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In this video I review the Garmin 64S GPS and the Backroads GPS Topo Maps. The topo mapping micro SD from BRMB has far more detail than the Garmin topo mapping available from Garmin. I think this unit is all I would ever need but it does not have all the bells and whistles some may desire such as a camera ect. These are my own opinions and I am not affiliated with or being compensated for my reviews of the GPS unit or the Topo mapping product. Thanks for watching and come back again . Cheers !!!
The videos on my channel are for entertainment purposes only. I do not assume any responsibility for anything shown or mentioned on this channel. I recommend you always consult a professional.
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mbyr31 says:

I’ve actually been wanting to get a GPS unit like that. I’m going to have to check one out.
I want to get some good maps for my area and the surrounding area too.
Great vid Steve!!

MostlymoparIH says:

Good vid Brother.

T.O.A.G says:

I have had really good luck with Garmin products.

Chaos Garage says:

3 feet accuracy…from space. That is amazing. I’ve got an older Garmin that won’t go past the airing satellites screen. Nice review!

Mr Mach 1 says:

I use a Garmin alpha 100 for my dogs and myself to find my truck when I’m lost lol

Philip Gipson says:

Brilliant review here.

shovelhead8 says:

I have the Garmin 60CSx and the Garmin Topo Canada Maps on DVD, and I just put an SD card in the unit . I think the maps you have are more detailed. I have been using it to walk the puppy so I know how far and fast I have gone. The “go-home” feature can be handy, you just turn it on and it will guide you home. It does have a lot of stuff like games I don’t need, but I just don’t use them. I do have the BaseCamp, but I have not played with it. I do have a mount for it on my Rokon. Thank you for the video, Steve

POPUP says:

We’ve still got an older version. I just use the one on my phone now. Not sure about the back roads though. Guess my reviews can be confusing. 🙂 Sounds pretty precise. I don’t get beyond my chains reach. I do get lost easily though. I was in the bush last night. Didn’t know they had an SD card in them. Calibrates well. Close enough is close enough. If it’s within 3 feet, I can probably find my way. Cool you can make your own maps. Nice job Rob. Thumbs up.

MD Outdoors says:

I love to use a GPS in am unfamiliar area. I have been wanting one with topo maps. Looks awesome.

Bruce Pender says:

I have never owned one. I should get one though as I live out here in west.

wyattoneable says:

Garmin is probably the number one manufacture of navigation aids in aviation. That says something about their quality.

ZIGgassedUP says:

I’m always getting told where to go so no GPS needed.

Bullshitkorner says:

i really like my Magellan GPS it’s never let me down.

Classic Car Overhaul says:

Looks like a great unit!

What next, sunshine? says:

backroad gps maps… hm…. kewl.

Lee Ralph says:

I have heard good things about the Garmin. That is a cool addition. To often a GPS can get lost when going off road or onto the back roads. If a person can not find where they are going within 3 feet of the sounds like they have more issues than a GPS well fix LOL
Good Review.

What next, sunshine? says:

Cool one can update it anywhere… :-)) and making own maps makes total sense!! :-))

Victor Hébert says:

Have the same one. Good GPS it does the trick for me.

stuzman says:

Steve when I first started watching this video, I was thinking how is this any different than using the GPS on a phone. But then when you mentioned that you’re using it to map out your property, I understood then. That’s a pretty slick little unit you’ve got there and it sounds like it’s been doing a good job 🙂

N Smith says:

Good review !

Urban EDC says:

How would you say it compares to your phone’s GPS

ml2trick says:

I have had a Garmin 62 for 8 years. It is so simple to use. Saved my ass in Snowstorms getting off the ice in Wisconsin. Took me right to shore within 5 feet many times. Well worth the money and the Point and Go is great when in the North
woods. Compass is Great on mine. Always learn a Basic Compass and have a good one as back up.

Rick Anderson says:

Question: Do you the Garmin to get from the cabin to the new outhouse? The world wants to know.

All kidding aside. Nice product review Steve! I’ve never purchased one because I never knew which one would be the best for me.

PAPA Texas says:

I have a Garmin like that, I spent more than that though. I have been looking for it for awhile. It is somewhere around here. I use to use mine for geocaching. Thanks for sharing Steve.

Jim M says:

It’s amazing the accuracy of this technology available to the general population. Who would of thought this would be available twenty years ago?Makes you wonder what the US military have . It would be great if you could get a framed topological map of your property somehow.

TheRooster1122 says:

My own experience with Garmin in my Vehicles has been nothing but, piss poor! Redid all the settings several times and, Garmin still takes me miles out of my way!! Very frustrating to say the least!! Any suggestions? Just yesterday, I input an address for a, auction I went to and it took me 24 miles out of my way,,,,, routed me North and then back to the South! I was about ready to smash it with a hammer!! Great Video Steve as always!!

Andy Shoppa says:

Hey Steve, great vid of the GPS unit there. 200 buddy!

Booger500us says:

great info Steve..honest ta-boot eh

Rusty Faith says:

Awesome video 🙂

wysetech2000 says:

I bought a Garmin GPS for my car a few weeks ago. I just went on a trip to to northern Quebec and i wasn’t impressed. I guess it didn’t understand French.
“morceau de merde” {:>)

led8541 says:

great video

Stuart Little says:

Do I need to hook it up to a computer? Or is that only for additional maps

MyHotRodTV says:

Hunters, Hikers snowmobilers and any one out in the woods and back country should have a GPS

MechanicMan says:

Great Review. I have a couple for my cars but not a nice handheld like that.

Calvin's Corner72 says:

I have a GPS unit too. It’s old but I just use it to Deer hunt. Great for me. It was very cheep. $70.00 used ebay deal. I just may show it when I hunt this season.

J Man says:

Good review. Love the “how close do you gotta be” lol

Thomas EXOVCDS says:

Makes finding the outhouse easier in the dark!

DriveShaft Drew says:

glad you like it good review

Broseph Russell says:

That’s cool I been thinking of getting something like this freaking cool.

Bruce L. says:

Garmin GPS units are great. I have an old Garmin E-trex legend that is about 10-15 years old. Still works good. The wife and I used to be into geocaching. A fun hobby. If you’ve never tried it you should.
Takes you to some cool places you might not have otherwise gone. Good exercise too!
Thanks for the video.

xbeanx3000 says:

Would it be able to get me out of a jungle if I was being chased by the Predator? Maybe the Predator would block the GPS signal with its advanced alien technology. I need something that’s 100% Predator-proof.

Armed Prepper says:

Great vid! Trying to find that chip for ny but cannot find it… any ideas?

OldChevy4x4 says:

Nice piece of equipment to have right there!

Ozzstar says:

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