Garmin vivosport Review – Fitness Tracker with GPS For Runners

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Garmin vivosport Review – Fitness Tracker with GPS For Runners. The Garmin vivosport is basically the vivosmart 3 with GPS, LiveTracking and a color display. This new Garmin activity tracker has a sleek, slim and comfortable design with a color touchscreen display and wrist heart rate monitor. The vivosport also has built-in GPS, LiveTrack and VO2 max. Of course, this new Garmin fitness watch also has all the standard activity and sleep tracking features you’ve come to expect from Garmin as well as sport tracking. The vivosport is also waterproof, which is nice. On the downside, it’s a little expensive and the strength training feature isn’t that great. Also, it always looks like a sport band and the heart rate monitor is really only accurate for running. Overall, the Garmin vivosport is a good activity band for runners but really it doesn’t add that much over the Garmin vivosmart HR+. I’m not so sure it will end up on the list for Best Activity Tracker 2017 or Best GPS Watch 2017. Hope you enjoyed the video.

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PFenixTX says:

Awesome! the first of the new 3 vivo devices! Can’t wait for the Vivomove HR and the Vivoactive 3 reviews. Those 2 and the Fenix 3 is the ones i’m looking to get, just waiting for your reviews so i can make a decision

Anita RAW Gray says:

With the stress function, that would be cool if it was also able to be added into other devices that already track the all day HR data (I have the vivoactive HR). I wonder if Garmin would ever be able to add it to other HR devices via an app update?

kostashow says:

Hey RIz, can you please review the Polar Oh1???? I can’t find a review out there!!!

George Ponder says:

@Rizknows is the screen locked in portrait mode or can the orientation change to landscape? If so, does landscape orientation offer a little more elbow room for the display?

Peter Herget says:

Garmin strikes gold yet again! If they continue in this direction the Fitbit brand will become just a memory on Wikipedia…

Justin Loving says:


Denis Welington says:

Great video. Could you recommend an activity tracker for a Crossfit athlete?

Julius Mia says:

Is it 24 hour heart rate tracking and its recorded in the connect app?

Rob Landauer says:

We can read a list of features. Skip that.

More important: Is the touch screen worthless when your fingers are sweaty? Does it beep when you complete another lap? What does the beep sound like? How long does it take to charge? How long does it take to obtain a GPS signal? How does the GPS accuracy compare to other devices? Does the barometer appear to make a difference with altitude accuracy?

The most useful parts of this review: Fit is good, display is small.

You are our chance to open up the box, go for a few runs, and see what it’s really like. Do that instead of standing still in front of a camera and reading the box to us.

Mr. Turtle says:

what do you think about this for a gym person? is this tracker mainly for out doors? would the vivosmart HR+ be better for me? i normally wear my tracker all day even during work and sleep

Bon Irving says:

How’s the accuracy of the HR monitoring compare to the vivosmart 3?

Alan Contreras says:

The app doen’t work un México?

Ozalp İLGAZ says:

swimming ??

freeflyskydiver says:

How does the Vivosport compare with the Vivosmart HR+ ?

Camiel says:

So it’s not possible to turn the screen off?

YON3484 says:

The bands will can to change in the future?

Damien Nguyên says:

Real great review. Thank you
What kind of GPS recording frequency is proposed by the Vivosport (1s ? 3s? 5s? smart?) ?

Arcade Party says:

Is there still no way to calibrate stair count mode. Past Garmin products have been somewhat inaccurate when it comes to stairs climbed from what I’ve seen.

Edit: Thank you as always for the great review.

lurchio2 says:

Do you know the release date for this in the uk? Cheers.

Chi Liu says:

Not sure if I had missed it in this review but is the display constantly on and is there an option to not have is always on?

James A says:

I get such a Patrick Bateman vibe from Mr Riz.

Apart from that, the Vivosport screen is a bit too small and the price is a bit too much. You can can probably get a Vivoactive HR for similar money.

Tieyme says:

Now I have to decide between this and the Vivosmart 3, and you just know that even if this stays at the same price for a time the vivosmart 3 will be price slashed in the next few weeks.

It’s tricky: this has always on display and a bit better battery. Tricky. I think I’ll be buying nothing for the next few weeks at least.

NovaDoll says:

Going to get the new fitbit watch.

Shawsters ™ says:

I heard that this device helps you decrease your stress level by giving your breathing tips? Would that be helpful for people who suffer from panic attacks and hyperventilate often? Please help, because I suffer from panic attacks and a device that helps you breath normally would really be a life saver for me.

Antwon says:

The Garmin fitness band I’ve been waiting for! The merger of the HR+ and vivosmart 3 into one device!

therealme says:

This video was perfect – informative about the fitness tracker and hilarious bits in between that made me lol for real. Thumbs Up!

Jane says:

I am curious if you do running alone every day? you should invite a friend to enjoy the view along the path if you do

Kamil Stasiak says:

Hi Riz, do we know anything about new Garmin Forerunner – the highest model like 935? I mean, when usually garmin release new models? I’m just want to know is there sense to buy Forerunner 935 right now or wait few weeks? maybe months? I will be so thankful for your answer. Big Hugs! 🙂

Idriss Qlf says:

So basically if you not need the gps and just need the heart track and the strength option…. gets the vivosmart 3 ? or their is more good argument for the vivosport ?

Amanda Puspita Sari says:

Still prefer my boxy vivoactive non-hr, tho.

bgmkano says:

I was really considering buying the Vivosport because of the strength training tracking. I guess I have to look for something else. What’s the best fitness tracker or smartwatch to track weight training?

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