Garmin Handheld GPS Comparison & Review (with Dakota 20, Oregon 450, 450T, 550, 550T & GPSMAP 62s) Scott from talks us through the Garmin handheld GPS range


Phillip Fox says:

you missed a button lol pun intended

ronald lledo says:

This is a very informative video, but i would like to know if these units can be charged on solar power using a solar charger

lee west says:

oh behave!

TGIRL Davina says:

im in the USA and i have the 550t. it came with 100k topo maps of the USA. you can google what maps are available for your device. the Oregon with the t costs about the map price more than the non t devices.

DOCWHOK9 says:

Garmin, I’m afraid is still a very poor device for the cost they sell for.
Android and other Mobiles are FAR superior now to the all these reviewed.
Garmin needs to put in a decent screen, a decent CPU, and double the battery size, and lets not forget to mention adding some 3G ability and more wifi options.
2 years I’ve been watching Garmin devices and I’m not impressed !
For god’s sake, the units are still selling like theyre made of gold as far as price goes. I resold my 550T the next day, hated it !

Rocstoneau says:

At Last, I’ve been to so many shops to buy one, no one knew anything about them, they were never turned on , no one knew the difference b/w 450 & 450t. I couldn’t make a choice. Now I know why the prices vary and what GPS unit I need. 10/10

blkcpdconure says:

I live across the pond and highly recommend the Oregon 450t. It is very accurate and the free topo maps you can get online work very well on it. It also has a bit more memory on the unit than the regular 450.

rattusrodney says:

great concise report; thanks

monty1300 says:

Is there a YouTube filter to get country specific results only? Jeez these guys

83assasin says:

Can you use this these for the city too ???

Loving Outdoors says:

It has a worldwide base map, but the detail in USA will be quite basic. Hope that helps

Loving Outdoors says:

Yes ronaldlledo that is right, you can easily do that. Depending on size of solar panel it can be done fairly quickly too

TGIRL Davina says:

i have the 550t and im in the USA. it means that it comes loaded with the 100k maps. 100k maps doesnt have routable roads and trails. its best to get the 24k maps of your area. make sure to get the cd.

dinglefoot says:

Post code find on Discovery maps ??? I dont think so and you are the experts ?

Matejko White black White2x Sesoiu says:

September 12 is in europe and I still want to buy pocket gps and car navigation taxy had real navigation devices before we had iphones now the taxy haves tablet gps.

dinglefoot says:

I must have old stock then cos its not on mine !

Alharis S says:

I like Garmin 2465

Carlos Elizondo says:

You missed a button. Great info but seriously button your shit.

BrazBlue says:

you don’t use a camera to upload your caches to geocaching, you upload them to your finds post for the geocache, you literally said you post your caches using the device and the camera somehow helps. bad wording choice. (opps :P)

blkcpdconure says:

I’ll send you the link.

crabster2004 says:

Hi LovingOutdoors – I have just bought a eTrex30 and was appalled by the lack of detail on the base map and the cost of mapped areas. The Basecamp software isn’t letting me download the bundled 1:25 maps – I was on the verge of returing the item when I found a site with FREE downloads of 1:50 maps – no registration, no scams just a little effort and everything is working fine – I want to share this with the world and think you will too visit :-))))

Loving Outdoors says:

Yes you can, they can be turned into pedestrian mode and will display the city map and also has lots of points of interest to help you find places of interest

Samsworthwatching says:

Can u encircle an area with the 450t and calculate acreage?

Richard Byrne says:

Superb presentation Scott…concise, informative and learned. Thank you. I do lots of city walks; which Garmin pedestrian GPS would you recommend? One of the Nuvi Range? Many thanks and best wishes. Ebs.

kgdblade says:

Great info, but filming this inside the store is kind of like watching a gourmet cooking show filmed in a slaughterhouse! 🙂

masterkey1950 says:

A review without talking about the screen resolution. That is very important to a buyer that needs a easy to read display with all the details that are in the maps. Try again guys.

Nur Ainun Pulungan says:

Related to the topo maps. Do you have any idea, does it include Asia or just around Europe?

Loving Outdoors says:

Yes you can when you use Basecamp software which is free to download from Garmin website. It lets you plan routes and calculate areas, before sending them to your device.

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