Garmin Nuvicam In-Car Sat Nav Review – GPS With Built-In Dash Cam & Bluetooth

The Garmin Nuvicam is an in-car GPS Sat Nav that has a built-in dash cam, a simple interface, great maps and the reliability that comes with the Garmin name.
With speed-camera warnings, Bluetooth Hands-Free for your phone, free map updates, collision and lane warnings, and a beautiful touch screen display, the Nuvicam is for anyone who’s serious about in car navigation and wants the peace of mind of built-in maps and software from the best Navigation company in the market.
Thanks, Rob.
Garmin Nuvicam:


Ahmed Adam says:

Which model is this?

Ata5ll. says:

I think you should put a flatsceen above your steering while and take a ride.

Tupac Amaru says:

I don’t think this does a better job than my phone. For christ sake this god damn navigation is lagging and stuttering

The Flying Postman says:

4,000 rpm at 70mph!!!!

alitlweird says:

This doesn’t seem to allow you to choose from a variety of routes like when using a smartphone gps. I thought that by now these would have that capability

MedianMagic says:

That was a seriously good review.

SalemMillion says:

If some one texted me their location via text message or Whatsapp or any third party texting app can i transfer the location from my cell phone to a Garmin and navigate from there ?

Robb Hodges says:

Fantastic tutorial and introduction ! I’m off to purchase one and retire my old one.

Touraj Mohammadi says:

Hi Rob,
thanks for very useful Review,you just convinced me to buy one but i have a question,did you check new Garmin DriveAssist 50 NA LMT? i don’t know which one to buy DriveAssist 50 NA LMT or Garmin Nuvicam. will you please advice me. appreciate it.

Matt Pannell says:

What a great review, thank you.

Lourds Macatangay says:

Does it also has traffic avoidance settings?

Publius Trif says:

Can you put this in a semi truck mode? …and if so does it have the IFTA app in it? Thank you in advance.

SnakeyXT says:

Ive got a similiar model. Im just wondering how to get the map to show which lane im in or should be taking. Do I just zoom in to do that?

dereksmallsuk says:

clean your manky nails

Kate A says:

Hi Rob, thanks for the tutorial.
How do i set up my new nuvicam.
How long does it take to charge
How and where do i download apps for it?

NorthQueensland1 says:

Excellent informative video Rob. Would like to know if I can use it in Australia? Are maps available for Australia? Is there a newer model now and is it as good? Thanks 🙂

LeicaBob says:

You have sold me! It checks all the boxes for me. Do you know if it can be hard wired?

RS Doms says:

hi does this have speed cam and over speed warnings/alarm?

Geoff Falk says:

Hi, thanks for a great review! Do you know how I can turn off “Radar Detectors” which are forbidden in France and Belgium? Do Garmin call this Safety Cameras or am I getting confused with different terms! I have a Garmin nuvi 2559LMT. I’m just trying to turn off the fixed speed notifications when in France & Belgium. Thanks in advance.

Ovidiu Moc. says:

i would NOT put 6 inches of screen on my windscreen right in the middle of it so that i can see the navigation screen, i would mount it near my windscreen rear mirror or at the same level, but for that to work, that dash cam needs to move up and down a little bit, not just from side to side !!!

Jake Vanscanlon says:


Alan Downie says:

Hello Rob Nunn. Thank you for a good review, I do like Garmin and was wondering if you know if a cable is available to hardwire this product rather than having to use the 12v socket every time?

Adrian Swaby says:

pier morgan

Felix Lanzalaco says:

well i just got the latest all dancing garmin to replace tomtom…but it is useless over this simple thing.. please tell me its not true that if i dont have the correct street number i am effectively locked out from finding streets on this ? On tom tom it will let you select a street from a list irregardless. And also when entering voice street and it messes up, then surely it should allow you to go straight to manual mode..not endless pages of return functions..sorry no good for professional drives.. Looks like returning for a refund.

runtime1976 says:


Jon SV says:

Where can I buy one?


Doesn’t this model work together with an app for your smart phone? I thought I read the you could plan your route on the phone away from the unit, then transfer the route to the garmin quickly so you don’t have to fiddle with it in the car. Does it have this functionality? Thanks for the good video.

Wayne Addis says:

Hi can I pair my garmin with my car stereo? Thank you

Robert Lawson says:

Does it work if there is no signal around? Lets say, the wild Alaska highway.

ray s says:

i work for ups. can i plot my entire route n save each stop on it. some where around 80 stps.

JSavic says:

How do I get a “highway view” on my Garmin, say scale of 2 or 4 miles, so that I can view how far across a country I am, when travelling across Europe ?

Ben Reynolds says:

can u use as a hgv sat nav to put in height weight and length?

1965Manhattan says:

Shame it doesn’t have mileage countdown on it so you can see how many miles til your destination. Don’t need a speedometer, my car already has one., but otherwise very nice.

Azyatic says:

wow dashcam too

Zara Rodriguez says:

Is the dash cam only for the front?

Johnny Bravo says:

Hi there Rob,

I would like to ask how good is this with GPS? If I’m recording live as I drive, where does the gps information get recorded? Is it only shown on the main screen / camera as you drive or does it even get recorded on google maps or something?
Also does the recordings have sound and other functions where you can send the information with your phone.

In this case, is there a way you can fulluy utilise this gps dashcam and your phone together?

I would appreciate if you could be more specific on these areas.

jp15sil24 says:

many thanks for this great review.

Johnny Bravo says:

Does this have audio? This seems pretty expensive.
Are there models that are similar to this with audio and dash cam but of lower price?

Would really appreciate some advice!

huzidamasta says:

Hi Rob. Can you put up the link to purchase this please 🙂

Lance Williams says:

Thank you Rob Nunn, very helpful.

Jordan Easby says:

Great review! Seems vey close to home – I live in Chichester


Hello, is it possible to record audio on Dashcam?

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