Garmin Forerunner 235 REVIEW – Best GPS Running Watch 2018?


Garmin FR235 & FR230 REVIEW. This video is a combination of a Garmin Forerunner 235 Review and a Garmin Forerunner 230 Review. These are two legit devices and I’d say for a lot of folks the FR 235 is the best gps watch 2018. The FR 230 is also a great option, but the 235 is just absolutely a beast.

In this video I discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the products and how the differ. Additionally, I go over the specs including the heart rate monitor, water resistance, the addition of the GLONASS, and other items. Also if you’re wonder Garmin forerunner 235 vs. 230, I’d go 235 just because of that optical sensor. It really helps out even though it’s not the best ever. I do a lot of GPS watch review and activity tracker review including a lot of garmin running watch reviews and these two devices are standouts in my option. Definitely enjoyed testing them. Below are some more specs you’ll want to know:

_Activity history storage: 200 hours
_Recovery advisor
_Race predictor
_Auto-scroll, -lap, -pause
_Pace/time/distance alerts
_Interval training
_Various running goals
_Training schedules and workout plans
_Training effect

Garmin Connect Mobile App Review:

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MrTeddy Bear says:

Guys can you help me figure out which is the best for me? I am 16 y.o and I am long distance runner, I am between Garmin Forerunner235 and Garmin 735XT Run Bundle

unvascorriendo says:

Hello, what’s the difference between swinging your arms while running and flexing your arm while curling? I’m not sure the accuracy of the heart rate have to be different. I appreciate it if you could elaborate around that. Thank you in advance.

F34R SQUAD says:

Is this good for kids wrist, because I run xc and would something like this. If not can you send me a link or something to a better option.

SpeakTheTruth says:

Video posted in 2015…. & the title changed to 2018…. Dislike

Genysmen runner says:

It is a huge difference between 630?

Aaron & Rizalynn Respall says:

Does it come with a warranty? Is it worth buying ?

MrsMcAvoy says:

Great review! What’s the difference between the forerunner 235 and 735XT apart from the price?

Harith Mahat says:

Still relevant in 2018?

Charles Astor says:

Is this better than the Ionic?

Zach Smith says:

Are there apps to install on it for just GPS directions?

Rosa Aguilar says:

Do I need a chest band for the Garmin forerunner 235 watch?

Fede Gostoli says:

Is it still worth buying now in 2018?? Thanks in advance.

Rick Jackson says:

I’m thinking of buying either a Garmin 235 or a fitbit charge 2 which would be better ty?

HSNYC says:

Excellent review mate. Thank you!

TV Online says:

Not touchscreen?

Anette tre says:

But what if you want to run and then stop and walk, and then run and then stop and walk again.. Do you have to switch every time?

Frank Krol says:

i am wondering if this watch is cellular???…I do not want a cellular watch and have to pay the additional monthly charge ,just to speak into my watch.

Ahmed Matea says:

Can i use it under the water

Rakesh Rankawat says:

How does its GPS works. Doesn’t it required internet connection ?

ProjectDo says:

What is the most accurate smartwatch for HIIT cardio and sports (and other non-running workouts) ?? under $500 ??

juskojj says:

how are steps if pushing a shopping cart? just curious 🙂

OneBrokeBloke says:

Best of 2018 yet the video was uploaded in 2015?

Meagan Shelton says:

Im looking to track my trails through the mnt when I ride my dirtbike, would the 235 work for that?? I’d love to see my ride map, distance, avg speed, etc

arman sesar says:

What’s your overall opinion on the 235 vs Samsung gear sport, or is there an alternative you’d recommend in that price range mainly for weight training, and gym cardio like Hiit or circuit type training, has to be round and GPS is preferred, with main focus on calorie burning tracker accuracy and HR monitor, i couldn’t find any up to date review of these 2 devices side by side

ItalianWilko says:

How is this potentially the best GPS running watch 2018 when this video was published back in 2015?

kelly homenick says:

235 Died on me after 13 months. Completely shut down on me when I went to plug it in one day. Junk.

Tom Paillot says:


int 2 says:


SuperGeraldine16 says:

So torn between this and the m430.

Gary Perkins says:

Does riz even know?

James Perih says:

So… no swim lap tracking? My vivoactive does that … (looking to update).

TheBradPiff says:

can you listen to music via blueooth wiresless earphones on these watches? that would be perfect

Meyy Arunachalam says:

In your opinion, is this better than the ionic?

Rich Griffin says:

That’s not how the word verbatim is supposed to be used…carry on…

Camilo Salazar Mancilla says:

Hi again! Wich HR sensor is better, garmin forerunners 235 or Polar m430??

Denis Paquet says:

I’m interested to buy this watch, I have seen great reviews. However, I don’t have a smartphone (and don’t need one). Is it overkill (or even a good idea) to buy this kind of watch to sync only with my computer?

emil rousing says:

video from 2015 ?

Raven CoLe says:

How does it compare with polar m430?

Neeraj Nawaz says:

Wifi in it ?

Bobby D says:

Would this be good to track calories for a cross fit / function method style training ??

I.e 3 k row


Row ??

behzad vahedi says:

This video is almost 3 years old now. Stop putting best watch of 2018 at the end of your titles!

Only Language says:

Is this watch good for paddeling?

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