Garmin GPSMAP 62s Handheld GPS Review


Review of the GPSMAP 62s by Garmin, based on years of real world experience. It’s still worth getting even though there are newer models on the market like the 64s!


Reel-Lentless says:

Garmin’s software update crashed my awesome 60csx, so now I’m onto a refurbished 62s because I could not get a 60csx. If not free from Garmin (for cooking my perfect 60csx) I would have gotten a 64s. Cabelas has 64s on sale for $250 and that is a smoking deal. These models 60-64 are the ultimate GPS. Skip all the bling bling from the upper end options and go with the base. Save a few hundred and lose no performance. My 60csx was used from below sea level (Death Valley) to 35,000 feet at 650mph (Tail Wind with flight), dirt bike riding, boating, 120 degrees to -19, black out timber to sand dunes never a problem. (until garmin cooked it, but they are making it right) This 62s better maintain the tradition.

misfit says:

I do not use GPS as I use OS maps but I would never trust my mobile.  There are so many rural areas where the signal drops out.  I would prefer a GPS compared to mobile but you can’t beat the old fashioned OS map for £5. I have never thought a GPS worth the expense for me but I agree they do have their good points but I would say for someone who regularly spends time in the outdoors as I do you probably will not gain from using a GPS.

mkvnwk says:

I picked up a refurbished 62stc after watching your other videos on scouting and going in blind.  I’ve always stuck by my map and compass and didn’t think I’d ever need a GPS, but my 62 in conjunction with the other mapping tools has helped me a bunch this year.  It’s pretty cool that I can take a picture of a tree a mile from the parking area with my GPS during the summer and find that tree in the pitch dark four months later using an entry route determined using aerial photography and a topo map.  I can already tell it’s going to be a great scouting for the off season and hope to inventory lots of rut sign to help put a game plan together for next year.

francelio maia says:

estou com meu gps travado em setup e não estou conseguindo visualizar os pontos das cordenadas o que fazer?

djishido says:

Is the etrex line worth considering?

lucky vang says:

is there a way to just put in coordinates into the gps to make a waypoint? for instance my deer stand?

westsidewil says:

Great video.  Thanks.

Jacked Up! says:

Thanks on the video. I was in the dilemma of either getting this unit or the 62st. This video helped.

Somewhere In Wisconsin says:

Thanks! Great review!

Regina Regina says:

Don’t believe in Garmin… I bough one map out side USA, they sent to me a chip, $50 dollars, I went to other country it doesn’t works NOT AT ALL…shame on they!!! I ask they the refund…they sent me email that it will be on my credit card and NEVER come…. shame on they!!!

Toxic_Dragon says:

I’ve been using my smartphone (motorola droid ultra) as a GPS on day hunts.  I live in western Oregon, and hunt / scout / hike in the thick forest without issue of finding a signal.  My only concern is the rain, so I got a waterproof case for it. I’ve been looking at phones with a water resistance rating for when I upgrade, so I can ditch the case.

When it’s dry, I can put the phone in a little pocket on top of bino harness (alaska guide creations) for easy access. When I put the case on, it goes in the cargo pocket of my pants.  The touch screen can be a bit cumbersome, but it will work even with thin gloves (mechanix) and the case on.  For typing longer notes I have to take the glove off tho, but it’s fine for doing a couple presses.

To preserve the battery life, I make sure I have the phone in airplane mode, and I don’t record a track or leave the “centering” on all the time.  I’ll turn on centering to mark a waypoint and add notes, then shut it off again.  The battery will last the whole day like this, but I carry a spare battery pack that holds 2 full charges worth of juice, just in case.  On a longer trip to the back country, I’ll probably consider a solar charger, or more spare battery packs.

It’s not perfect, but it works for me.  I’ve considered getting a dedicated GPS, but the phone hasn’t given me a reason to yet.  It’s nice having one piece of gear that does so many things.  It takes pictures and video, or I could prob get an audio recording app if I wanted to take verbal notes. It’s a GPS with the ability to take notes in the field and tie photos to them. (I use BackCountry Navigator, the pro version is worth every penny). It’s a ballistics calculator for confidence when taking longer shots.  I can check my trail cam photo’s in the field with a USB card reader.  And it’s also a phone if you can find a signal lol.

T Howe says:

Good vid,just getting started with gps a”newbie” with my 64st.Thanks for speak good English,good audio and slow enough to understand.Many people are click this click here click click clickclickclickclcickck …..whew…

Adam Prust says:

Hey Garrett – I’m trying to load the Wisconsin topo map to my new Garmin 64S per the instructions in your video. However when I click “Maps” the WI topo map I downloaded doesn’t show up. Also, when I click install maps on the internal storage of my GPS device it says no unlocked maps were found for this device. Any idea what I’m doing wrong or what might be happening.

Michael Proctor says:

Does that Garmin have the 8 megapixel camera and if so do you like the picture quality?


Good testimonial. I’m looking at some of these as a GPS for flying an ultralight airplane, where you can quickly get lost up there in the air, because it all looks the same down there. If I can paste air navigation maps as jpgs on top of it, that would be great….

bar5721 says:

I have the 62 stc. I also put the birds eye on it. I love it. But I still have a compass with me. Can’t beat them.

Pete Aldrich says:

will the Garmin work with a Mac?

Black Yeti says:

just bought a 64st as I hunt and hike in Colorado. here getting lost can get you dead.

SwampDonkeyEnt says:

I too own the 62S. Great handheld gps.

Terry McGeary says:

Really good review thanks. I got one on Ebay too for a good deal with three sets of UK maps. Only issues I have I can’t ever complete the head-over-heels business for the compass. Other orientations fine just not the rotation front to rear. Also despite getting a Garmin lead the Mac doesn’t recognise my device in Basecamp. It offers me maps to buy since it can’t see any.

nodeal117 says:

I’m not finding any hot deals on these. For a similar price, is the 64s a more capable model?

Terry McGeary says:

Excellent thank you! Just got mine last week from ebay and your video is really encouraging.

francelio maia says:

o meu aparelho e garmim 62s

stizan24 says:

just ordered a refurbished 62s. I am a first time hunter and for the most part having to do and learn everything on my own seeing as most of my freinds don’t Hunt and the only family I have that hunts is on the other side of the country. I hate using cell phone gps. I ice fish and there is a peice of structure in 36 foot of water that comes up to 28 and is the only feature on an otherwise featureless lake. I have to tromp out to the.middle of this lake and drill 10 holes to find it, then another few holes so find the drop offs. It will be so.much easier to just male a breadcrumb trail.on the edges and make 3 or 4 holes where I want my tip ups to go and 1 to jig.

Primal Outdoors says:

I have the 62s as well and I agree with everything you said. I had the 60csx before but unfortunately I lost totally bummed because I think I liked it still a bit better than 62. I totally agree I would not spend the extra money for the 64, I have the state map from it cost me $100 bucks but it was well worth it, it not only gives me topo but property ownership information right on the gps.


Jonathan Ly says:

Is the pre-installed WorldMap useful or is it just a gimmick? I’m talking about Geocaching and stuff 🙂

Andres Etchenique says:

Good review Amigo! Lot’s of useless reviews out there – not yours ! Thanks –

Maverick1 says:

Have you tried OnX maps?

Sid Phu says:

Wow great review!!! I’m looking to get one very very soon I found a few manufacturer refurbished ones on eBay around the same price around 225 for the 62s and st I need it for back packing trips and I do a lot of dual sporting so I’ll be using it on the road. Should the st be the best option for me since the st has all the maps I need already! I wanna travel the us. Idk how much memory it would take on the 62s if I had to download it all. Is the st battery life the same as the s?

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