Garmin Nuvicam LMTHD GPS Real Review

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This review is to cover just some of the features on the latest offering from Garmin in the form of their Nuvicam GPS. this has the Lifetime maps and traffic features with the HD Digital traffic offering. This is one of the Prestige units. It has a Built-in front facing camera that shoots in 1080p 30fps. along with video capture it stores location direction and speed and is shown simultaneously during playback. I really enjoy using this unit and cannot find another one out there at this time that can do all that this one does while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

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KFS 486 says:

Hey I don’t know if anybody ask? But what’s the max capacity in regards to memory will the unit handle?

Pablo Irizarry says:

Hows the night vision?

Lonnie Haven says:

Just purchased this device.  Does it have live traffic cameras of red-light cameras or speed cameras?  I’m trying to figure it out.  Do I have to purchase Traffic Cameras?  Excellent video & better than most.


I just got one excellent review charging it from my booster is it ok

Mdos says:

It’s pronounced noo-vee.

Rocco vitiello says:

Very good info

Steve says:

How about EXCEEING THE SPEED LIMIT warning, I know it has visual warning but I want the EXCEEING THE SPEED LIMIT option.
Before you say it doesn’t have it, can you please (if you have the time) try this operation.

Note: While it says European Locale, I believe that is about the theme and NOT the map. I would try this out if I had one, but I’m waiting for someone to try this option out first. If it works, I would be ready to buy one.

Automotive device alerts when going over the speed limit

Your Garmin automotive device has the ability to provide a visual alert when you exceed the speed limit.

When set to a European locale, your device will also have the ability to emit an audible alert. If the locale on these devices is set to a country outside of Europe (including the United States), the device will not provide audible speed alerts. A non-European device when set to Europe locale may emit audible speed alerts, but it is not guaranteed.

To change the locale:

Touch Settings
Touch the menu button (three horizontal lines)
Touch Restore
Touch Yes to confirm
Select the desired locale when prompted
Select the desired language when prompted

When using a European locale, the audible speed alert on the above devices may be disabled or enabled as desired.

To turn audible speed alerts on or off:

Touch Settings
Touch Map & Vehicle
Scroll down to Audible Speed Alerts
Check or uncheck the box as necessary

I found this information on:

Idaho Wingrider says:

Thank you!  Excellent video, really helpful.

mkeller says:

Thanks for the video, ordered and am looking forward to the features you described

BIGGBULLxxx says:

So that windshield mount will stick to the dashboard?

Asim Saeed says:

Excellent Video!  Much Descriptive, helps a lot in making decision to buy this GPS,
Thanks a lot!

Ukrit Poshyanonda says:

good review thanks

BIGGBULLxxx says:

HI good review I placed an order for one, but my question is how well does the gps works? in other words does it take you the long way to a certain destination or the shortest route to a destination? Thanks

Steven Yang says:

does this GPS have a map of Canada and the USA, also is there Chinese i can change?

fodolo craigo says:

great video man. really appreciate it.

John Romaine says:

What mount did you get to mount it on the dash? I got the Garmin beanbag mount but the dash on both cars slopes down and the GPS went flying when I got on the gas. I could get it closer to me with the mount that you use. Thanks.

ImStork says:

Hey great video, I’m just paranoid about the cost and what not. Does the dashcam continue recording on loop while map is up even if I have entered a destination? I think you covered this around 3:41 but I just wanted to ask you to clarify. Thanks!

girard perrie Rabaca says:

Is there a speed alarm sound with this nuvicam?

stitch16261 says:

I heard on HSN that they had a GPS that will tell you where traffic lights are at. Is this the one?

guloguloguy says:

Your audio quality on this video sounds like you’re talking thru a cardboard tube! You need to invest in and use a high quality audio recorder, and don’t exceed/clip/max out it’s volume while recording. Perhaps a better microphone would help, too. Otherwise, Thanks for all of this good info!

Premeditation9 says:

Would you recommend this or the TomTom 6100? Thank you.

Craig Potts says:

A radar detector and a dash cam? Hmm? No officer, I wasn’t speeding, I slowed down when the radar detector went off… See! Lol

Tony MTA says:

good video ,question why my gps camera has diferent time and my gps another ,example my gps show the exact hour 4.30 pm and the camera diferent hour 12.14 pm ? any idea why ? 🙁

David J says:

Excellent review. I was looking for a backup cam for my truck. I then realized I didn’t want two screens on my dash so I started looking at GPS with backup cams and stumbled across this item. I know the BC20 and BC30 cams do not have IR and also run on 2.4 ghz frequency. I have been told that the lack of IR makes night viewing iffy and that the 2.4 transmitters are prone to interference compared to digital or hardwired. Do you know if there is a way to use a third party camera with this GPS? Other than the camera, this Nuvicam seems to have incorporated the best of everything. I ordered one. Thanks.

Ryno 676 says:

Excellent review. You sold me on the Nuvicam.

Steve Ball says:

Excellent review, very informative. Thank you for taking the time to upload.

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