Garmin 785 Trucker GPS with dashcam REVIEW


cybersoil100 says:

Does the camera remain sturdy? The camera in the Rand McNally trucker GPS is very shaky and not very good quality. Also, does the GPS stay magnetically mounted or does it fall off a lot. I know on the Rand McNally it falls off a lot and it’s not a very strong magnet.

Maja Milić says:


Chris Garcia says:

I had mine for about 2 months and im very happy with my gps.. no problems yet.. good videos

Levi Weuve says:

Could you show us some in depth on the apps, specifically the IFTA part. I really liked the fuel logging on the rand mcnally, but I am considering switching to this gps if it has a similar fuel log. Thanks.

iron maiden says:

U go jim bob cooter u sure do look like a super trucker u got tank top shirt on driving gloves….but where are your super trucker sunglasses to complete the super trucker outfit…..

M Cass says:

Anybody have any problems with their 785 re-booting all the time. I bought one two weeks ago and it Re-boot three or four times a day out of nowhere. Getting returned tonight when it is working it’s awesome

Yonas Sereke says:

Is it good if i use it on a trip to Canada?

Trucker Mississippi Reject says:

Please change your intro. That music is atrocious.

ChrisLawley says:

Thank you for the review, I’m glad I found your video. I just started a local driving job two weeks ago and am in the market for a good GPS and I believe I have found it in this one. I didn’t want to send this much but like all the garmins I have had for cars they lasted a long time and I really like the dash camera built in to it, it keeps everyone honest if something were to happen.

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