Garmin Forerunner 645 Review (Best GPS Running Watch w/ Music?!)

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Garmin Forerunner 645 Review (Best GPS Running Watch w/ Music?!). In this video, Jeff covers everything you need to know about the Garmin Forerunner 645 GPS watch. The Forerunner 645 has a compact, lightweight design and also includes music storage (up to 500 songs). The Garmin 645 fitness watch also has a wrist heart rate monitor with advanced running dynamics. This sport watch also supports swimming, cycling and much more. And let’s not forget about activity and sleep tracking as well as Garmin Pay. On the downside, it’s expensive and does not support open-water swimming. There’s also no compatibility with Spotify, Pandora or Apple Music. Overall, it’s a solid running watch. We’ll see if lands on the list for Best GPS Watch 2018 or Best Multisport Watch 2018. Thanks for watching.

Garmin Forerunner 645 Review:

Garmin Forerunner 645 vs vivoactive 3 Review:

Garmin Forerunner 645 vs Fitbit Ionic vs Apple Watch 3 Review:

Garmin Forerunner 645 vs 935 vs 630 Review:

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Intro Song: “Rizzle Dizzle” by Ryan Little

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Juan Carlos Medina says:

I’d choose the Garmin. The looks.and music storage make it a great choice.

Thomas S says:

i wonder about the cut out of music, i have the same issues. However i use a apple ipod and beats which works amazing but as soon as i start the GPS in my watch the cutouts starts.
So maybe its a problem caused by interference ?? i dont know, anyways great reviews as always.

HelplmAlive says:

Garmin needs to fix the Fenix5 already.

Beth Radke says:

It’s a RIDICULOUS price just because of the music….you can buy other fitness trackers that offer music for a lower price…..I do like this but not for $300.00

Warcrafty says:

I’d love to get this watch, however it’s cost is just to high for my budget. I have a Gamin Vivosmart HR. I do love it though so I guess there is no real reason for a upgrade yet. To the question.. I’d much rather the Gamin over any Fitbit really. I don’t like how Fitbit tried to take over the market.

Noll S says:

I would get the Garmin 645 with music over the Ionic.

I wear both a Garmin Forerunner and a Fitbit Flex 2. The only reason I got the Fitbit was for the weekly challenges and because my friends all use Fitbit. At best I’d upgrade it to a plain Alta but the Flex 2 works fine for me. My bugbear with Fitbit (I’ve had 3 devices to date) is the consistently awful battery life – I get more battery life out of my Garmin.

aishteru85 says:

Can you use a hr chest strap and Bluetooth earphone simultaneously on this?

Michael Chan says:

Garmin for aesthetics

Edgar Ortiz says:

Oh geez if only the Garmin were a little bit more affordable, but I have to go with the Fitbit ionic

Robert Couck says:

Fitbit for the application capabilities

pezdacandyboi says:

Fitbit because I have only had a Garmin for 3 years. So I’d like to try something new.

Roland Abaigar says:

Fitbit Ionic. The Garmin 645 just costs too much for my liking. Great watch though!

Twobit333 says:

I’d have to go with the Garmin. It just looks more like a real watch.

The Coders says:

Garmin. Battery life, the design, music storage capability are better

robert laurence says:

My daughter is the athletic watch wearer she says the Fitbit ionic is better

Amanda Puspita Sari says:

I’d prefer the FR 645 to Fitbit Ionic. Hey Jeff, do you mind telling us the watch face that you set up for this watch? Kinda like it.

Adan Miller says:

Garmin. Love the Garmin ecosystem!

Sinai Urbano says:

I would say the garmin hands down! It’s got gps and music storage. Wish it had Spotify, better streaming music option.

Ben Huber says:

I would definitely rather have the Garmin

taylorrh97 says:

I would much rather have the music watch. I have the fr 235 right now and I’m very pleased.

michael worrell says:

Are all garmin devices compatible with each other i.e watch and sat nav

Vorbeck Family says:

please do a good review on gear sport

andyh589 says:

I’ve been recently thinking of switching to Garmin. I currently have the Polar m600 and I really enjoy it and I love the training program it’s helped me improve my running tremendously. How would you compare the 645 to the m600 as far as gps and heart accuracy and the training programs overall?

Cole Agar says:

Can you review the Matrix PowerWatch? The idea of a no-charge smart watch is amazing. Is it legit? How does it do with fitness tracking?

Jakub Kolomicenko says:

935 is the clear choice for me. It worth for this extra 50 bucks.

Steve Odessa says:

@rizknows hey man. I’m not a Grammer cunt in any way but my ears are bleeding. You use the word accrost every video. That word does not exist in human English. The word is across. Sorry but I’m sure once you realize this you will thank me in you brain. Great videos by the way. Keep them coming. I’m a big fan

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