Best GPS Watches 2018 | Best Fitness Watches For Active People

➡ Garmin fenix 5: ($100 Off)
➡ Fitbit Ionic:

➡ Samsung Gear Sport:

➡ Polar M400:

➡ Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR:

➡ Apple Watch 3 (B&H Photo):

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Best GPS Watches 2018 | Best Fitness Watches For Active People. It’s that time of year to update the Best Sportwatches 2018 list. In this video, Jeff walk you through his picks for the Best GPS Fitness Watches 2018. Topics discussed in this video include wrist heart rate monitors, sport profiles and battery life. Jeff also discusses notifications, activity tracking and mobile apps. Some of the watches included in this list are the Apple Watch Series 3, Garmin fenix 5 and Samsung Gear Sport. Also featured are the Polar M400, Fitbit Ionic and Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist Hr. Hope you enjoyed this Best GPS Sportwatches 2018 and Best GPS Smartwatches 2018 video.

Full Top 6 Best GPS Watch Write-Up:

Garmin fenix 5 Review:

Apple Watch 3 Review:

Fitbit Ionic Review:

Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR Review:

Polar M400 Review:

Samsung Gear Sport vs Huawei Watch 2:

iOS –
Android –




Intro Song: “Get Up” (by Ryan Little)

Outro Song: “First Aid” by Letter Box


Chris Long says:

Thumbs down for adding that junk from Apple.

B0057ED_ OZZY says:

It’s a shame the S3 frontier doesn’t have the water resistance of the sport. It’s a much nicer looking watch. I couldn’t go the sport model, it felt too small on my wrist. Ohh well I have my Garmin VivoActive HR for swimming

Andres Garcia says:

Great videos and great tips, wanted to know if buying a preowned fenix 3 is a good idea.

Thank you

Kul Dude says:

PLEASE do a Samsung Gear sport review!!

Jesse Nurse says:

Waterproof lte!

Hugo Ferreira says:

Hi how are you? New to the channel. Love it. Question I’m a tour guide, do a lot of walking trails so I have been looking for a GPS watch what you recommend for it? I was thinking of the Fenix 5 x.

Susan Hirano says:

What’s the best smartwatch for a golfer that’s not an Apple but is IOS compatible?

B Prior says:

Good information and very nice, crisp filming. One minor point, though: saying “I personally . . .” and “Me personally . . .” is redundant; just say “I [like/dislike/think etc,].

robertpdavis211985 says:

Samsung gear sport does not run on Android soft wear.. Samsung gear sport runs on TIZEN

Nox Dineen says:

Why the Polar M400 rather than the newer, oHRM equipped, M430?

Eugene S. says:

Apple Watch is perfect just for one thing – telling people that you are an iPhone user. Almost useless for any sports.

Mathias Nordvold Wærpen says:

Go for samsung gear s3/sport, its actually wery useful

Cs says:

I read on Garmin forums that the fenix 5 has a lot of problems. Gps accuracy is bad, conectivity issues (bluetooth) altitude reading problems. This watch costs a LOT. I really would like to own one but this holds me back from puchasing one.

Mehul Bansal says:

What about Samsung Gear fit Pro 2?

xENIGMA88x says:

What’s the best smart watch to wear on a construction site? For iPhone?

dematson says:

Missing Ambit 3 Peak

Jeff Luis Floro says:

Go Bears!

Jay Kimmett says:

New subscriber here. I work at sport chek and just want to say these videos have helped me get more in depth with customers. Cheers

Vinicius Dutra Gomes Pinheiro says:

What about Amazfit?

My Life sucks says:

I still call Australia home

Kertys Moro says:

Proud owner of Fenix 5x!!!!! Best of the Best!!!!

Tim Suchan says:

Thanks for the reviews. BTW, great songs on the Fitbit Ionic!

EditioCastigata says:

I got confused about where the latest best-of video is. For example, 2018 just started and this has “2018” in its title. Do I need to find the “2019” video? Or better yet, please make a video where to find the latest one! Cheers!

Jeff Canham says:

Great videos very helpful…

Moronicsmurf says:

What would be the best fitness watch for weightlifterss/crossfitters… been running a vivoactive hr until now, but still need to take it off so im not smashing it with a kettlebell or something

CptJack Sparrow says:

thx for this

Mohd Farid Abu Bakar says:

your face looks like Hendrik Mritikayan

Modi Alyan says:

Unfortunately had to swap Garmin FX3 then Garmin 5X then Garmin 5X then Garmin 5X for the same reason, altimeter, barometer, temperature gets stuffed after less than 4-5 months, great watch but this deform makes it unreliable.

Devon Craft says:

Coming from the suunto ambit 3 vertical is the spartan trainer worth it or spartan sport?

tom cory says:

Hello, I’ve been looking at the Garmin 5 x sapphire. I’m a bit confused between the
Garmin 5 , 5s and 5x ….. I’m aiming for the outlines of having a real map on the watch …. does this option appear on the items I listed ?

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