Garmin nuvi GPS 2557LMT Advanced Series Review

Garmin nuvi GPS 2557lmt vehicle gps navigation review video. Model 010-01123-23. Advanced series with free lifetime maps & traffic alerts. Price around $150.00. This unit was purchased at bestbuy. I would rate this as a great gps unit. 5.0″ bright display, Detailed maps of North America with free lifetime updates, Garmin Real Directions with Garmin Real Voice, Free lifetime traffic alerts.

nuvi 2557LMT
Suction-cup mount
USB cable
Traffic receiver with power cable
Owner’s manual
Model: 010-01123-23

Preloaded City Navigator NT for North America
Lifetime maps and traffic indicated by LMT after model number on the box. Lifetime traffic antenna/vehicle power cable

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Amit Ray says:

can it be used as hand held device

Ken Shiro says:

how did you do all that without crashing

Dennis Younger says:

shut up and do the tutorial. geez blah blah blah

rccrashburn says:

It is easy to see that the screen is more unresponsive as compared to a cell phone.

Anthony Rivera says:

ok thanks Jaime I will share

Eileen Donahue says:

Jamie, what is the little black thingy with a tip that came in a small bag; I suspect its an antenna? what do I do with it?   Thanks, Eileen

juicyfruits61 says:

How do I get “home” or “Beve’s”. I had to keep putting in all the information, say of addresses. Does it not save this?

Robeto Rayo says:

Mwhahahaha now I know where you live. Too paraphrase Liam Neeson I don’t know who you are but I will find you.

Shoyeb Riyad says:

it doesn’t show exact apartment number sometime…..

Kevin Hinton says:

I will never purchase a garmin product again, I tried 50 plus emails to customer service to get the life time map updates over a 2 year period with no success, I tried again 2 years later, 10 emails and 2 visits to Halfords where purchased, again nothing so I contacted the Evening Telegraph and explained to Halfords that although they were not at fault a photographer from the newspaper would arrive tomorrow as they sold the item and offered lifetime map updates, Halfords replied no photos could be taken, I informed them the photographer will arrive at 2.00pm.
Halfords contacted Garmin and they issued a code number, this gave me the updates but corrupted the whole system and now the item is not working at all.
There is no customer service here so my advice is DO NOT BUY ANY GARMIN PRODUCTS, if you do you will regret it.

nikhilsrl says:

Not sure if you have used any of the 6″ or 7″ ones. Just wanted to know if there is a lot of difference in terms of screen size

shawn ray says:

i love gpses if i had a car i buy a trunk load of em just cuz i love navivational systems

It's My Car Blog says:

New version is Garmin Nuvi 3597LMTH, Great!

Ксения Чеснокова says:

Hello! We carry out draw of gps of the GARMIN GPSMAP 76CS navigator!

Ken Shiro says:

how did you do all that without crashing

Ken Shiro says:

how did you do all that without crashing

junqing lu says:

Do you know how to open the lane assist from the 2557?i never see where can open it

Richard Lemon says:

Is there a truck mode on this model?

jonbryn4 says:

How about voice?

MC Hammer says:

I’m more impressed with my $30 tomtom gps app on my phone…

Eric Jennings says:

Much thanks, that was terrific. I’m about ready to pick up a similar model and was hoping to see a complete rundown somewhere. Excellently done!

Second Story says:

In some states you can get a ticket for having anything mounted to the windshield so does this GPS come with a dashboard mount?

Eileen Donahue says:

Can you Jamie or anyone tell me how to put addresses in the Garmin.? Thanks, Eileen

Bruce Butterworth says:

I just purchased a Garmin 2797 Nuvi which is similar to this model. The problem I have had with past Garmins (and with a Tom Tom before) is that the antenna connection to the unit itself seems very fragile. I take care in unplugging it nad taking it down from the dash but in about 2 years the connection gets lose and then the antenna (and of course eventually the power) doesn’t work. Has anyone experienced something like this? The connection seems pretty fragile. Perfectly happy to accept that its me but it seems to me there must be a way of security that connection so that it isn’t compromised after repeated attachment and unattachment…….BB

weaton25 says:

Nice review I just got my first sat nave today and you have helped me fathom out how it works.

Ascended333Masters says:

Every time I turn it on, I have to reset all of the settings, like country and language. Why is this? Thanks.

Greg M says:

Pretty good …thanks

computerkid1416 says:

Also, does it use multitouch? One thing I don’t like about my 50LM is how it uses a resistive touch screen.

MC Hammer says:

this gps does not look very responsive at all… when scrolling thru the cars it don’t scroll worth a crap.

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