Garmin vívoactive HR REVIEW // Best GPS Watch 2017?


Garmin vivoactive HR review. This is going to be the best GPS watch 2017 in the mid-range category. It can do so much and it’s totally surprising just how capable it is for how small the device is. In terms of being the best activity tracker 2017 / best fitness tracker 2017 it is on that list as well, but a little more expensive than some others.

The vivoactive HR supports running, walking, cycling, pool swimming, stand up paddle boarding, rowing, skiing, snowboarding, and much more since you can create your own sport profiles. It also is an activity tracker and sleep tracker that tracks your steps, calories burned, distance traveled, intensity minutes, sleep, and heart rate, which is awesome. It has Garmin’s Chroma display that is full-color, very clear and a touchscreen.

I have done many running watch review and gps watch reviews, including various Garmin gps running watch review and fitbit review. I hope you like this video!

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Martynn 1969 says:

Who goes to the gym for 8 hours a day? I do , it’s called my job. I don’t need any of this crap to know that I have worked hard , I can FEEL it. I must say , I do have the original apple watch but i want to keep it pristine but it does a job , should I need it. If you sit at a desk all day ,then spend all your spare time jogging and doing arm curls in front of the mirror…lol . My spare time is with family and friends and a little alcohol…:-)

brenda marroquin says:

So it wont track my calories when swimming or heart rate ???

jojotherider1977 says:

how do you enable Glonass? it doesn’t appear to be a setting you can control on the watch.

Louismx 33 says:

i just got mine a few days ago. i dont use it for sleep so before i sleep i turn it off and turn it on as soon as i wake up in morning. when i turn mine on in the morning it sais i burned 700 calories when i havent ever put it on yet. if any one knows why could i please have help as im not sure if mine is faulty???? thanks

howard katz says:

Great review as usual. Can it be used for outdoor pool lap swimming?

Ramon L says:

Deal killer – Always on HR and the ‘lump’. I’ve had previous Garmin Smart Watches and have not held on to them very long, always hoping for something to change. Always on HR is a no-go, my wrist actually begins to feel it almost like a burning sensation. So I am currently using a Samsung Fit2. The other issue is the lump, the HR sensor protrudes from the back, leaving a little square indent on my wrist. Both negatives. Otherwise this Garmin looks fantastic, I wish I could buy one and be satisfied but not as is. Please Garmin, give us HR on-demand (Like the Samsung Fit 2) and a flush HR sensor (also on Samsung Fit 2). You would be the best one hands down if you did this (IMHO).

The Vail Tribe Family says:

Fitbit surge vs Garmin vivo hr ?

Penny Stella says:

Good for swimming?

Brian Soapmixxa says:

Lies.It is my baby..DUM DUM.DUMMMMMM.And You’re Dad impregnated me.DUM DUM DUMMM…And we are both men..DUM DUM DUMMMMM

Alan Morrice says:

Love your videos. Thanks for posting

chris hagans says:


Matthew Bielecki says:

will this work when i do push ups


does this have the band that pulls your arm hair out lol but seriously

tuanthienvan English Teacher says:

RHR means what? Please help

Kevin Vienneau says:

can you get your MGRS coordinates with it?

L noialb says:

can add Strength {no 3rd}and reps counting on Strength workouts ?
same vivosport?

TexMan11 says:

How do you set an audible alarm?

Martin Jeske says:

does this one support interval training. I try to do a short traing each morning of 7×1 min interval. I have a garmin fenix 3 for this, but I find it too large to wear at night, so I’m looking for an activitic tracker. It’s either going to be this one or garmin smart 3…

Athan Perahoritis says:

On the sleep mode do you have to set the device to tell it what time you are going to bed each night?  On the cheap one that I have now it only has room for one sleep time so if I go to bed later or earlier than what I have set the device is not smart enough to figure it out on its own.  Each night I go to bed at different time and get up a different time.  It is hard to remember to reset it every day.

Rod Parmenter says:

How can you see the time of day when you are in a workout?

nastythomashobbs says:

Build quality sucks on the vivoactive series. I had the first gen and it stopped accepting charging after a year and half and the vivoactive HR got full of water pool swimming after the warranty ended. Junk watches, I bought the Fenix 5. This will be my last garmin product if this one flames out early.

Rajalakshmi Industries says:

i need some help please. i want to know how to set alarm in the watch. or in the app. i am searching searching searching im going mad…. please dont ignore.

Optimus Mgtow says:

v02 or lactate threshold test?

Micah Elias says:

Hey Riz, thanks for the reviews, they have been really helpful. I was wondering if you could make a suggestion. I am looking for a GPS watch that can track multiple sports for time, speed, distance, the basics, along with heart rate. I paddle outrigger canoes, so I am also looking for something waterproof and hopefully something that has internal memory for music. You have reviews some great watches that fit most of this criteria but either the multi-sport watches are crazy expensive or the ones with solid basics are geared entirely towards running. Any suggestions? I am hoping to keep it under $200. Thanks in advance!

Monkeyb00y says:

Hey Riz, do you have any corrosion issues with any of the Garmin sport watches due to sweat, water, etc? I did have a Microsoft Band and the sensors within a year were corroded and prevented the device from charging. After a replacement then another 9 months, the same thing happened and now it refuses to stay on (sweat/water seepage inside the device i’m sure). I’m looking forward to getting this one around Black Friday 2017. 🙂

Symone Louie Sermona says:

HI RIZ, can i set up an interval training to the VIVO ACTIVE HR?

Jean Vieira says:

No music storage? I’ll wait for the second generation

Terry Gerritsen says:

No mention of charging, is it usb chargeable?

sergio tercarolli says:

For exemple, if I´m going to run a triathlon how well do you think this watch is gonna do? Do I need to switch back and forth? Is there another model that you would recomend for that type of activity? Thank you for your time 🙂

FrancuskiAligator says:

How come that I can find a LOT of reviews test etc. for Vivoactive HR device, but non of them mention ex. how much memory device offers ?
(Especially with build-in GPS (for track recording) or installing Connect IQ Widgets/Apps)?

Brian Cook says:

Does anybody know if you can display heart rate on the same screen as time, pace, etc? My Garmin FR25 only shows heart rate on its own screen, and I’d like to be able to put heart rate on the same screen as other data…

John Moors says:

Great review! Very helpful for getting me started with this watch. You just got a subscriber!

chigirl2028 says:

Happy the baby’s yours.

Nikki Tangtiphongkul says:

Is this work on strava app?

Elle B says:

You mentioned that you are able to create your own sports profile, does that mean that you can enter a personalized training program as you can with the Microsoft Band?

Chaitanya Sai says:

rizknows is it still Worthy buying this watch in 2017 ???

Samar Iqbal says:

Hello, Which watch is better to buy. Garmin vivoactive HR Or Fitbit Blaze. Please specify

PuRaB pArMaR says:

Should i buy germin 235 or this

Relles Aburto says:

can anyone let me know if there is an analog watch face option for this tracker? and if so, does the display stay on the whole time? Thank you in advance

rayhan Suvo says:

can it count caidance ?

justinspirational says:

thanks for your video,- can the screen be always on during workouts?

serebart says:

You’re always running under power lines!!!


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Martin Smilevski says:

Hi RIz, would you say the HR sensor is accurate during running cycling?

Brian Soapmixxa says:

No really.Im not gay but you are one sexy mother trucker.Id wrap you up as a present and “Put you under MY tree” if you know what I’m saying..BTW great review.I am getting one for Xmas.My mom is 70 and wanted to buy me the Apple watch.Had to talk some sense Into her.SCREW YOU APPLE

Charles Furer says:

Anyone considering this device should absolutely get the glass screen savers, widely available. If you’re active, like most people interested in these things are, you’ll beat the heck out of the screen. I’ve already gone through one screen saver, but, fortunately, they’re only about $10 for 3-4 of them at a time, so practically a commodity item. I love this thing!! Combined with Fitness Pal (which syncs with the data from your VHR), I’ve a renewed interest in tweaking my health and body composition. For me it makes the process a little more fun and engaging. Thanks your great review!

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