Fitbit Ionic vs Apple Watch 4 Review (GPS Watch Comparison 2018)

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Fitbit Ionic vs Apple Watch 4 Review (GPS Watch Comparison 2018). In this video, Jeff covers the Apple Watch 4 vs Fitbit Ionic fitness watch review. All in all, Jeff likes that the Fitbit Ionic multisport watch is more affordable but thinks the Apple Watch Series 4 is the better overall smartwatch. The Fitbit Ionic also has a more like sport watch design, better battery life and better fitness tracking. The Apple Watch 4 on the other hand has a premium design and is better when it comes to notifications, apps and widgets. We’ll see where these two sportwatches land on the list for the Best GPS Watch 2018 or Best Fitness watch 2018. Thanks for watching this Apple Watch review and Fitbit review.

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Cassie Person says:

I’m getting the ionic for my wife for Christmas this year to replace her old blaze, and I really like the design. I wish it hosted more music apps, like spotify or Google play music. Cool thing for tmobile users, they gave every customer free pandora premium for a year, which comes in handy for folks who want the ionic.

DrummerLove1992 says:

Just like in the versa comparison I have to ask why bother making this comparison? Fitbit is a better fitness tracker but sucks on music integration and smart features. The Apple Watch is better at everything else software wise. I don’t see the point in making this video. Garmin vs Fitbit makes sense. Apple vs Samsung makes sense. Hell, I’d rather see Suunto Sport watches vs Fitbit. I really wanna see you guys make videos that are realistic, not just putting out a video just to put a video out

Natan says:

How about HR accuracy difference ?

Tim Nwman says:

Jeff you can also download Audio books from Audible to the Apple watch… it’s a real plus for me.

Khaled Amin Elshewikh says:

Polar vantage review?

Kassey Kulikowski says:

So you’re talking to someone to just switch to an Apple Watch because they have had so many problems with the ionic the GPS Bluetooth connection sometimes does it Connect where the Apple Watch I haven’t had any issues yet so if you want to smart watch definitely go with the Apple Watch

Abel Zuniga says:

Apple Watch is luxurious and smart , and Fitbit ionic is simple and sporty

_Bob McCoy says:

*Apple Watch 4 vs Dollar Store Watch Comparison Next!*

vikram chakor says:

Dude there is no product which is overall good some lack a good sensor other features . Apple has no battery life. Fitbit is useless no feature at all compare to Garmin . Garmin’s sensor is not great . I need to do a in dept video like all the display as most watchs have it like the galaxy watch .

K Spoon says:

I’d take either! Love to have the Apple Watch just cause I already have an iPhone though…

Ethan Wilkinson says:

The Fitbit Ionic is cheaper and the fitness tracker is better so that’s why it’s better than the Apple watch.

Jason Outmezguine says:

The apple watch is a better smart device and well rounded.

Eric Myer says:

Fitbit is sporty first. Apple is luxury first. Simple as that.

tu inapropiado amigo says:

I LOVE Fitbit app but the apple’s software is much more smooth than Fitbit. the desing is better too.

Keith Brantley says:

Fitbit caus of gps

bb1111116 says:

Amazon sells the Ionic. 16% of the reviews are 1 star. All devices break can break down but what I look for is the level of customer support. Apple has excellent customer service. In reading the negative Ionic reviews on Amazon, a main theme is that Fitbit has very poor support. That’s a major reason why I would not get a Fitbit & have an Apple Watch.

Jouke Hitman says:

If i had the money definetly Apple watchhh


Btw, Jeff sucks. That kills me every time I see or here that.

Chirag Mascarenhas says:

Versa FTW!

Aaron Ray says:

Love my series 4. The only other thing apple needs to do to this watch is give it better battery life and a current step total complication.

Justin Lahey says:

Would like the Apple watch, unfortunately, I own a Samsung Galaxy S9 so can’t sync it. On the plus side though Fitbit has sleep tracking and the Apple watch doesn’t.

robert laurence says:

great video the fitbit ionic is my pick especially with the apple watch update bricking a bunch of watches

Fernando Diaz says:

The ionic, it’s cheaper and it gets the job done.

MacLikeABoss says:

What is the best app to track my weight lifting workouts with the Apple Watch? Record under Armour? Or rather strong app

Shwt1me 818 says:

Are you going to do garmin Vivosmart 4

Tomas Galeano says:

Can you do a review for the NoBull Runners? Thank you!

Josh Cottrell says:

Hey rizknows! Fantastic video yet again!
I like the versa more than the ionic though the besils are much larger, but as a firm Fitbit fan, I like the Fitbit over the Apple Watch, just because I feel the ionic has just enough functions for people who just want an everyday fitness device
Congratulations again on the great video!

Camila Tucci says:

Would love to see more reviews based on apparel like jackets, fleece, sweatshirts for people in the cold and who wanna do things outside

Stephen Siu says:

Great video as always.

google user says:

Will you review Misfit vapor 2? Really liked my shine 2.

Martin LaVare says:

Can you review the Jaybird Tarah Pro?

Andrew M says:

I’m fatigued with smart watches as well. Unless there is a major improvement in the technology, I’m sticking with a cheaper fitness tracker.

Darren Yee says:

Hi Riz, Do you have a Garmin Instinct review coming up?

Rob Hannah says:

Jeff re: sleep tracking the Apple must-have app is AuoSleep. I rarely use the Apple Watch component of it…but it tracks everything for me when sleeping and syncs to my iPhone.

Onesimus R says:

If I have Spotify on my phone playing music. Can I skip songs on the ionic?

Awakened Bahamut says:

I got 12 days out of my ionic.

Emma Pashley says:

I feel like I enjoy the Fitbit layout better but it’s just not quite a good looking at the Apple Watch so I’d probably go apple.

Ixion VII says:

I’ve had a Fitbit Ionic and I had issues with the GPS randomly losing connection or not connecting at all, and when running it’s an absolute downer to see it’s not recorded it properly. This happened on numerous occasions. I might have had a faulty Ionic but I decided to go for the Apple Watch Series 4 and loving it. Yes it’s much more dearer but I think you’re getting a really well rounded package if you’re not heavily into fitness tracking. Plus you’ve got great support from Apple as well. When the Fitbit did work however it was a really good watch. Just a shame my trust for it being reliable was lost after quite a few botched GPS tracking runs. Even for that price you expect decent connectivity.

Mark Belanian says:

the accuracy of the heartrate sensor is a huge consideration. is there a real difference b/w the 2 watches? I have been testing fitbit vs apple 3 simultaneously and  have not come to a definitive conclusion. you’re doing a great job btw!

woogied2 says:

Never new there was so many fit-bits before watching your videos.

Alex says:

I have the ionic for a while now and loving it, does everything you need.

Ross Bagatski says:

Fitbit is better. Longer battery life and support of two operating systems – Apple and Android. More versatile. And it’s cheaper.

lbarke2 says:

Can you review the best Android OS smartwatch?

Henry Bickel says:

Next video: Apple Watch Series 4 Nike Edition versus Apple Watch Series 4 Stainless Steel. What do you think?


I currently have the Ionic (got it for under $150). Once this thing breaks Series 4 for sure. Lol

Ahmed Elsayed says:

my first smart wearable was a fitbit alta so it has a place in my heart honestly, but after i got the apple watch its a hard choice lol

Peter Ullinger says:

The Ionic is an amazing piece of work, does a lot of things right esp. by simplifiing things – but yet again, Fitbit screwed up again bc of quality issues.

Like with the Zip and Flex 2 and the Charge 2, I had my fair share of hardware and/or software problems with the device. I had to claim guaranty for each of those decives at least (!) once within the first five months.  

I really tried, Fitbit, but right now, I can´t recommend you products to anybody. Now rocking my trusty Garmin again. Missing the awesome sleep tracking though as Garmin´s one is just bad.

Jonathan Boyd says:

Probably Apple watch just because it kills the ionic in smart features.

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