Garmin Drivesmart 51 LMT-S – Road Test: Pros vs Cons Review

A special video review with the Garmin Drivesmart 51 with test drive for local and freeway. I’ll point out the pros vs cons of the unit that I experienced.

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Given I have this GPS for a number weeks, I thought I make a video on the pros and cons to help people out there searching for a GPS solution. Thought mobile phones have GPS, using a Garmin or any branded GPS reduces the data plan cost.

At the end of the video, I still would recommend this GPS to others even with the pros and cons. See the video to see if it sways your thought.

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masturdOfTheUniverse says:

Left side seems like a hazard. Wire crosses your wheel and for some on the left would be a distraction. What silly law.

sothere1 says:

Careful, this thing has an annoying bug – Try selecting just Schools on the drive assist menu. On the Australian version, you just can’t – it screws the menu up. I’d love to know if this happens on international version too! Otherwise, sweet product.

jublywubly says:

Thanks for making this review. Do you happen to know if this model can recalculate the route, if the user passes the destination? My old TomTom One could do that, but my Navman can’t. The Navman just shows a green broken line as a trail of where I’ve been. If I pass the destination, I have to re-program the unit with the address, again. That’s not something I can always do, if I’m out doing deliveries for work.

Jay A. says:

Just ordered mine on ebay, thanks for the video.

david tunnicliff says:

thanks, i just bought one

Steve Weinkamer says:

Thanks for the video! It helps when making a purchase decision.

Melvin Spencer says:

Mine has an issue where it just locks up and does nothing. It was purchased new and from the start it will often just stop navigating. I have missed so many exits because I never know when it is working or not. and when it does this the touch screen does not work either. I have to power it completely down and back up and start the navigation over.

AsMa ZaInAb says:

what if I want to avoid  to go  ramps while driving because I am scared of them can this gps reeoute if I miss this on purpose

Ricardo Spaulding says:

how do I sign on to traffic on my Garmin driveassist 51

Dave Mason says:

Hi, tks for that, can I remove the car mount to putthe unit on a motorbike mount pls, and can it transmit audio via bluetooth to phone, ta

Dolly says:

Thank you for your video. Is this a good alternative to Waze? I use Waze on my phone when I’m driving because it gives me the fastest route and alerts me of traffic cameras, accidents, construction and even police.

FuturisticViper says:

I’m a motorcycle rider and i would like to know if this can transmit audio to a bluetooth headset?

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