Garmin Fenix 5X Plus Review 2018 (Best GPS Watch For Hiking?!)

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Garmin Fenix 5X Plus Review 2018 (Best GPS Watch For Hiking?!). In this video, D Payne The Pain Train talks about his Garmin Fenix 5 Plus review. The Payne Train recently went on a trip to Kilimanjaro and personally used this Garmin fitness watch for his entire journey. Specifically, Dillon talks about the barometric altimeter, pulse oximeter and battery life on this Garmin multisport watch. Overall, Payne Train is a big fan of the Garmin fenix gps watches. He thinks they belong on the list for the best gps watches for backpacking and best multisport watch 2018. Thanks for watching.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review:

Garmin Fenix 5X Review:

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus vs 5x vs 5S review:

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus vs 3 HR Review:

Garmin fenix 5 Plus vs Apple Watch 3 Review:

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Jason Outmezguine says:

Nice watch and good review!


sorry I might just be missing something here but how come you couldn’t sync the data while on the mountain?

Brenda Mendez says:

I don’t hike too much since there are no places around me really but I’m been to the Delaware Water Gap a few times and it has a great view

Fernando Diaz says:

Our last family vacation was definitely my favorite, as kids grow up they get to enjoy more our time together and definitely my wife and I enjoyed our time with them too.

Jonathan Boyd says:

Favorite hike is cable mountain at Zion National Park.

Karayah Holly says:

D. Payne!!!!!!!! More please! Especially more mattress reviews with Payne Train because he has a different body type than the super skinny girls and Jeff. Also, beautiful B-roll!

TheWhatevadiva says:

Ive never hiked before but i want to.. the fenix seems like its too much for me. Favorite trip would have to be to Tennessee.. love the video

David King Jr says:

When ll u do JBL endurance line review ? Plzzzz do it

google user says:

Please review Samsung galaxy watch . Thank you

CheapAssReviews says:

D-payne the PAIN TRAIN up the mountain And *king of the hill*!!! You have a work fantasy league? I’m in one and my draft was like a very very slow train wreck…

Mausam Sharma says:


upagupta das says:

Great content as always


To clarify, we don’t actually know what happened to the data. D-Payne didn’t have LTE or Wi-Fi for nearly two weeks. Somehow it just didn’t save. It sucks, but nothing he could do.

Whaley Ocean says:

My favorite trip is Mammoth Lakes. Fun and tiring because running in high altitude and mountains:)

johny goldan says:

fenix 3 to fenix 5x plus….can you explain???????????

Mitchell Perez says:

Hike up the Stevenson trail in the Lassen volcanic national forest! Also hiking half dome in Yosemite!

Ouie says:

Like the watch, i have the 3 HR

carlos valle says:

I love the video edit looks amazing keep up the great work

Reddit ARTC says:

The one we did last summer. Pretty long hike but when we got to the top, it was priceless. Mount Pulag was memorable.

ting280 says:

The 5x doesn’t sync via Bluetooth? Tf is wrong with Garmin?

Cool Squad says:

Riznows your are my favorite wearable rewier and plz rewiew the vivosmart 4

MarkHall says:

Why couldn’t data be synced after hike?

King Juli en says:

Jeff description on 0:20 was quite accurate. Great video!!!

paul barton says:

Did you not take your phone with you? Even if you didn’t the hike data would be saved on your Fenix and all the data would save to your phone after. Confused.

Eric Smith says:

Hey fellas, leave the Garmin stuff to Jeff, it might have been a longer video with some data, JK ,,,, (not)

Martin LaVare says:

Harney Peak for the win and I went with a friend up and down in 1 day in the pouring rain and we got lost. We underestimated the length of the hike and each only had some water and a nutri grain bar. Chipotle saved the day and a few days later we hiked up…camped….came down and it was simply beautiful. Sunny start in the morning and clear skies at the top totally worth it.

robert laurence says:

great video. not much of a trail hiker since my accident but my family always loves going into the smokies when we can

Ronan Griffin says:

Not really a hiker tbh

Mr. Mountains. says:

Are you going to review the vivo smart 4?

gbyzh says:

I don’t get it. Doesn’t the watch’s memory save your activities? How’d it get lost

Edgar Ortiz says:

Wow the editing really is pleasing to watch. Personally I don’t need the new feature so I wouldn’t get it. Also I’ve never been hiking

Bart Macmanus says:

I’m a little lost. If I do not have my phone on me, my Fenix 3 saves my data until I sync again with my phone. How was the data not saved or sync’d? Is there something different with the 5x? Was it a phone/bluetooth issue? Kind of important for a review I think.

creep life says:

That guy looks like mose scrute

Camila Tucci says:

Love Auburn, California!!

Ryan K. says:

Love the reviews! I purchased the 235 a few years ago because of your review Jeff and have absolutely loved owning it. Now I’m persuaded to upgrade to the Fenix 5….. Thanks again!

Ahmed Elsayed says:

the extent of a hiking trip that i have ever taken was a simple trail in PA lol

Andrew M says:

Man, that loss of data is frustrating.

Davor Bertovic says:

Great test! Too bad about the lost data

Have the normal. Fenix 5 Plus and enjoying it. Climbing is not my thing anyway

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