paul says:

Great review. Since you did the video, are you still satisfied with it? I’m considering the 595LM soon. My previous model was the Zumo 550. Thank you.

Niven A. Nolte says:

Thanks Sir, I really appreciate this video.

Scott Roussel says:

Solid review on funtcionality! Thanks for taking the time. BTW, mine must have had that some 115mph gnome using it as well… 😉

Alexander Schmidt says:

You can check the IBA web and find a lot of tips for the GPS import from other softwares like the MS Street&Trips or the Garmin Mapsource or the new Basecamp. 

Chris Kirkman says:

I’m sorry, but for $1,000 this device should be flawless. It’s a tremendous piece of garbage in my opinion. I’ve had nothing but charging issues, not being able to be detected by the PC, etc. I work for a company that sells hardware devices for cancer treatment and this would NEVER be acceptable to a customer.

Robert Payne says:

Being from Birmingham, I’m a little worried you thought the data from the area was bad.  Guess I won’t use it too much around here, anyway. The R1200RT I bought already has the mount for the 660/665 on it, and was wondering if this is enough of an upgrade to warrant the extra money before I purchase.

Antonio Martins says:


MrSlowestD16 says:

Looks pretty good, but $800 is f8king insane for what you get.  For 800 I expect perfection at the very least.

keith bolger says:

If your mid route on a trip and you turn it off. How do you get back on route? Mine keeps taking me back to start of route

Michael Rosati Sr. says:

How long does it take to install it?

QuinZZR says:

I’m looking to get one of these, I presume all models are multi language capable?  The one I specifically looking at is German, I guess I can just select English for it? and load the eng lang

GaryfromMemphis says:

If it refuses to let you bypass a waypoint, how hard would it be to do a new route from current position? My wife’s iphone does a great job of rerouting based on “missed” waypoints. Great video but not sure I like the price based on some of your comments. Gotta be a better value for your money. Thanks for the video. 

Zukilover305 says:

Good review.. sorta. Remember ‘ bad luck shlep rock “ from the flintiness? You sound Sooooooo drawn and well like it all just sucks. Wow, hard to watch the whole thing.. just an FYI.. LIVIN UP MAN…This sucks, this sucks, that sucks… oh I like it.. Really? I ordered one.. thanks for going through it but.. dude…

Tasos Gavrilis says:


N S says:

hi. is there any firmware upgrade to fix multitasking audio issue? i want to buy this GPS but I love listening music while driving and i dont want interruptions every time i click display or get new directions. is there any solution? thanks

lonestarrider says:

Great Review!

Fritz Sassine says:

Nice video!

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