Garmin Fenix 5 Plus vs Apple Watch 3 (GPS Smartwatch Review 2018)

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Garmin Fenix 5 Plus vs Apple Watch 3 (GPS Smartwatch Review 2018). In this video, Jeff covers the Apple Watch 3 vs Garmin fenix 5 plus review. Overall, Jeff thinks the Garmin fenix 5 plus multisport watch is more rugged, has better battery life and has more performance features (i.e. running dynamics, physiological measurements, performance condition, etc). The Garmin fenix 5 plus sport watches also have a native mapping system, native golf app and in-depth sleep tracking. The Apple watch 3 smartwatch, on the other hand, is much cheaper, has a cellular option and is just better in terms of smart features (i.e. notifications, widgets and applications). We’ll see which of these GPS watches land on the list for Best Smartwatch 2018 or Best Multisport Watch 2018. Thanks for watching.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus vs Apple Watch 3 Review:

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Vs 5X Vs 5S Review:

Apple Watch 3 Review:

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus vs 5 vs 3 HR Review:

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TkoBallerx says:

I’m a Cross Country Runner and Track runner so I’ll go with the Garmin but dam 700 + Dead – Javier Checking In 🙂

Vorbeck Family says:

i would go with the Garmin as i really like a round watch and the apple watch is square and looks to much like a phone on a wrist

AJ H says:

Garmin, reliable and durable

David says:

I ended up with the Apple Watch. I came from Fenix 3. I think Garmin is a better sports watch, but Apple is also good enough. And the Apple Watch is so good as a smart watch

Eric Sturtevant says:

Can the Fenix use the music downloaded from Apple Music on to my iPhone?

Tim Lucas says:

Thanks to the introduction of the 5 plus, I was able to pick up a 5 for around $400! Couldn’t be happier. Thanks for the great reviews!!

Bryan says:

The apple watch because of the brand and i’m in the apple ecosystem

Anup Kulkarni says:

How is the blue tooth audio? Can you compare that please.

Troy Ferrett says:

I subscribed and clicked the bell icon .

Janusz Dziedzic says:

Garmin has an always on display. I think that in this way it is more closely resembling what a watch is – it always shows time, no gestures involved. I am currently using AW3 and touching the display or moving a hand to see the time is the biggest drawback I can see in this device.

Brian Lancaster says:

Apple Watch would be my vote because of its smart watch functions.


haha never thought i would hear the phrase “more affordable” in the same sentence as the word “apple”

Aruna T says:

In my opinion the Apple Watch is best, not only because I’m an Apple fan but also because I think most people wouldn’t utilize all the extra features that Garmin provides. Unless you’re a very active person who cares about things like lactate threshold, you won’t be missing much by opting for the Apple Watch.

Peter Liu says:

I always think that it is ridiculous when shows drop watches!

YerdnaBay says:

5 plus sounds awesome

Alex Freiria says:

when you are using a server in China Garmin absolutely sucks, lost of data, contacts and distances, no customer service and their blog is useless, for 700USD you`d sure expect something way better than Apple, which is not the case, the only thing that keeps me with Garmin is Suunto is worse and battery life.

Martin LaVare says:

Happy 4th of July Rizknows and fellow commenters! No smart phone so the win goes to Garmin!!!!!

jay brooks says:

How does the frontier rank between the two ??

Historybuff19 says:

Jeff knows what he is talking about

Preston Driscoll says:

You’re slowly converting me from apple to garmin

Giorgio Boekhouder says:

I’ll still choose the Fenix. Not because I think it’s better, but just because I want one.

Zolika Sabo says:

Hey Jeff, happy 4th of July ✌️ Can you make review video of cheaper Chinese smart watches around 50 bucks?

bikephil says:

If you drink Starbucks latte and drive a BMW get the Apple. If you are a real man get the Garmin.

ricardo cabral says:

You can answer calls with the apple watch and hear the calls, you never say that!

Ross Bagatski says:

I actually have no choice between these two since I’m an Android user. Garmin. Battery is better. More rugged.

Lucas Meredith says:

Fenix 5 Plus for me. I’m an Android guy and have no need for an Apple watch. I also think the Fenix 5 plus had everything and more on it. You don’t have to pay extra for the addition line either.

Pantelis Rovatsos says:

so this is like me vs Messi

JStandifirdStudios says:

Thanks for the video!

Todd Everett says:

Apple Watch – I am knee deep in the Apple ecosystem so this is the one I would go for

MaxwellVentured says:

Correction for cyclists: The apple watch can’t pair with cadence/speed sensors, but your phone can. But when you use your phone, workout apps won’t use your apple watch HR data grr… I personally tried with Wahoo’s sensors.
Good video and Reno represent

joshgillespie22 says:

I chose the Apple Watch because of the price and have wished I had went with Fenix ever since. It looks way better and just feels like it’s better built. For an outdoors person I think Garmin is the way to go. Love the channel

Jenelly says:

Garmin all the way. Better at fitness and battery life. Too bad is so expensive

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