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Garmin vivoactive 3 Review – RIZKNOWS GPS Smartwatch Reviews. Back with another Garmin GPS Watch review. This time we are talking about the new Garmin vivoactive 3 Smartwatch. This is a mid-range GPS sportwatch that compretes directly with the Fitbit Ionic and Apple Watch. The VA3 is lightweight and has a sleek design with a full-color display. Plus, it’s fully waterproof, which is nice. The new vivoactive fitness watch will of course track all your standard activity and sleep metrics but it also a number of smart features and sport tracking. It also features a new Garmin Pay feature for mobile payments. This new fitness tracker also had an ambidextrous design for a right or left wrist. Lastly, it has increased training features and VO2 max estimates. On the downside, it’s expensive at $300 and there’s no native storage for music. There’s also limited app support in ConnectIQ and the side swipe feature is not very helpful. There’s also no open water swimming feature. Still, we like this watch. We’ll see if it ends up on the list for Best GPS Watch 2017 or Best GPS Sportswatch 2017. Hope you enjoyed the video.

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Arcade Party says:

Is there some type if screen lock, will the watch activate by itself under long sleeve shirts/jackets? Similar to cellphones pocket dialing etc?

So it has a standard size watch band, not some Garmin exclusive. Awesome!

Tanya Bakerwitz says:

how does it compare to the Samsung Gear Sport at the same price range?

Spencer Tibbs says:

Could you pair it with Wahoo TickerX?

Shawn Reisz says:

I Love Lamp! Lol!

Jose Eduardo Tschen says:

Loved the review as always! It looks really good! I am looking forward to your review on the Fitbit Ionic, and the comparison of both! As a Fitbit user of 2+ years, the VA3 is making me think about maybe changing it! The $300 price might be a little high, but they look that they might be worth it! The Fitbit App is friendlier, but we’ll have to wait for the Ionic review to make a smart decision!

Ian McNabb says:

tried the beta version of the Connect app, but it lost connectivity with my Vivoactive HR for several days, I had to remove the device from the list in the app, uninstall the app from my Galaxy Note 5, and reinstall it from the playstore without opting for the beta version, and finally added the device back on the list, and everything’s back to normal … so don’t try the beta just yet until they fix the bluetooth connectivity in the update

4FocSake says:

Great Review. Can you tell me if its easy to control app during water sports with the side “thing”? With my Garmin HR its very difficult to accept the training (touch screen) when i finish my surf.

Adel Athab says:

oh maaan i was like … good … great… awesome …… then i heard the price !! 300$ is just too much, i can get the fenix 5s which the one i want for like 400$

John Hendrick says:

Thank you for these reviews!! and the videos are put together very well!! Thx Rizknows!!

Andrzej Pierucki says:

Does music control work during the workout?

Real Edward J says:

Waiting on the Gear Sport

repairdrive says:

The review we’ve all been waiting for.

Michael DiMeglio says:

I have the vivoactive HR, I like it but am looking for a new watch, more of a modern looking one. So I like the look of this one, and the ablilty to easily change the bands. But I don’t think $300 for this one is it! It is pretty cool though, I’d probably never use the garmin pay haha. Nice review!

John Manley says:

Nice review. Which color did you like better on it, the silver or gunmetal bezel? You said guys would like one color more. Did you mean the silver bezel?

Tommy2.Net says:

FYI: The “NUB” was removed by Garmin. It’s an admission they screwed up. Note the size of it on the Fenix 3. After putting it in on the market (which in reality is the way they field test – you are the guinea pig), the notice issues with readings. Turns out if you had that watch on tight, the veins underneath the top of your wrist would actually move from being under the nub, to around the nub. As for Barometric Altimeters, they only work decently when calibrated every day. The way Garmin implements the Workouts is HORRIBLE, I’d call it just enough to get by. Basic features like a notification at 1/2 way (for out and backs) are still missing from this vendor who’s been slacking for years. Also, what happens when Garmin Connect goes down? This is a feature they ‘sell’ you on but in reality is not considered a ‘mission critical’ type of thing. You can do the pre-set plans on the watch, but seriously? You might impress your friends with those, but not runners. The distances are pre-sets. I doubt you ever tested this, because this is something you and all of the other so called ‘critics’ have swallowed hook line and sinker. Take for instance, the interval setting on the watch. All it lets you do, is set up a series of time or distance segments. Who would ever do a interval with a GPS watch with just a time or distance? Knowing the distance is great, but in reality the distance is their to give us our pace. The fact that you can’t set any pace goals in this feature is laughable.  (Yes, you can do this if you build it in connect, but to sell this lame sales demo to non-runners as a feature is GARBAGE).

Britton Johnson says:

Still got the vivoactive HR. I’ll wait for the price to go down and my hr to break before I get this one.

Hound Life Vlogs says:

What I love about Garmin is the constant software updates. The app is great and your watch always feels refreshed as they release updates and cool new features.

Luke Owen says:

I am would love to see a review of the New Balance Runiq. I really like the vivoactive series as well as the forerunner series but am interested in a watch with full Android Wear (the polar m600 isn’t pretty enough for my liking).

Zaira Marroquin says:

Which one would you pick for swimming? Garmin vivo active 3, Apple Watch series 3 or fitbit ionic?

chevyhighrider says:

Still loving my OG Vivoactive.

Oscar Santiago says:

Which one is better for someone who just like to run: Forerunner 235 or Vivoactive 3?

Graham Stenson says:

I am looking at this device to consolidate my Forerunner and Golf S20. To have a single device for everything is a win for me. Agree would of been better at around $250 or £250 but am still very tempted for everything it does.

Alfonso Fraire says:

Touchscreen for running in winter is really bad

Ryan Leavengood says:

I see you @Rizknows, listening to the Ben Shapiro podcast!

Jay Thomas says:

How do you think this compares to the new fitbit? Having the same price i’m curious how they stack up

richmouland says:

Cracking review.
The problem they are going to have with their pay feature is, and I’m guessing a bit here, you still need your phone to hand for the connection. If that’s th ed case I would just use the very popular and accepter Google play. Think I may still buy a for runner 235 for $100 less.

shanesthedude says:

The beta for the new connect app is much better than the old version. Looks a lot more like the FitBit app which is not a bad thing.

nicolajc says:

is there an all black version?

Wayne Richter says:

It seems like quite a nice device, nothing special though. I may consider replacing my Vivoactive HR with it in the future but that depends on a few factors. Firstly, I have absolutely no intention of paying $300 for it, that’s way too much and it will start to drop in a few months time. Secondly, Garmin Pay is completely and utterly superfluous to me and hopefully devices destined for my region will lack that nonsense and be replaced with something tons more worthwhile and valuable, like the ability to store music. It looks like Garmin have scored some goals with this device but they also scored some unforgivable own goals. As of right now the FitBit Ionic looks to be the better choice between the two. Possibly the sketchy sideswipe gesture could be resolved with a future firmware update.

Brian Lancaster says:

Great review!! Really wish it came with the ability to store music. It’s the one feature I wish this Garmin device had. Maybe I’ll wait for the price to come down some because of it.

Gareth Morgan says:

Can you review the Samsung Gear Fit 2 pro

C 0f Tranquility says:

Another awesome vid!!! Can’t wait for that fitbit ionic! I love my fitbit! Just wish fitbit would adopt some Garmin features especially the gps map features Garmin absolutely kills it on that side of things. If fitbit adopted that it would be a game changer for them.

Metehan Akdag says:

I have a quick question. Would you buy fenix 3hr (since it went down on the price) or would you choose vivoactive 3?

Julie Bravo says:

I just purchased this watch and this review was extremely helpful. Thank you!

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