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The Garmin RV760LMT is an essential tool for any RV’er to have as it allows you to program the size and weight of your RV so it knows which roads you can and cannot go down.
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Dirty Rotten Racklefrack says:

I bought a factory refurbished model and saved about $100.

I’m surprised you didn’t mention BaseCamp, Garmin’s computer-based trip routing software that comes with the unit. It has as bit of a learning curve, but for trip planning it’s absolutely awesome.

Stewart Buster Clark says:

Good review, good video

Lawrence Constantine says:

I am sorry drove truck for 12 years over the road never hit a bridge and did not need something to tell me how to get there or how long it would take me to get there i look at people who just cant go anywhere with out this shit it crazy and i don’t mean this in a bad way. i guess i am just old school i go by the sun / stars and an old fashion compass. my dad took me hiking in the mountains in ME for three days as a kid and said take me back to the car with in 100′ and i was 7 and it has stuck ever since love the show i will be watching

RV Must Haves says:

Great review. If you don’t mind, I would like to add your video to my site post for this product here..

sok8888 says:

Watch out when you tell Garmin not to use toll roads when you cross the Canadian border. You may get routed across the country onto a 500 miles journey just to avoid a $5 bridge toll at the border. Personally, I wish Garmin could copied the CoPilot’s “best effort” toll avoidance algorithm.

Richard M says:

Thank you for the review. I’m currently looking for a RV focused GPS.

Hank Reimer says:

this is the worst investment I ever made. it has taken me on roads that were more like goat trails. the first bad roar had 180 degree turns and grades so steep the back of a 36 foot r/v was dragging on the ground. very scary. when we finally reached a good road the gps was lost, it sent us down a road and when at the bottom it wanted me to go back to the goat trail. the next bad road not quite as bad but it was 25 miles of steep grades and many turns. we finally tried the car setting this proved to be much better as far as picking roads. I would not recommend this to any one. going to call Garmin to complain but I don’t expect much satisfaction.

Dave Putman says:

Close but no cigar. the Good Sam Rand Mcnally RV GPS has everything that the Garmin has and much more and it’s usually on sale for less money but the Garmin is a good 2nd choice.

Bill & Patti-Jo Zuelich says:

thats the one we bought, when we started our fulltime journey 3 weeks ago….so far i love it…mostly

Susan Huff says:

When in map or navigation mode, can you zoom in and out as you can in some automobile navigation systems?

Van Helsing says:

Just wondering but did garmin pay you for the review? If so, it’s a commercial .

Steve Wicker says:

Perfect timeing for your review I I just received my garmin 760rv lmt with the mount yesterday! I bought a laptop from Best Buy the salesman said sure you can update your garmin with this…..wrong I need 9 gig of free space and the PC only had 6! So I took it back, I’ll have to figure something else out for updates as we only have iPads the iPads have done everything we needed well until now lol I may have to pull the trigger on a MacBook but geesh they are expensive!

IMaNO Leonardo says:

I have the same unit, it’s nice to be able to toggle between the dually and when we are pulling an RV!

Greg Macklem says:

I have been using Garmins for years and really like them. But I have had the batteries fail a couple times. I most likely will be getting this unit by next season though so I was glad to see the review.

Joe Krebs says:

Have you seen the reviews on Amazon?

bug512 says:

Great review.. we use an iPad mini with co-pilot along with an iPhone 6+ running google. So far the combo is OK but with a 3,000 mile trip down the east coast to the keys I think a RV specific GPS might be the item to purchases. Thanks again !

Debi Coleman says:

Thank you…you really do an excellent job of explaining things…Joe. This does seem to be the model of choice for several RVers who have posted info on the Garmin. I used your link and ordered ours a few days ago…should be here today. Also, Kate’s yummy Instant Pot recipes resulted in my buying an Instant Pot…hubby loves my renewed interest in cooking!

Kevin Burke says:

Great timely review! I’m using a Rand McNally 7730 GPS and Not happy with it. NOT user friendly. I have followed you both for quite awhile and valve you opinion. I will switch for the Garmin through your Amazon link. Thanks.

Lost Comma says:

From the reviews I have read the Rand is more complicated and has a learning curve but once you get used to it it has it’s benefits. I have heard of people using the gps in the infotainment system, a second from another manufacturer and using both. One thing that gps’s are not good at is perspective. Sometimes just in time delivery method can fail you and actually have you making many of right hand turns. So I will often use a device called a map to blaze a trail before hand or get some info on the run.

George AKA Dad says:

I have used a standard version of Garmin you many years.  We have it set for NO U Turns as we were quite often pulling a 5th wheel trailer.
I don’t like using GPS on phones, inheritably when you need to know about an approaching lane change, exit or turn the phone is in-use on a call.  Ooops. that was our turn, or worse that’s ur turn right their, and we are in the wrong lane.

Give me a dedicated GPS.

I like to avoid busy interstates, this year traveling from New England to the Florida Keys we will travel I95 only from Washington DC to Richmond VA.  I have used Google Maps to duplicate a route we found last year by trial and error that ran on some interstates that had significantly less traffic than I95 and passed through Douglas GA and ran the entire length of Florida on secondary roads many miles all alone on a 2 lane road at 55 MPH on cruse control.  A couple of cities but lots of ranches and miles and miles with absolutely no traffic.  Last year when we tried this our travel times for an 8 hour day were 20 to 30 minutes longer than what had been projected using the interstates.  I would love to be able to design a favorite route and save/send it to my GPS.

We are transitioning to a 40 Ft diesel pusher this coming week.  I will be looking real hard at upgrading our GPS to the RV / Trucker versions.  Till then WATCH YOUR CLEAREANCES.

roberto abrams says:

OK GUYS, BREAK TIME IS OVER, TIME TO GET BACK TO WORK & MAKE MORE VIDEOS! (Ouuu, that was a little acerbic, here’s a couple of “lol’s” to keep it in the Holiday spirit lol 😉

Ron Howes says:

I learned the hard way to not to try to avoid toll roads, and agree withsok8888 that it is often false economy, and not just in Canada. Recently, the “Avoid Toll Roads” was clicked on for some reason, and our GPS was routing me off  perfectly good highways and down side roads and streets. We now have an E-ZPass unit on the windshield of our motorhome, pay the tolls, and traveling is a lot easier.

ka1133 says:

I’ve had mine, including the sandbag mount for a couple of years now. I don’t rely on it 100% but it’s better than my built in GPS that I don’t use at all.

I also have the Rand McNally RV GPS, have it stuck in a cabinet in the RV for a backup. I never cared for it.

Garland Style says:

Good review. If you hadn’t said Garman, I’d have thought you had a Rand McNally there. Dang? I just bought the Rand a month ago, top of the line with lifetime updates, but virtually identical to what you just reviewed. I wonder if one or the other is trying to keep up to date with the other? Good luck on the downsizing. I’m excited to see what you select!

John Cooper says:

does it have maps for Mexico?

Bob Shaw says:

Are Garmin GPS’s better then Magellan Road Mate GPS ‘s ? Have you found a new RV yet & a buyer for the RV you have ?

carmas54 says: i thought of you guys when I found this…very cool class B

Don Harvell says:

You speak the truth, I’ve had mine for just over a year(1 long and 2 short trips) RVers this is the best, don’t think too much just byte the bullet and buy it. new question: really would like information on the shade or blind? you are using for your windshield. any info would be appreciated, thanks don+++

Rick Garboden says:

I agree with you Joe. I love our Garmin RV760LMT. We bought it this past summer before we headed down to Los Angeles. What a great tool that it is. We previously had a Rand McNally RV7720 and had various problems with it. Not to mention their customer service was less that helpful. The Garmin was the right choice for the replacement.

Dale Nichols says:

We have one of these and love it. The only problem so far is that it fall off the dash and I have to keep tugging at it to stay put. I do have the weighted base like you do. Our RV is a BayStar.

R.J. B says:

I’d say this is the best review of a GPS product I’ve seen yet. Well done!

Steve Blanck says:

What about the Rand McNally the all the truckers use?

Neal Davis says:

Nice review, Joe! 🙂 Thank you for it!

karunald says:

I just ‘knew’ Garmin was going to update the RV GPS and I was right 🙁 I bought the 760 in December and never used it LOL Now just bought the 770. Ooops.

R V There says:

I have the German 2597 which is the auto version of your RV one. Out of all the GPS’s I’ve had this has been the best I truly have enjoyed it

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