Copilot truck gps for smartphone. Review 04/27/17
This video is a review of Copilot truck gps for smartphone. Works great for me. SUBSCRIBE for more truck driving videos, trucking vlogs, info on truck driving jobs, and to follow my truck driving career. Thanks for watching! Dread Pirate Trucker


Mike G says:

Dread. You get my Lizzard app yet? Interstate anal? Tells you which routes my lot lizzards offer services. Stop offering xtra cash for rimming, Bokiesha get mad. She loves the dread. She love the prostar. She love u!!!

Gunga Dinn says:

Dread for $140, I’ll stick with Waze and my handy Rand McNally Road maps. Garmin sells a truck version gps that has truck stops as well as height and width restrictions. Coupled with Waze, and it’s hard to beat.
Screw all that monthly subscription crap, buy once, cry once.

M C says:

bitch you cheap hobo. your a wigger

treotraveler says:


How much are you making from Copilot for pushing/selling this monthly subsciption for the app?

Michael Tomasovic says:

Ddddrrrreeeeaaaaddd!!!!!! As usual great info buddy. You sure are helping lots of folks with all the info you provide!

Wayne Mohr Jr says:

you need to take that shit out of your mouth and do a video without it in

Natas. says:

you still at cal ark

Bigmike says:

gps is a tax write off …you dont pay for it tech…..and if you dont have money for something as small as a gps…find a new place of employment…

Timothy 1:1 says:

My dad is a trucker at 57, he is not a tech guy he is old school. Me and my brother forced him to get a touch screen phone 6 months ago but he couldn’t use a computer to save his life, which that’s the problem all trucker GPS have to update via PC which sucks and there needs to be a way or a specific app for truckers only, not for cars. And I’m scouring for ideas on how to help my dad, to make his life easier. Cuz computers are out for him, please keep doing reviews of smartphone based GPS. Garmin glo is one as well for tablet smartphone. Thanks for the video Pirate!!!!

Sam Rugtiv says:

that’s cool

Lou Flores says:

Looking forward to your settlement video.

Chris Helgerson says:

why would anyone pay for that shit?…you can buy a GPS or use Google Maps, it will give you GPS driving directions and various routes based on time or distance, it will also warn you “real time” if there is traffic problems and offer you quicker re-routes…FOR FREE…

Nick T. says:

If it gets too popular the Googs will buy it. They bought Wayz

FreeRange Trucker says:

my 20 app is very good and it’s free

Jerimiah Crawford says:

dread got a 3rd and final warning on distance when i never had a drive cam…….fuck swift im out

Den Sharpton says:

Dread Pirate Trucker, love your videos brother. Where did you get your introduction at with the blue horse man?

andrew donohue says:

i personally tried copilot and i did not like the routes AT ALL. my least favorite. i tried smart truck route II it was better but not great. so far the winner for me hands down is sygic. seems to work just like a rand mcnally $400 rip off. i have a mount for my phone and i orientate it horizontally and the damn thing works just like a rand.

look you have to buy a phone anyways why spend $400 for a dedicated device when you already have a device just run an app. i agree an atlas as i a wise purchase and i do have one in my truck.

i am 100% local no OTR for me, so i have to navigate mostly through small towns. my expressway driving is more like open country roads. i goddamn love it.

grumpy bear says:


youtube spy says:

I use Rand McNally and Google maps but the best way is my Atlas!!!!! learning how read one is the best thing a trucker can do!!!!

Jay Mathes says:

Hey dread ,,,,longtime no talk too buddy

quest 123 says:

I use a garmin dezl 770

Ghost Rider says:

Dread at Swift did they do the drug test using a test strip or did they use a cup and waited for results? How quick do you get a pass or fail?

GuILty718 says:

Trucker Path FTW

Aaron Hartmann says:

correct me if I’m wrong, ain’t the $9.99 an month is for the live traffic?

lukeyellow 46 says:

Yo Dread, have you taken a piss off the side of that International yet?

Ron Svetlick says:

sir.rand McNally maps is the need for gps.

kungfoolication says:

Yo Dread !! You can claim your work boots,computer/office equipment, food, and your gps or any other tools as a business expense/write off on your taxes !!! You are basically driving in your office and away from home !!!
Your tax guy should be able to get you set up !!!

Gary Burkhart says:

GPS are for looser

Biggyk says:

Same devs as the good old PC miler?

Charlie Baker says:

You need some trim son get this party started !

Joshua Shaffer says:

What about a free trail for Apple users

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