Garmin vs TomTom for iPhone Comparison Video – App Review

Garmin StreetPilot vs TomTom USA for iPhone/iPod Touch is compared using two iPhone 4’s, one with the Magellan Premium Car Kit and the other with the TomTom Car Kit. We test both GPS apps on the road and look at things such as TTS voice guidance and traffic.

Garmin StreetPilot (v6.5.3)
TomTom U.S.A. (v1.6)

Garmin StreetPilot is available in the App Store for $39.99
TomTom U.S.A. is available in the App Store for $49.99


Bader says:

TomTom Win

Blaise Kamwa says:

Garmin is the first

Loyd Mcgill says:

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Rolando Candia says:


Mr Stone_age_man says:

Well it’s seem tom-tom show more clear direction, look at 5:43 Garmin bring you a long way. Tom-tom GPS always alert turn left, right or round about before 300 meters to one hundred meter.

natsanty uno says:


Denis Munger says:

I own both. The tom tom has superior text to speech ( very much better in french and spanish). But garmin provides better road trip planning. Tomtom allowed me to tour place i’ve never been that would have avoided if i could. The lifetime map subcription is a must. Le francais de garmin est si mauvais qu’il est quasiment inutilisable autrement qu’en anglais. Mais en anglais Garmin surpasse TomTom haut la main.

Broder Perdurabo says:

I’ve used the Tomtom för many years now, and i realy like it.

Bk94541 says:

FUCK TOMTOM,sounds like GARMIN better ,only thing is looks like tomtom,IS MORE richer color and brighter thats all!

Lost Substance Tv says:


وسيم الوسمي says:
Yaroslav Arestenok says:

GPS-navigators :
Reliable store(often sale)

Cody Slab says:

*both utter crap, both have update frequency 1Hz, horrible and dangerous for driving, you need 10Hz receiving GPS frequency for smooth propagation of the map* Google: “GPS 1Hz vs 10Hz”

Bartys says:

1 year i use garmin for international transport… Czech Republic – Norway, Sweden and this navigation is bullshit! Now i use Sygic od Tomtom and im happy now! 🙂

Tibor Borbély says:

The best is the Hungarian iGo

kidder lar says:

Tom tom app downloads maps so don’t need constant data , plus it’s excellent and well worth paying for

Mscellobass says:

Some GPS on smartphones like the lgg2 have lousy GPS navs.
I was going to trade in my phone for another because of this (other issues of the lgg2) but quickly found out that many smartphones do not have very good GPS.

Matt Dathew says:

my tomtom screen died,am probably better off with garmin

Princess Ginwood says:

I like the TomTom better! Thank you for this great comparison video!

stepfour says:

I don’t think the”smart phone” will replace the stand alone gps. My gps BLOWS my smart phone away when it comes to driving directions… and I can tell by the video it would blow them away too. It’s a Garmin by the way. And just to add, I know 5 or 6 people who have and/or had a Tom Tom and everyone is of the same opinion. GET A GARMIN! TOM TOM IS CRAP.

Jiggs2005 says:

I wonder which ones better in short review and keywords or bullet points and what Garmin sounds are like

Mscellobass says:

Great review!

Dziuginta Stasiuliene says:

I’m used TomTom start 60- brilliant GPS! 6inch.

Jatt Lalkar says:

Tomtom ftw!!!

Abdullah Al balushi says:


Gary Cameron says:

TomTom is too dumbed down for my liking.  Waze ( is the way to go.  It’s on my phone and updated automatically  No need for yet another device.

Tyson Currie says:

Tom Tom is by far better, looks like they can upgrade on some things but is the better choice, I have an actual Tom Tom GPS with lifetime map updates, that thing is awesome, I am now looking to get it on an old smartphone so it can be used as a GPS since I have two vehicles and my wife always taking the Tom Tom GPS for her. Get the Tom Tom

The Flying Postman says:

I disliked the Garmin colour purple road. Can you change different colour like the TomTom do?

Mahdi Attar says:

I read your story, very sad *Louise Matthews:*
This site is incredible, Many thanks!

Walter Adobe Flash Player says:

El hardware de ambos son geniales incluso sus sistema operativo pero ….
¿Gps con conenxión 3g? jaja UN DESASTRE en puerta 

Carrie MacDuff says:


chris zziplex says:

Garmin more like garbage

Ramon Heard Jr says:

whats up with your roads?

samljer says:

both apple and google provide free services that are equal to these and do the same thing.

Navigator GPS-YouTube says:

Super Navi…

kiyonexus says:

standalone GPS units are soon to be obsolete… we all have smartphones now.

Stefano Marino says:

It appears some of the comments are based on opinion and not the facts demo here. I notice some comments repeated over and over. I guess they are bored and have only one opinion.
Driving and using the iPhone for directions is a good way to run into a tree when you get a call and answer even with bluetooth.  Merry New Year.

X Entertainment Viral Vidoes says:
One of the best GPS Navigation app on Android

Khiem Doan says:

Tomtom is not my fav because when it’s night it turn green I like Garmin

Harlan Maas says:

*Want to know where your wife every day?*
*Use this website is free*

borys Admin says:

tom tom dobry . a garmin dupie nawigacja

Jack The Pokemon Boy Vlogger says:


Richard Conte says:

Do you have to get the car kit with the Garmin or Tom Tom apps for it to work on your phone? What if you are walking. Can you also hear the navigation on the built in phone speaker?

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